A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Sunday, December 9, 2018


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Hey all!

Even though I'm still blogging every day, when my life gets crazy, I start to feel a bit disconnected from Meg Go Run. But you know what makes me feel connected again? Sharing some random things about the past week or so with you!

Here's what's going on in my world....

~ FOOD!!!! ~

I'm eating a ton of hard boiled eggs! I love them with salt and I have two for breakfast most mornings with a piece of fruit and yogurt. I'm proud of myself for learning how to make hard boiled eggs and not paying the primo price at the grocery store.

Meranda @ Fairytales and Fitness shared her Easy Peasy Creamy Potato Soup recipe and I have made it twice so far! Paul loves it. I add more things to my soup than the recipe calls for... peas, corn, and white beans. The potatoes are chunky so it ends up like a chowder. One thing I will say is that I do not enjoy peeling potatoes!

I make a TON of soup!

If you're ever looking for recipe ideas, check out Looney for Food. Patrick has a recipe for an amazing Cauliflower Cherry and Walnut Salad. It's served cold and reminds me of coleslaw. I make it exactly like Patrick's recipe except I use cranberries instead of cherries and add black beans. It's divine!

~ Christmas (the holiday) ~

I'm just not feeling Christmas this year. I'm overwhelmed. I didn't even want to decorate. In fact, all my decorations aren't even up yet. I hate being halfway decorated and every night I contemplate just putting all the decorations away. I haven't even listened to Christmas music yet. Normally I am loving the holiday season but right now I just feel stressed.

~ My First Mammogram ~

On Thursday, I got my first mammogram! I was having pain in the outside of my left breast, so for peace of mind, my gyno ordered the test. The good news is everything looks fine. I knew that it would, I just wanted to be sure. The women at the Frederick Outpatient Center were AMAZING. I went in a little anxious (I always get anxious for any appointment) but the women put my mind at ease. I did wonder how they would get my tiny boobs in the machine but they did. It didn't hurt, it was only mildly uncomfortable. I can think of a million runs/races I've done that were way more uncomfortable than the mammo!

~ I'm a woman now. ~

Not because I got a mammo, but because I bought good nail polish. Like, $8 nail polish. Can't wait to try it out!

Are you feeling the Christmas spirit?
How do you make potato soup?
Any crazy mammo stories?

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Weekly Workouts

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My week started with a trail race and then I just kind of took it easy to make sure I recovered! I'm looking forward to running trail today and tomorrow!

Saturday- 2 deck of cards workouts in my carport.  Burpees are like, not hard at all for me right now. Teehee.

Sunday- Hex Hollow Half Marathon 14 miler. My dad and I took a wrong turn! It was quite the adventure! Race recap here.

Monday- Lifting at Planet Fitness. I wasn't too sore from the race! I could still feel it in my hip flexor a bit...

Tuesday- 2 deck of cards workouts. My hip flexor felt fine but my quads and ankles were more sore than the day before!

Wednesday- 5 FRIGID neighborhood miles. I was relieved that my hip flexor or my back didn't bother me on this run! I think I'm recovered from the race. It was very, very cold, but you know what? I don't mind running in the cold! As long as it's not windy, it can be in the teens and I freaking love it.

Thursday- 5 neighborhood miles. I had a mammogram in the morning (all is good!) so I took a half sick day from work. This meant I ran a little later than usual and could take a cute little trail over to a nearby park. I don't like to do that in the dark... My back hurt a bit after this run. Too many road miles!

Friday- Lifting at PF and a deck of cards workout. I woke up at 1am so I was soooo tired for this workout. Hey, at least it's Friday!

How were your workouts this week?

Friday, December 7, 2018

Friday 5: How to give experiences instead of gifts.

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Hey all! I am linking up with Fairytales and Fitness for Friday 5!

Today, I'm going to share 5 ways to give EXPERIENCES instead of STUFF this holiday season! Last year we tried to give our family as many experiences as Christmas gifts as possible and it was a big hit!

1. Tickets, tickets, tickets! Whether it's a concert, comedy show, musical, movie, sporting event... you can't go wrong with giving someone a pair of tickets to something they will enjoy!

