A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Weekly Workouts (No back pain!)

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I had an AWESOME week with very ZERO BACK PAIN! I have not had back Pain in over a week! My hard work at PT is finally paying off!

Saturday- 8 miles on the AT at a sub 10 min pace. My friend Allison is speedy! We met the ARC group at the Boiling Springs Tavern and did 3.5 miles out and back on the AT. Then I went out for an extra mile by myself. I did not do any PT work today. This is my second day of skipping PT work, but that isn't so bad considering I have been in PT for 3 weeks.

Sunday- 8 miles on the AT with Allison. We met at Pine Grove Furnace State Park and got on the AT from there. Allison promised me we could run slower today, and and we did. I broke out my tights for the first time since last year. I did do my PT exercises today.

Monday- A really weird and fast 5 miler (and a mile at PT)! I don't know what got into me, but my first mile clocked in at an 8:16 pace (over a minute faster than my normal pace these days) and it just felt effortless. So I thought maybe I should take advantage of this feeling and push the pace a bit! 

My splits were: 8:16, 8:11, 7:47, 7:46, 7:36

Who am I!? Dang, I felt like myself! And I had ZERO back pain during my run or at work!

Freaking bad ass.

I had PT after work and it was a great session. He keeps advancing my exercises. I'm going to tear up Planet Fitness!

Tuesday- Lifting @ Planet Fitness. I am having fun working my PT exercises into my lifting routine! I did split squats, thrusters, and some tricky planks.

 I sent this selfie to my aunt. We were messaging back and forth that morning and I wanted to crack her up with a tootsie roll picture!

Wednesday- 8 miles on the AT after work! I never run after work, let alone on the AT. But these 8 miles were a great decision! The weather was perfect, the trail was dry, and my back didn't hurt at all! Recap and more pictures here.

Thursday- Lifting at Planet Fitness. I have been changing up my routine a bit and plan to do a post about it soon! You will notice there is one thing I don't change up- my gym outfits!

Friday- Deck of cards and then 2 speedy miles around my hood. It was chilly. Luckily, Chrissy gives me warm hugs when I get home! It's getting to the point where it's dark during my whole run...

How were your workouts this week?


  1. This is just wonderful! I am so happy you are back to strong running without back pain! Awesome job, Megan. Bet you can guess my workouts (LOL) -- 3 days of running, 2 days of cycling, 2 days swimming and 4 days of weights! Not to make you jealous but heading to Boulder today :)

    1. I know I can barely believe it. And my PT warned me it could come back an go away etc, and I totally get that. But they are definitely on their way to healing!

  2. I am struggling to get back into my normal workout routine, so my workouts were so-so. But you had a good week, it seems!

    1. I hope you can get back into your routine soon!

  3. Oh, the back pain was totally affecting my mood! I can definitely attest pain can affect mental health.