A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Holy shit, a Weekend Wrap Up!

Hello friends! I can't believe I have a LEGIT Weekend Wrap Up for you! I hope this feels like the good old days!
Friday started with a 6 miler around my hood. I was due to lift, but running helps my mental health more than lifting does, so I skipped. I have been doing that a lot lately...

As you can see, it was a leisurely run...

It's not a secret that I am really struggling this school year, but I was actually excited to go to work on Friday because it was our annual music field trip to see the Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra perform at The Forum in Harrisburg. The only bad part about such a field trip is the bus ride...

The students were very respectful at the concert and I hope they enjoyed it.

After work, I went to check out a table I found on Facebook Marketplace. Paul got the dining room table in the divorce, so I have been without one since May. Honestly, it hasn't been bad! Not having a table made vacuuming a lot faster! But with the holidays coming up, I wanted a table. Buying something brand new was just not in my single girl budget, so I found a used table that just needed a little TLC for $130.

Then I had a night out with some girlfriends! We are all current or former colleagues, so it was fun to laugh, talk shop, and eat some yummy Thai food! We went to Bangkok 56 on Paxton Street.

Kait, Molly, Tara

I naturally woke up at the ass crack of dawn... a bit before 5:00. It's okay, I got a lot done in those extra hours, including cleaning my whole house!

I even had time for a Jelly photo shoot... You've missed pics of my cats, haven't you!?

That morning, I met my friend Kristen for some SUFFERING on the Appalachian Trail. Actually, when I am with Kristen, it's never a Sufferfest because we just chitter chatter the whole time! It was a beautiful morning and I was thankful to have the time to connect with my dear friend! We did 11 miles total. 

There were lots of climbs.

I legit felt bad for everyone still cuddled up in bed and didn't get to enjoy this gorgeous view!!!

I took some action shots of Kristen!!!
Check out those calves!!!!

That afternoon, my parents came over to help me put together my table! I don't have any tools, so thank goodness for dads who know what's up!

Then I went out and about running errands. I ended up getting some decor for my new table! Then I did a photo shoot of my new decorations to show my mom and to show you guys!

Every day:


Christmas 1:

Christmas 2:

We all knew this would happen...

That night I went out for sushi with an old friend. I've been eating pretty good this weekend. If I were rich, I'd eat Thai, sushi, or hibachi every night for dinner!

I slept very late on Sunday, but I was happy about it. It was fun to be lazy for once! (Especially since I did so much housework and errands on Saturday.)

After messing around on the computer for awhile, I finally dragged my booty to the gym. I had a really good workout and pushed myself!

Oh, I have a bitmoji now!!!

When I got home, I did some cooking and worked on a puzzle. I was in the mood for a relaxing night!

And now, my favorite "Lady yelling at a cat" memes!

This one has me dyyyyyying!!!!!!!!!!
Tell me something fun you did this weekend!

Send me a link to your favorite 
"Lady yelling at a cat "meme!


  1. Nice table! What a good find. Did you host Thanksgiving? I had my parents over and it was a good feast.

  2. Love all your tablescape!
    I wondered where that lady yelling meme came from. I've seen it a few times before but I don't get it.

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