A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Weekly Workout Recap!

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Hola Peeps! Here is my training for the week!
I'm keeping it really light for now. My training for Via officially starts on May 12. There is no reason to try to do anything but run "la la la" until then.

Saturday- Movie Madness Half Marathon. Recap here!

Sunday- My quads were a bit sore and I wanted to recover from the race, so I loaded up my mp3 player with Survivor podcasts and went for a 5 mile walk. When I got home, I lifted back.

Band Asst. Wide Grip Pull Ups- 5x6

Bicycle Crunches- 5x40
Dumbbell Row- 5x10x25lb
Band Asst. Neutral Grip Pull Ups- 2x8, 3x6
Bicep Curl- 5x10x15lb
Plank w/ Row- 5x10x10lb

Lots of stretching!!!

Monday- I lifted chest at home.

Chest Press- 5x10x25lb

Bicycle Crunches- 5x40
Push Ups- 10x10
Shoulder Press- 5x10x25lb
Sit ups on stability ball- 5x15x15lb
Chest Press (neutral grip)- 5x15x15lb
Stability ball pull ins- 5x15
Tricep dips- 5x15

Sometimes I poo-poo tricep dips but my triceps have been popping lately. But it also could be from the push ups. Who knows?

Tuesday- My first run since the race. I started out feeling light and fresh, but as the run wore on, it got difficult. The run was still enjoyable because it was warm out and the birds were chirping. Towards the end of my run, I swung by my polling station to vote and then ran home, making it an even 6 miles.

Wednesday- I did an easy 5 miler around my hood. I was tired, but not looking to break any records. The easy run felt really good. So did stretching!

Thursday- I lifted back at home and kept things a little lighter than normal because I was feeling a little tweak from my previous lifting workout. The tweak disappeared but I didn't want it to pop back up!

Chair asst. wide grip pull ups- 5x15
Bicycle crunches- 5x40
Dumbbell row- 5x12x20lb
Band asst. neutral grip pull ups- 2x8 4x6
Sit ups on stability ball- 5x15x15lb
Bicep curls- 5x10x15lb
Plank w/ row- 5x10x10lb

Friday- Another easy 5 miler around my hood. Nothing noteworthy about this run either. Actually, my whole week wasn't that noteworthy!
Are there any exercises you poo-poo?

Friday, April 29, 2016


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Today I am participating in Marcia's Runfession's link up! Be sure to visit her blog and check out some of the other bloggers who are Runfessing today!

Runfession #1: After my disappointing performance at the half marathon on Saturday, I had to purposefully decide to just LET IT GO. I wish I could  naturally let it go, but instead, every time I start to feel the disappointment creep in, I say to myself, "Stop that!" Then I force myself to think about something else.

Runfession #2: I haven't been doing my normal post workout walks for a few weeks now. I was in the habit of walking one minute for each mile run after each workout. It only lasted for about 6 weeks. My plan is to start it up again when I officially start training again in May.

Runfession #3: I almost killed the women behind me when I was in line to vote on Tuesday. How is this a Runfession? Well I ran to my polling place, so that is why I get to include it! The woman was standing really close to me and chewing gum in a disgusting manner. She also kept making these noises like, "Mmmm". I had to use every fiber of my being to contain my rage. Had I been in line for anything other than voting... I would have left.

Do you have something you want to Runfess?

Do you want to kill people when they eat or chew gum around you? For me, it's like the closer you are to me in relationship, the worse it is. I have friends who I don't mind hearing chew gum, but Paul is NOT ALLOWED TO CHEW GUM!!! It's okay, he has banned me from eating apples in his vicinity. Fair is fair.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Day In The Life

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Howdy, readers! I haven't done a DITL post lately, so that's what you have coming at you today! I love reading DITL posts because I am super nosy about people's habits and schedules. I know that sounds creepy! Well, this day I am documenting was this past Tuesday, April 26th. Enjoy!!!

