A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A deer kicked my headlight. (Don't worry, this is a happy ending and safe for animal lovers to read.)

On Friday night, Paul and I drove to Middletown to pick up Bob and Rachel. We were going to the Moo Duck Brewery in Elizabethtown for dinner and drinks.

I picked up our friends without a hitch, but as I was merging onto 283 there was an... incident. I wasn't going more than... 25-30mph(!?!?) as there was a curve in the road, it was dark, and I am usually a pretty safe driver especially when other people are in the car. So luckily, when I saw a deer right in the middle of the road, I was easily able to slow down even more.

The deer ran off into a large grassy area between the on ramp, off ramp, and highway. I looked over at him because I was worried. I didn't want him to run onto 283! He just stood in the grasss. This all happened in a matter of about four seconds.

Then I hit something. I didn't SEE anything, but somehow I hit something!

"Did I hit a deer??? Did I hit a deer???" I cried.

As I think back, it was all a blur. The four of us were totally fine and there wasn't a car behind me. I was just so worried I hit a deer. Paul, Rachel, and Bob told me the deer literally jumped in front of my car and when he landed, he must have hit the side of my car with his foot or something, because he didn't get knocked down. He continued running into the grassy area with the other deer.

I was so hoping they weren't lying to me. I demanded they tell me they weren't lying and that there wasn't a dead deer on the side of the road. I made them promise MULTIPLE times they weren't lying. They assured me that the deer probably wasn't hurt as he simply kept running. But we definitely felt something. I hit the deer somehow.

As I pulled into the brewery, I told them that there better not be blood on the hood of my car, and if there was, I would know that they were lying to me. It turns out, the only thing wrong with my car was a crack in the headlight. So it seems like they told me the truth.

You could say I hit a deer or you could say a deer kicked my headlight. However you want to put it.

Now the only question is, how long can I put off getting my cracked headlight fixed?

The natural question at the end of this post would be, "Did you ever hit a deer?" But... I DON'T WANT TO KNOW IF YOU HIT A DEER OR NOT!

So instead, just tell me how long I can put off the headlight thing.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up!

Hey All! I hope you had a long Thanksgiving weekend! I am recapping Friday-Monday here on my blog. Check out what we were up to!

I slept in and spent the late morning catching up on Survivor with one of my favorite baby boys!

Then I went for a 6 miler which felt really good.

A had an appointment with my podiatrist later on. Don't worry, my feet are fine! I just felt a weird pain in my big toes when I would curl them. It didn't hurt running or walking. Turns out, it was flexor hallicus longus pain, which will probably just go away on it's own. The podiatrist didn't recommend and treatment, just to be careful what shoes I wear day to day. I'll take it!

That evening, we were supposed to go to Paul's 15 year high school, but he decided he didn't want to go. Instead, we went to Moo Duck Brewery in Elizabethtown with Bob and Rachel.

It was a  cozy place. There were no children, which was important to me. One thing I don't like about breweries is that there are often tons of kids there. They also had Nissley wine, which is important to me because I don't like beer!

Something sort of scary/exciting happened on our way to the brewery... I'll tell you about it in a couple days!

I was up so late because I just couldn't sleep. I feel asleep sometime after 3am!

My morning was spent blogging. I really needed to spend some time catching up on posts!

Then I dusted the house. Before I went for my run, I told Paul, "I envision you vacuuming while I am gone." He said, "Well you don't need to envision it, because that is what I will be doing." WHAT A GUY!

The reason we cleaned was so I could decorate for Christmas! I got a lot done. I didn't get everything out but I did about 80% of it! I'm going to vlog about it soon.

I went to bed pretty early due to only getting six hours of sleep the night before.

My morning was soooooo lazy. I lounged around forever and did some minor household stuff. 

Here is my baby! Doesn't he look like a little lion?

That afternoon I did a 9 miler around Pinchot Lake with Ana @ Mother, Hike, Run, Repeat. It was so good to be out on the trail. The weather was perfect. Ana and I had great conversation and I always learn a lot from her when we chat or when I read her blog. Which you should do, because she writes hilarious race recaps!