Local ideas: Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra, Dutch Apple Dinner Theater, Hershey Bears games, Senators baseball game, Oxymoron Improv

2. Subscriptions/Memberships. This could be a magazine subscription or something like Blue Apron. Or, go for a membership to a local museum, garden, or science center.

Local ideas: Pennsylvania State Museum, The Whitaker Center, Hershey Gardens

3. A day out to do a fun recreation. Think of what the gift recipient would enjoy. Kids are easy... snow tubing, bowling, ice skating, roller skating, laser tag, arcade, go-carts, amusement park, rock climbing, one of those crazy trampoline places. Adults may like some of those ideas too! Adults may also like something like Paint Nite, hot air balloon ride, race registration,

Local Ideas: Carlisle Sports Emporium, Ski Roundtop, Twin Ponds, Knoebels, Hershey Park, Sky Zone, Monkey Joes, Color Me Mine

4. A homemade dinner. This gift is perfect for parents and grandparents! Invite them over to your house for a delicious meal with all the trimmings! We started doing this for my parents and they come over in January for a meal. It's nice to have something to look forward to during the winter months!

5. Lessons or classes.  Think outside the box! Pay for music lessons, dance classes, or martial arts classes. Buy your friend or family member a cooking class, painting class, guitar lessons... anything, really!

6. Pampering. Nails, hair, massage, sports massage... Seriously, just get every adult on your list a message for Christmas and it will be their favorite gift!

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Any other suggestions for "experiences"?
What was your favorite "experience" gift?

Thursday, December 6, 2018

It's over!

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I was going to write about my favorite concerts I have attended but I didn't have time! The funny thing is that the reason I didn't have time to write about concerts is because last night was my 4th grade chorus concert!

Concert week is always crazy. There are extra rehearsals (during my lunch), a little bit of drama (can't get into that!), and then of course the actual concerts. We performed yesterday afternoon for the school and again in the evening for all of the parents and families.

The concerts went well! The parents and grandparents just loved seeing their kiddo up on the stage. I love seeing the kids all dressed up, excited, and nervous.

I dress up too... these are the shoes I wore to work that day!

This is the smallest chorus I ever had- 39 kids. There have been years where I had over 80 kids in chorus! One of the reasons the numbers have been dwindling is because chorus rehearses at recess, which means the students have to be willing to give up two recesses every eight days. I VALUE recess and I don't think kids should have to miss recess for chorus. But that's the way it is. So while the numbers are smaller, at least I only have the really dedicated singers!

Because I have only the dedicated kids, they come to rehearsal focused and ready to work. They never talk over me. I can't tell you how much of a JOY it is teaching chorus this year! I love my students and I am so proud of their performance last night, but more importantly, all the hard work they did to prepare for the special night.

After the concerts are over, I'm SO READY to relax!
Were you in chorus when you were in school?
Parents: How do you feel about attending school concerts!? (You won't hurt my feelings...)

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The Little Red Hen

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Last year, I read the story of The Little Red Hen to my first graders. Do you remember that story from childhood? Little Red Hen works very hard to make bread but none of her animal friends will help her. In the end, Little Red Hen does not share her bread with her friends because they did not help.

After reading the story, I ask the students whether or not they agree with Little Red Hen's decision to not share the bread.

"Who thinks Little Red Hen was right in not sharing her bread with her animal friends?" I ask. In most classes, almost everyone raises their hand. "Why do you think that?" I ask. 

The answers vary:

"None of her friends helped make the bread so they shouldn't get to eat the bread."

"The animals made Little Red Hen feel sad so she should make the animals feel sad too."

"Little Red Hen was probably more hungry than the other animals because she did all the work."

"Little Red Hen had to feed her chicks."

"It's not fair for them to eat the bread because they didn't help."

Then I ask, "Who thinks Little Red Hen should have shared her bread with her friends?" In most classes, only about 2-3 students raise their hand. "Why do you think that?" I ask.

The answers vary:

"Because you should be kind."

"Because it's nice to share."

"Because even if they didn't help, they are your friends so you should let them eat the bread."

First graders are ALL about things being "fair". That's just where they are developmentally. But they are also taught to be kind to their friends and share, so this story really puts them in a dilemma!

In one class, NO ONE thought the Little Red Hen should share. "Okay, then I am going to try to convince you that she should share," I told them. "You don't have to change your mind, but I'm going to try to convince you." Ooh! Everyone liked this game! 