My day started earlier than I wanted it to. The alarm was set for 5:45, but at 5:00, I woke up with searing eye pain. This happens about twice a month ever since I scratched my cornea about a year and a half ago. I have self diagnosed my ailment as recurrent corneal erosion. Normally I can just close my eyes and fall back asleep, but this morning it hurt too bad to shut it. At 5:09, I admitted defeat and got up. At least I would have a little extra time to mess around on the internet and drink coffee before my run. The pain went away almost immediately, but I am going to make an appointment with the eye doctor!

I drank iced coffee and internet-ed for awhile. Then I got dressed for my run. It was warm out, so I was excited to wear shorts and a t-shirt.

This is my "I'm excited to run" face.

It was my first run since the race, so I wasn't sure how I would feel. My legs felt light and fresh at the beginning but faded quickly. Towards the end of my run, I swung by my polling station to vote. Yay, voting!

Look at the yard sign I saw on my run... UGH!

Then it was home to foam roll my ass and stretch. 

I get transfixed by the Today Show.

I showered and got ready for work.

I eat breakfast in the car. After a run, it's always cereal.
I was on a Raisin Bran kick for awhile but I got sick of it. Now I'm on Bran Flakes, which is sort of the same but oh so different!

It was an in-service day, so there were no students I always love random days like this because I can get a lot done.

Mid morning snack!

During my hour long lunch (YESSSSS!) I ran to Wal-Mart to pick up a couple random things we needed. Like brand new tupperware. Paul recently went bat shit crazy when he realized none of our tupperware containers have matching lids. He decided he wanted to throw them all out and get new ones. Well my love, your wish has been granted!

I also got myself this cute summer purse!

It was definitely an impulse buy, but I love it and it was less than $10. It's made from fabric, in case you can't tell.

Oh, I ate my lunch in the car. It was this yummy mayo free chicken salad with two pieces of wheat bread. It was a lot and I was full!

Nothing interesting happened at work, except for one thing, which deserves a post all on it's on! Is your interest piqued? Good! Look for it in an upcoming HOT TOPIC post!

Now is a good time to show you the cute ring I wore to work. My friend's husband has a 3-D printer and he makes these cute cat rings (among other things) with it. Don't you love it???

I left work at 3:40 and got home at 4pm for an evening of piano lessons. I had 3 students, a half hour break, then 3 more students. I got done at 7:30pm. Tuesdays are looooong but it's worth it for the extra money. We would not be able to take fun summer vacations if I didn't teach piano lessons!

I know what you're thinking... A Day In The Life post and there are no cat pictures yet?? How could this be?? Well actually there already is a sneaky one you might have noticed, but here are some obligatory photos of Chrissy.

 Pile of PJs, Christmas, and a stability ball.
What do you keep on your guestroom bed?

That is Jelly. 
And this photo properly depicts why I want to EAT HIM!
Isn't he just so cute you want to eat him!!!???

After piano lessons, it was finally time to eat. I had wine in my new stemless wine glass and a huge salad with potatoes on top. 

I forgot to take a picture of the salad but I did take a picture of the most important thing.
Note: The wine glass was much more full at one point.

I ate dinner while watching Samantha Bee with Paul.

Samantha Bee is an AMAZING show! If you are not watching it yet, I highly recommend you start! Or listen to her interview on Fresh Air with Terry Gross!

I had dessert around 9pm. So late. I wanted ice cream and I had it.

I eat right out of the carton, which is living on the edge!

Then I had a date in bed with... my Mary Higgins Clark book. 

And that, dear readers, was my Tuesday!

I hope the week is treating you well!
Have you seen Full Frontal yet?
Ice cream out of the carton, bowl, or cone?
Do you flip out when your tupperware doesn't match?

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Decisions... Decisions... I made a DECISION.

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Recently, I shared with everyone that I have BIG GOALS. I want to PR in the marathon and BQ... soon. Ideally, 2017, but if I have to wait until 2018 (or even later if things really don't go well), then so be it. 

The point is, I'm READY to move forward and get this ball rolling. So the first thing I had to do was figure out what marathon would best help me achieve my goals. My current PR is on a relatively flat course (Harrisburg), which has actually gotten FLATTER since I ran it in 2012. After a lot of searching on the internet and in my soul, I narrowed it down to the Lehigh Valley Via Marathon on September 11th and the Harrisburg Marathon on November 13th.

