A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Monday, June 25, 2018

Weekly Workouts! (Vacation style!)

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Due to vacation, this workout post is a little later than normal. So I'm recapping 9 days of workouts. 

Tomorrow, expect a recap from my 25k in Stowe Vermont. Then lots of vacation and hiking posts!

Saturday- 2 deck of cards workouts. I made them REALLY tough because I was ENRAGED for no particular reason and needed endorphins. This is one of my workouts:

Hearts- Burpees

Spades- Jump Rope Rotations x10 (Example: 2 of spades is 20 rotations. Ace of spades is 150 rotations.)

Clubs- Mountain Climbers

Diamonds- Bicycle crunches x2 (2 of diamonds = 4 crunches, 10 of diamonds = 20 crunches.)

Sunday- Lifting @ Planet Fitness. Paul and I got there around 3pm and it was dead!

Monday- 8 mile run @ Spring Meadows Park. I keep going back to this place! Paul and I went early to beat the heat. He walked while I ran. Then we ate breakfast at Cafe 101 right in town. After that, we hit up the pool! The real feel was 103 degrees!

Tuesday- 6 neighborhood miles. Boy was I slow... partly because it was hot, and partly because I'm just SLOW right now! Later that night, we took our nieces and nephew to a carnival, which was honestly more tiring than any workout I have done lately! (Okay maybe that crazy deck of cards workout from Sunday was harder!)

Wednesday- 6 miles around my hood. Last run until my race!

Thursday- 3.5 mile hike @ Green Mountain National Forest. On our way to Montpelier, we stopped at White Rocks Picnic Area, hiked up to the Appalachian Trail, and then took the White Rocks spur to a beautiful vista. It was a tough hike up!

Friday- 5 mile hike to the summit of Camel's Hump. Besides The Incline in Colorado, this was the hardest hike I ever did! We trucked to the top of Vermont's 3rd tallest mountain. The summit was ABSOFREAKING BEAUTIFUL!!!! Expect a detailed recap of this hike soon!

Saturday- Catamount 25k Trail Race! Recap coming soon! Spoiler Alert: It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be!

Sunday-  Two hikes totaling 4 miles. I know I should rest after a 25k but there's no resting on vacation. Even though this was our day with a long drive home, we stopped twice to hike. Once was at Molly Stark State Park in Vermont to hike up to the fire tower. Paul was to tired to go up and I was too scared!

Then we hiked about 2.5 miles at the Harris Ski Jump and surrounding trails in Battlesboro. I climbed halfway up the stairs of the ski jump (I stopped because I was scared someone would corner me up there and murder me!) and then Paul and I hiked a nature trail around Retreat Farm.

How were your workouts this week?
Would you climb up that fire tower!?
What's the hardest hike have ever done?

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Packing for Vermont!

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I love to pack for trips! Packing satisfies my love of lists and sorting.

Packing for trips that involve planes are a lot tougher than car trips. For planes, you have to worry about the size and weight of your bags, how many ounces your liquids are, etc.


We don't go that far, but we definitely over pack when we're driving somewhere.

The first thing I do when packing for a trip is make a list of every single thing I need. When I list my clothes, I list them in order starting from the beginning of vacation to the end. I'm so freaking crazy organized!

Then I go through and list any toiletries, food, electronics, or miscellaneous items I may need.

Next, I get everything out and lay it on my bed.

Then I decide what bags to use and what will go in which bag. If I am running a race, I try to pack everything for race day in it's own separate bag so it is ready and I don't have to spend time while we're on vacation doing it.


I set aside the stuff I can't pack right away because I'm going to need it before we leave. (I normally pack 2-3 days early.) Then I make another list of these things because I don't want to forget them!

Once I'm done, I brag to Paul about how all of my packing is done and he hasn't even started yet!


 Do you see Jelly!?

Jelly wants to come to Vermont!!!
Do you like to pack?
Are you an over packer or under packer?

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Catamount 25k Race Plans!

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Today, I am running the Catamount 25k in Stowe, Vermont. The race course starts and ends at Trapp Family Lodge. According to the website, the race course will take us "through hardwood forest and past scenic pastures complete with long horned highland cattle".

