A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

A Moral Dilemma. (Or an overreaction.)

Guys, I can't decide whether I should watch Celebrity Big Brother or not.

Back story: PAUL AND I LOVE BIG BROTHER. It's one of our favorite shows. When we found out BBUS was going to do a celebrity season this winter, we couldn't wait! Obviously we knew CBS wouldn't be able to find real celebrities... They would find C-List... maybe even D-List celebrities. But it was still exciting! Even bad Big Brother is GOOD Big Brother!

Celebrity BB doesn't premiere until February 7th but the cast list was released Sunday night. Unfortunately, when I saw the first name... the arguably "big" name, I was completed disappointed.

They cast Omarosa.

Now, I have never watched The Apprentice or any other show Omarosa was on. I saw her interviewed on The View and on some other shows. I don't like her. But that's okay. Watching reality television is the most fun when there are people you like and people you dislike.

But the fact the Omarosa worked for the White House... she actively helped to elect Trump and his racist, lying ass... and I repeat, WORKED IN THE WHITE HOUSE... I just don't think I can give CBS my viewership and essentially my money knowing they are giving her a platform. I want them to know this is NOT okay and I don't think it is "entertaining" to see her on my screen.

This freaking KILLS me. I really wanted to watch Celebrity BB. So I'm trying to find all these ways to make it "okay" to watch it. Omarosa doesn't work for the administration anymore... in fact she was fired and escorted out of the White House. She says she has so many things to spill and that she saw a lot of terrible things while she worked for the administration... So it sounds like she doesn't support Trump anymore. So I can watch, right? I don't know.

What do you think? Am I overreacting? I really don't want CBS to think it is okay to give her a platform and I DON'T think it's "fun" or "funny" or "entertaining"  to see someone who worked for the reality TV president on a reality tv show.


Do you refuse to watch/listen to anything or shop at a certain store due to moral reasons? 

I don't eat at Chick-fil-a because they donoate money to anti LGBTQ groups. I know it is within their rights to do that, but I don't want MY money going to those groups. So I won't eat there, but I will go to the bathroom there. :)

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Guess how many pounds of cat litter we bought! (Super Productive Monday!)

Some people dread Mondays, but I don’t mind them! That’s not to say I want the weekend to be over... I wouldn’t mind if the weekend lasted forever! But provided I have a fun and restful weekend, I find that my Mondays are very productive since I am recharged.

It also helps that I don’t have piano lessons or rehearsals on Mondays. Mondays are the rare day of the week where I can go home after work and not do anything. (“Not do anything” means do a puzzle, watch Jake Tapper, and drink wine.)

Yesterday, I had a lot on my work “to do list”, but I’m proud to say that I didn’t dilly dally around. I got right to work setting up my classroom, prepared for the formal observation I have in two weeks (eek!!!), and organized all of the third graders’ recorders. It’s important I work as hard as I can at the beginning of the week because as the week goes on, my motivation deteriorates!

After work, Paul and I did something crazy we have never done before. We drove around to three stores and bought as much cat litter as we could! We always need cat litter, and I’m tired of going to the store several times a month to pick it up. Why not just go and load up like crazy?

We ended up with 345lbs!!!!

Some Facebook friends ended up recommending Amazon or Chewy.com to have litter delivered. I looked at the Chewy prices and I think I am going to sign up for auto shipments with that company after we run out of what we have now.

How long do you think 345lbs of litter will last us!?
What is the most productive day of the week for you?
Mondays, yay or nay?
Do you have anything auto shipped?

Monday, January 29, 2018

Weekend Wrap Up!


Happy Monday!
I hope you had a great weekend.
Here's what we were up to...

What a week! While I felt pretty good all week, Paul didn't feel great at all. It makes me so sad when he is sick. 

Work was just fine and dandy. Third grade played recorders, fourth grade played the ukuleles, kindergarten sang their little hearts out, and second grade did rhythm stations.

Funny story: I told the third graders they have to keep their recorder somewhere safe because it is THEIR RESPONSIBILITY to take care of it. A boy raised his hand and asked, "Should I keep it in my dad's gun safe?"