I went through my spiel... trying to convince them the Little Red Hen should share.

Nope, I didn't get one six-year-old to change their mind. They were steadfast in their decision! No help, no bread!

Do you think the older kids would be more likely to think Little Red Hen should share? I want to ask my 4th graders and see what they think!

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Hex Hollow Half Race Recap

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On Sunday morning, my dad and I ran the Hex Hollow Half in Spring Valley Park. (It was two loops, so there was also a 6.6 option.) I never heard of this park even though it was only 42 minutes away. My friend Kim alerted me to the race and we both signed up with the intention to run together. Unfortunately, due to the snowstorm we got the weekend of the race, it was postponed and Kim was unable to run it on the rescheduled date. But perhaps Kim and I can run it together next year!

The good news is my dad had also signed up for the race and we got to run it together! We weren't sure of our race plan other than we were going to start together and see what happened. We ended up running together the whole time, mainly due to the fact we got LOST around mile 2! I know, that's a little early to get lost, right? I'll get to that...

At the start of the race, I saw a bunch of my running pals, including Allison and her daughter, Kendall. This would be Kendall's longest race and they ended up finishing in an hour and sixteen minutes! (Allison and Kendall did one loop, which was about 6.6 miles.) Super awesome job, Kendall!

I try to start toward the front of the pack during trail races. If I don't, I am stuck trying to weave in and out of slower runners and waste a lot of energy. I assured my dad we were starting at the right spot and off we went!

I would not call this course technical, but the conditions were wet, there were leaves, and there was lots of mud. However, there were not any parts we needed to walk due to rocks or roots or anything like that, which is why I wouldn't call it technical. This was not a flat course, but I wouldn't call it "hilly" either. I'd call it "rolling" with 3-4 hills that we walked up because it just made sense energy wise. You know those hills you can walk up almost as fast as you can run up them? That's what I'm talking about.

My dad and I passed a bunch of people in the beginning and were moving at a nice clip. I didn't know if we would be able to keep that pace for 13 miles, but I was feeling good. 

Unfortunately, around mile 2, we made a wrong turn. We didn't know we made a wrong turn... I was just following the footsteps of the people in front of me. We ran down a steep hill and got to a dirt road. There was a gate with orange ties on it. We assumed these were course markers. We ran through the gates and then made a left hand turn because we saw more flags up ahead. We got back on a trail, but it wasn't long until my dad and the guys behind us noticed that this was a trail we had already run on!

I yelled to the dude in front of me, "We have to turn around!!!!" He yelled back, "I see flags!" and kept going. Well of course he saw flags. It was the course, it was just part of the course we already ran!

My dad and I back tracked and so did the group of guys behind us. (We had passed them but it was after they made that wrong turn!). We stood around for awhile and tried to figure out where we had gone wrong. No one else came barreling down the hill behind us, so we were the only group that messed up! Eventually, we decided to climb back up the hill and we realized where we went wrong. We ran an extra mile and wasted another 5 minutes or so trying to figure out where we went wrong. This really affected my dad and I mentally! We hadn't even hit the first aid station!

I got the feeling my dad was more bummed about this than I was. It was a small race, so we were literally IN LAST PLACE at this point. We were just running for fun, but it sucked that we had been doing so well and then BOOM we were behind everyone.

Eventually, started to pass some people. They thought we were on our second lap. "Nope, we just took a wrong turn!" we told them.

Finaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally we emerged from the woods and into the field we started in. We saw the aid station up ahead that was manned by none other than MY MOM! I don't know how she got that job, but she did! Here are some pictures she took as we approached...

I took a couple pictures because I thought it was so funny my mom was manning the aid station!

Family selfie!

The last loop flew by so much faster than the first loop! It's crazy what a difference just one mile could make! My dad was getting tired. I was feeling good until about mile 10 when my back started hurting and then my hip flexors as well. (That's related to my back troubles so it made sense.)

But we chugged on and continued to pass a lot of people who were hiking at this point. We only passed a couple runners. Everyone else had either done only one loop or had gained so much distance on us when we were lost that we were unable to catch them.