Here is the elevation profile:

Why do I do this to myself!?


You may be wondering why you haven't heard much about me training for this race. That's because I haven't really trained for it! That being said, here is my race plan:

1. Run slow. Hike when needed... like up the hills
2. Have FUN and take lots of pictures!

annnnnnd... that's it!

I have absolutely no other expectations for this race. I'm very excited to just run in the woods and have fun. Wish me luck!

Friday, June 22, 2018

Taking the Kiddos to THE CARNIVAL!

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Hey all! I am linking up with Running on Happy and Fairytales and Fitness for Friday 5 2.0!

On Tuesday evening, Paul and I took Ellie, Clementine, and Clark to the East Pennsboro Carnival at Adams-Ricci Park. We took the girls last year, so this was our first time with all three kids. I was confident we could do it. Parents do it every day! I didn't expect it to be easy, but I did expect it to be worth it!

We learned a couple hacks from our trip last year... like pack food and water! (ROOKIE MISTAKE!) So armed with water, pretzels, bananas, baby carrots, and a couple cheese balls, we were ready to go!

The East Pennsboro Carnival is super fun but I think it's pretty expensive. I feel like it's cheaper to just go to Knoebels! But lucky for us, we are Auntie Megan and Uncle Paul, and we can spoil these special kids.

*Sorry some of the pics aren't that great. It was very sunny and I honestly couldn't even tell what I was taking a picture of half the time!

First it was the Dizzy Bears with the girls. I made sure I spun us around and made us very dizzy! 

Then the girls and I rode the Crazy Bus. It actually goes up very high!

Ellie piloted the helicopter. I rode this with Clementine last year, but not she is tall enough to ride it with her sister.

Whaddup, Clark? At first, he just watched the girls on the rides. He  was having fun watching everything that was happening.

We decided to get Clark in on the action with the Bumpin' Buggies!

Choo choo!

Clark LOVED the train! All night, he kept saying, "Train. Train. Train."

Then Paul took the girls on the ferris wheel. I knew Ellie would like it. I checked with Clementine to make sure she wanted to go up that high. She gave me an emphatic YES!

Ellie is a daredevil. She wanted to ride the Super Shot. This is one of those rides that slowly raises you up VERY high, lets you chill there for a minute, and then WHOOSH drops you back down. It's definitely not what you think of when you think of a carnival ride. Ellie was tall enough to ride it ALONE but I made Paul ride it with her. (THERE WAS NO WAY I WAS GETTING ON THAT THING!!!!) Ellie LOVED it! She is crazy! I asked her what her favorite part was and she said, "Going down!" (Note: SHE IS 5 YEARS OLD!) I will be honest, as I watched it raise up, I did NOT like it and regretted letting her ride it! (Not because it didn't appear safe, just because it was my gut reaction to seeing her up so high!)

Then the girls rode the Dragon Wagon roller coaster. They loved it! Clementine ended up riding it again by herself while Paul and Ellie were off riding the big kid rides! (Yes, Paul rode some more thrill rides with Ellie later on.)

Clark and I watched. He kept saying "Dragon!"

She's a big girl riding all by herself! 

Paul saw his pal Freddy volunteering at the carnival!

More train fun!

All by herself she couldn't figure out how to raise up the helicopter but she still had fun!

Ellie wanted to ride the Super Shot again, but as it raised up, she started to have second thoughts! Paul held her hand, talked her through it and calmed her down. I told her how proud I was of her for staying calm even though she was scared! Later on I asked her why she was scared the second time and not the first time. She said she didn't know.

Up past their bedtime!!!!

It was time for our last ride of the night.... the carousel! 

All in all, we were at the carnival for a little over 3 hours. Clementine rode 16 rides, Clark rode 7 (including the train twice!) and Ellie rode nearly 20!

Paul and I were exhausted. Clementine fell asleep on the way home. Ellie still had a bit of energy left. Clark looked tired, but when he got home and saw his mommy and daddy he got a second wind!

I slept well that night!
Does your town have any fun carnivals?