My answer: "Well, you need to keep it somewhere SAFE, but you need to be able to have access to it. How about your backpack?"

When I got home Paul was camped out on the couch so I continued working on a tricky puzzle. I hope to finish it this weekend. As you can see, I'm almost done, but the end is taking me forever.

Paul's tummy finally starting rumbling and asking for food, so we had Chinese delivered from Chef Wongs. I do not eat Chinese a lot, but when I do eat it, I expect it to taste very saucy, salty, and basically very unhealthy. This stuff tasted borderline healthy. I did not like it at all. Any suggestions on where I can get real junky tasting Chinese food????

We both went to bed very early. Paul's sickness has been making him tired and I had a trail run bright and early the next morning!

Woah. The Chinese food gave me weird dreams! I dreamed that...

1. I was running trail in my knee high boots.
2. I brought rye chips for my friends to snack on during our trail run.
3. Dauphin had a beach and there was a festival going on.
4. I accidentally showed my students video footage of September 11th.
5. A teacher came to my classroom to steal a chair I had painted.
6. Me and my SIL were in a field with baby jack rabbits that kept doing cartwheels.
7. I rented a car but couldn't find my keys. Then I found the keys and couldn't find my ticket to get out of the garage. Then I found the ticket and couldn't find the keys... and so on, and so on...
8. Paul got a new cell phone that looked like a pen.

AND THAT'S JUST THE BEGINNING. Omg guys, there was some crazy shit going on in my brain last night.

After the night of crazy dreams, I met my friends Kristen, Anne, and John for a trail run on the AT! We started at Clark's Valley. I ran to Peter's Mountain (10 mi) but they ran to Peter's Mountain and then BACK (20 mi). They're training for ultras and I'm just running for fun. I wished I had time to do the whole 20 with them. It was so nice to be on the trail with friends!

When I got home I showered and practiced some music before Godspell rehearsal. Until someone stole my spot...

We rehearsed from 1pm until after 5pm but we got A LOT done. We blocked all of Act 1 and cleaned up some choreography. It is SO MUCH to remember and my memory is not that great. I hope we rehearse it a lot so I can keep everything I need to say/do/sing in my brain...

I was starving and tired after rehearsal so I stopped for a coffee and a snack at Sheetz. I'm going to have to remember to start packing food. It costs about $3.50 to park in Gettysburg on Saturdays and then if I spend $5 on food/coffee that starts to get expensive...

Paul was feeling A LOT better and requested Subway, so I stopped there on the way home and get him a foot long flatbread. I wanted soup. They had cheddar broccoli and baked potato. Because I was so hungry, I got both.

That night I finished my puzzle, then scared myself senseless reading this book! 

It is about a woman's journey to recover physically and psychologically after a teenager sneaked into her family's house and attacked them with a knife. This is a true story and the woman actually worked in my school district. She is retired now. When I worked with her (she was a principal at one of our schools) I did not know about this scary event in her past.
Oh, I love waking up at 4:30am on a Sunday and not being able to fall back asleep! NOT. I dragged my tired butt out of bed at 5am. I wanted to run all of my errands but nothing was open (obviously). Instead, I drank coffee, blogged, and then started a puzzle.

At 9am, I went out and about running some errands so we'd be ready for the week ahead. Then I came home and went for a 6 miler which included 6 hill repeats! I'm proud of myself for switching it up a bit.

Then it was off to Gettysburg for another 4 hour rehearsal. We mostly worked on music. I love singing and I love the challenge of the difficult music.

When I got home, we had one of our favorite wines!

Omg this wrap up was so long, I don't even know what to ask!

If you read the whole thing, I commend you.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Nothing is set in stone until you're dead.

"Nothing is set in stone until you're dead."

I know it sounds morbid, but it's true!

Something not working in your life? Are you unhappy? It's never too late to make a change! Keep this thought in your mind as you start this last week in January.

Now go take on the day!

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Weekly Workouts! (And I need your opinion!)

Same old week, same old workouts!
I know these workout recap posts are boring and a lot of times I phone them in.

Can you give me suggestions on how I could make them more compelling?

