A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Sunday, October 14, 2018

My Thursday in a Nutshell!

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Today, I will tell you about my Thursday at work and give a funny story or anecdote about each class I taught...

Duty- I have stair duty every morning just to monitor the kids to make sure they walk, stay to the right and don't fall. Well someone fell today (they were fine) because it was slippy from the rain!

Trumpet lesson- I had 12 beginner trumpets at the lesson. We were just doing buzzing exercises on the mouthpiece, but I made it fun and energetic because I just drank coffee.

2nd grade music class- This class had sort of a boring morning. Yesterday their talking was out of control, so today we had to review the rules, step by step. They were bored. I was bored. Blah.

3rd grade music class- A wonderful class! We sang/danced to 50 Nifty United States and then played Rhythm Headbandz, which was a FREE game I got off Teachers Pay Teachers!

4th grade music class- We sang "How Do Ya Talk Like A Pirate, Matey?" and added drums, tambourines, and boomwackers. The kids had fun but I realized I could have taught/organized my lesson better than I did. Oh well, ya live, ya learn!

Band Meeting/Lunch- Half my lunch was spent having a band meeting with my 33 instrumental students. The other half was spent shoving chicken down my throat. That's what happens when you are doing the job of 1.5 teachers... you miss lunch often.

2 Kindergarten music classes- Oh, these were a challenge. Behavior was not there. It was exhausting. But we did manage to sing some songs about October and Pumpkins! In fact, I bought a pumpkin on the way to work just for the occasion. The kids were very excited to see a prop.

I'm phasing out makeup for work... can you tell?? lol
Like, wear are my lips!?

PLAN PERIOD!!!!- I distributed band papers to classrooms, made copies, and practiced my trombone for lessons tomorrow.

2nd grade music class- AWESOME CLASS! They earned a reward day for their great behavior and participation! We sang I Bought Me A Cat and a song in Spanish called Otono.

3rd grade music class- Another great class! They did the same thing as my morning 3rd grade class. Good way to end the day!
Tell me a reason you might need to buy a pumpkin for your job.

Did you play any instruments growing up?


  1. Adam played the trombone growing up. I just played the recorder the year that we leaned it in music class. I can’t remember but I think it was 3rd or 4th grade, does that seem right?

    I would possibly buy a pumpkin for a prop to be used in a photo or video shoot at work, although more than likely the art director would do that. It’s possible that I could do it though, other than that I can’t think of any other reason I would buy a pumpkin for work.

    1. I was thinking a prop for you too, but only if the person whose real job to get the pumpkin forgot to and then you had to do it!

      Wow, I just learned something new about Adam! Was he in marching band?

  2. Funny, I just mentioned playing the flute in my reply to you. :) I actually did it through college and pretty much have not touched it since (and I was pretty good).

    Jack of all trades, master of none . . .

    1. I see you plated the flute too! I wonder if you would remember how to play it? I played clarinet all through HS but then not in college. I only pick it up once in awhile now but I do remember how to play. My embouchure is not strong anymore though.