Funny story... we were about halfway around the lake when we saw my in-laws on a hike! They said they heard my voice before they saw me. That makes sense! I do have a voice that pierces through trees...

After I dropped Ana off, I could not resist popping into a weird little store called Tuesday Morning. I got Christmas tea towels (sort of needed them) and Christmas fuzzy socks (needed them in the only way one needs Christmas fuzzy socks).

I was soooooo hungry so when I stopped at Karns for milk and bananas, I also got a turkey & cheese sandwich on a PRETZEL ROLL. It was so freaking good! 

I also got some sour patch kid candy canes to try out. I'm not a fan of candy canes but I do like sour patch kids.

And I got TWO boxes of Little Debby Christmas trees. I never get Little Debbys! This is proof that you should not go grocery shopping when you are RUNGRY!!!

The rest of the day was spent relaxing and doing puzzles!

Ummmmm.... no wonder I am craving sweets!?

My puzzle buddy!

After laying in bed and reading GOMI for about 2.5 hours, I just had to get up and eat a Little Debby Christmas tree... so that's what I did. Then I went right back to bed.

I have problems.


My last day of break. Boohoo. I caught up on blogs in the morning and then I went for a 6 miler. My run felt great. I wanted to keep going but I already ran a lot of miles over the weekend so I opted to stop.

Then I dropped Paul off at the gym. While he was there, I went to TJ Maxx to putz. I got my niece a Christmas present so it wasn't a complete waste of time.

I also got this Yankee Candle. It smells divine. Yankee Candles are imperative when you have a cat who pees in random corners. You know, to show us who is boss.

When I got home, I did a lot of blogging (it is so time consuming to post every day!), wrapped Christmas presents, and watched CNN. I am back to watching CNN now. My heart is able to take it.

For dinner I had a turkey sandwich with Auntie Eileen's homemade cranberry sauce. It is THE BEST!

Now some pics of my kitties...

Let's play a game called Where Is Jelly's Head???

My baby!

Do you ever get out of bed to eat something?

What's the craziest thing you bought when you were RUNGRY?

What is your favorite candle?

Monday, November 28, 2016

Our Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving was a wonderful day spent with my family! At noon, Paul and I traveled to our Cousin Stephanie & Ken's house to spend the day eating, laughing, and playing games. This is basically just going to be a photo dump because there is no story to tell other than I had an awesome day spending time with all the people I love!

Steph and Ken have a nice big living/eating area that fits all of us!

My brothers Julian and Tyler played a lot of chess.

Julian challenged Uncle Rick to a game of chess.
There was a lot of chess playing on Thursday!

Julian and his gal Amy

 Cousin Alex, my Dad, Cousin Nick, and Baby Clark

 Debby and Clark

Ellie, Clementine, and Cousin Emma


Emma is so beautiful!

Some of the kids played dress up in their Halloween costumes.

Then we got out the pie in the face game... Cousin Alex came out unscathed!

Cousin Nick... not so much!
Then Auntie Eileen gave it a try...

We got outside because the weather was beautiful. Paul played frisbee...

... so did Uncle Rick, and I got him mid throw.
Doesn't it look like he is channeling Julie Andrews?

Trampoline fun!

Aunt Patty, Julian, Me, and Amy

Paul and Baby Clark

Time for family pictures!!!!

Tyler thinks it's funny to get pics of random family members...
Tyler, Paul, Clark

Nick, Tyler, Paul, Clark
My 3 dads!?

Uncle Rick, Auntie Eileen, Alex, and Nick
Don't they look like an LL Bean catalog???

Uncle Randy and Aunt Patty, their kids Cousin Brian and Stephanie, her husband Ken, and their kiddos Zach, Jacob, Caleb, and Emma.

That night, we played Cards Against Humanity!
Ken has all the fun expansion packs.

Dad and his grandson, Clark.

Clark partied hard...

Uncle Randy and Aunt Patty

Auntie Eileen and her sons.
Where did you go on Thanksgiving?
Do you do family pictures?