A. More pictures.
B. More details (pace, weights/sets/reps, etc.)
C. Other
D. Nothing. All workout posts are boring no matter what.

Thanks for your help! (You will not offend me if you choose D.)

**I tried to do more pics this week!**

Saturday- 6 neighborhood miles. Besides feeling very tired and borderline dizzy to to not having eaten since 6pm the night before (stupid, I know), my body felt good on the run. Not creaky or achy.

Sunday- 6 miler in the WARM SUNSHINE! Not only did I wear shorts for this run, but I ventured outside of my neighborhood. It was so. freaking. enjoyable. I also had some pep in my step thanks to this sandwich I ate about an hour before my run...

Monday- 6 warm morning miles! I actually could have worn shorts this morning, it was that nice out! Stretching with Jelly after a run is the best.

Tuesday- Lifting chest @ home. I woke up at 2, laid in bed until 3, then pulled myself out of bed. It was pouring outside but I was hoping it would stop by 6 so I could go out and run in the 50 DEGREE WEATHER! Unfortunately, it continues to downpour so I had to lift. Oh well!

Wednesday- 6 miles @ home. This run was done later than normal because Paul wasn't feeling well on Tuesday so I had to go home from work to be with him. I stayed home Wednesday morning just to make sure he woke up okay and didn't need me to stay with him all day. Luckily he wasn't having any issues so I did go for my run... but I pretty much just ran around the block a million times in case he called me to come home.

Thursday- 6 morning miles. There was a pep in my step. Dunno why!

Friday- Lifting back @ home. I decided to do unassisted pull ups instead of assisted. I can't do as many without help but I think it's good to try once in awhile!

ABC or D????????????????????

Friday, January 26, 2018

Friday 5 - What I Wore to Work this Week

Hey all! I am linking up with Running on Happy and Fairytales and Fitness for Friday 5 2.0!

Today, I'm going to share what I wore to work this week! Sometimes I also include a "before" picture, just for fun, which is basically just what I look like before hair and make up.

~  Monday  ~

"It was $14.99!!!!" 

I call this look "It Was $14.99" because every time someone complimented my dress I had to inform them of the low price!

The blackish/greyish dress is what I would call a very thin fleece material, so it was warm but not too warm. The hemline is a little longer in the back than the front, which is a cool detail.

Back opaque tights from NY&Co - $6

Grey booties from Target, purchased with a gift card I won at a race- $23 (but only $3 with card!)

Just some silver dangles I had forever.

 Avon hand me down ring from my mom

Huge, chunky necklace. 
Here you can see the dress color better.


~  Tuesday  ~

"Feels Like Jammies!"

This outfit was so comfy, I felt like I was wearing pjs.
Maroon leggings- Ross- $5.99
Black boots also from Ross (or similar store)
Black sweater from Ross- $9.99
Black tank

Chunky necklace

Chunky bangles

I accidentally wore two different earrings to work! 
Oops! No one mentioned anything...


~  Wednesday  ~

"Lots of Layers"

Stretchy grey leggings
Patterned top from JC Penny
White-ish sweater from Ross- $9.99

I don't know why I layered so many necklaces but I did.
Basic gold earrings.

Layered bracelets.

My faux suede elf boots.

I forgot to take a before picture!

~  Thursday  ~


So this is an outfit I never wore before.I mean, I wore all the pieces before (except the leggings) but not together. I think the dress looks a little weird so if I had a different black skirt I think I would like it more.

Plaid shirt tied at the waist over a black tank dress.
Green leggings, black knee high boots.

Wrap bracelet

Avon ring from my mom

Black rose earrings

Green leggings from Charlotte Ruse- $4.99 
I thought they said $1.99, that's why I bought them. But they rung up $4.99 and they I noticed I read the tag wrong. I had already waited in a long line so I just bought them anyway.


~  Friday  ~

"Feels Like Jammies Part 2"

At the time of writing this post, I did not wear this outfit yet. But it's the outfit I INTEND to wear on Friday! It is super comfy and warm.

Grey sweater from Goodwill- $3.99
Pink fleece lined leggings from Charlotte Ruse- $4.99
Grey elf boots

Basic jewelry:

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What's your favorite look this week?