When we had about 2 miles left, we were SO READY to be done! We were relieved to emerge into the field one last time and run toward the finish line. A dude up there yelled, "Go Megan!" but I have no idea who it was! Some dude with a beard... Who was it!? It's a mystery!

We finished in 2:49:XX. Omg that's the longest half marathon I ever ran! The post race food was AMAZING! Tons of subs, pizza, chili, baked potatoes, and huge cookies from Sheetz! We loaded up on food and then met my mom at the car. I can't believe she waited for us that whole time!


All in all, the Hex Hollow Half was a fun adventure, a pretty course, and it had awesome post race food. The aid stations only had water, but that didn't bother me because that's all I drink and I don't really eat during a race of this duration.

The best part of the race is that I got to run the whole thing with my Daddio. How many daughters get to do that? Running is a gift, and running with your dad is an even greater gift! I consider myself very lucky to have such an adventure with my dad!
Did you ever make a wrong turn or get lost on a race course?

Monday, December 3, 2018

Weekend Wrap Up!

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It was a great weekend full of family, friends, and running. What more could a girl want!?

My day started at 5am. I poured some coffee, loaded up my phone with podcasts, and headed to the gym. I had a great lifting session and then headed to work. On the way to work, I ate two hard boiled eggs, and apple, and a Greek yogurt for breakfast.

It was a very busy morning. Stair duty, saxophone lesson, first grade class, third grade class, fourth grade class, then an extended chorus rehearsal. (Our concert is next week.) I ate my lunch in the car as I zipped over to the eye doctor to pick up my new specs! I will not be wearing them daily... only when I'm at the movies, the theater, or driving in the dark.

In fact, I won't be wearing them until I FIND them. As of Saturday afternoon, I could not find them! Maybe I left them at work!?

The afternoon was exciting. After teaching a first grade class, the whole school gathered in the gym for an assembly to celebrate our school building being open for 25 years. Some of my colleagues that retired attended the assembly and it was SO FUN to see my long lost friends! Of course they are loving the retired life! That will be me in just 21 short years...

Look what I saw in the stairwell at school...

Guess who I got to see on Friday night? BOB!!! Remember our friends Bob and Rachel who moved to Vermont? Well Bob was in town for a couple days so he stopped by. It was great to see him. 

I miss Bob and Rachel a lot. They were our best friends. Paul and Bob went out for sushi and had some boy time and I stayed home. 

I took a picture of Christmas...

And Paul got one of the two of us. I thought it was funny so I had to share.

Thanks to Trazodone, I got some very good sleep. I was up at 6, but it's okay because I got my eight hours. I spent the morning drinking coffee, doing puzzles, and watching the 11 Colberts that were on our DVR!

Chrissy cleaning!

Then I did two deck of cards workouts in my carport. It was cold, but I bundled up and was actually pretty hot! I hope I can continue the outdoor deck of cards workouts throughout the winter because it is nice to be able to be outside even if I don't run.

That afternoon I went for a walk with my friend Bree and her big puppy, Ursa. Ursa is a Newfoundland and is just the sweetest girl in the world. It was cold and rainy, so we ended up at a coffee shop and enjoyed some hot tea to warm up.

Later that night, I picked up my SIL, Debby, and we went to the Market of Curiosities in Carlisle. The Market is a craft show but it has very strange and interesting things you don't see at "normal" craft shows. Debby got a cool headband and I got some leather earrings.

The craft show was filled with feminist, liberal, LGBTQ positive items, but look what I found in one booth...


When I got home, I made myself a yummy pasta dinner and watched Sex and the City on Netflix!

This morning, I ran the Hex Hollow Half Marathon with my dad in Spring Valley Park. It was muddy and we took a wrong turn and got lost for a bit, but I am so thankful I got to spend 3 hours in the woods running with my dad! Race recap tomorrow!

My mom came along too, and after our first loop, we saw she had taken over the aid station!

The rest of the afternoon was spent doing my usual thing- grocery shopping and getting ready for the work week. I even made Meranda's Easy Peasy Creamy Potato Soup. I never made potato soup before!

Let's wrap this all up with one last picture of my baby...

What's your favorite kind of soup to make?

How much money would you have to be paid to hang that Trump clock in your house for the next year?

Which Sex and the City character are you most like? (I'm totally a Miranda!)