In true Megan Michael anal retentive fashion, I made a list of pros and cons for each race!

Let's start with the Pros/Cons of running Via...

#1 and #2 are very important PROS for me! Training mostly in the summer will allow me to be a RUNNING DIVA and pretty much revolve my days around my workouts. Also, it would be so cool not to have to wait 2 years to run Boston and qualify sooner. I'm not getting any younger.

#2 is my major concern about Via. But Allison reminded me that PA weather is extremely unpredictable and it is almost impossible to pick a race with ideal weather conditions unless you have a magic 8 ball.

Okay, let's take a look at the Pros/Cons of running Harrisburg.

First of all, I messed up and wrote a con on this list, so I covered it up using PicMonkey, but I swear I did not purposefully make the banner look like a penis!

Anyway, #1, #2, and #3 are my most important pros for Harrisburg.

I can't even pick just one con that sticks out as the most important. All of these cons are bad, and they all revolve around the fact that I am ready to train NOW. I want to run Boston SOON. I want to be a running DIVA and train during the summer. I am like that little girl from Charlie and the Chocolate factory that wants everything now, now, now! (The difference is, I'm ready to WORK for what I want now, now, now!)

Well guys, after making my epic list of pros and cons, talking it over with some running friends, and thinking about it a lot, I have decided on a course of action!

I will run Via in September with the A goal of <3:28:07 and the B goal of BQ'ing with enough time to spare to actually get into Boston.

If I do not reach either of those goals and my body is not too beat up, I will attempt again at Harrisburg two months later in November. But I am not even going to think about Harrisburg other than that it is in my back pocket. Worrying about whether my body will hold up/bounce back after the Via is useless right now as it is something I can't even predict. And if I reach my A or B goal, it doesn't even matter anyway! So there won't be much talk about Harrisburg here because I will only run it if I need to and keep it in my back pocket until then.

My training plan will be Hanson's. I read the book and am willing to give it a whirl. It is 18 weeks long and will technically begin soon- May 9th! I am still trying to decide between the beginner plan, the advanced plan, or a hybrid between the two. I am writing them both out and color coding them (because I am a teacher) and then will do my big comparison between the two. But more about my lovely training plan in a future post!
Have you ever run Via or Harrisburg?

Do you ever keep races in your back pocket in case you don't reach your goal?

Are you anal retentive? Do you love writing lists and coloring calendars as much as I do?

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Don't Forget to Vote!

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If you live in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Rhode Island, or Connecticut, don't forget to VOTE today!

I love voting. I get giddy about it. This past week, the presidential candidates finally started running television ads and making campaign stops in Pennsylvania. It was exciting!

Lately, a lot of people have told me they're not "into" politics. I don't understand that. How can you not be "into" something that affects everyone's lives? I love researching the candidates and watching the debates. It not only makes me an informed voter, but I learn about things I never heard of before. Often I will watch an interview or debate and something will come up that I know nothing about... so I Google it. After I know what it is, sometimes I will think to myself, "Okay, well why should I care about that?" I have to think and ruminate and then realize, OH, this is why this is important! And even if the issue doesn't affect my life, it may affect other people's lives. Does that make sense? What I am basically saying is I like to learn.

This election cycle, I have also committed myself to trying to understand why people feel a certain way on hot button issues and not just judge. (I can be quite judgmental when it comes to certain things.) I feel like understanding is more productive than judging. I will be honest, I do judge people who support, say, Donald Trump. But at least I am trying to understand as well. Does that make sense?

So yeah, YAY VOTING!!!! 

Selfishly, another reason I like election day is because our school is a polling station, so we have an in-service day with no students. Usually, election day lines up juuuuuust before my concert season begins, so I can really finish up a lot of behind the scenes stuff for my school concerts. I am looking forward to an extremely productive day!

In-service days also mean I get a 60 minute lunch and can pee whenever I want to! Wow! On these special days I feel like I have a grown up job!

Happy Primary Day! Go out there and make your voice heard!
How long is your lunch? This year, mine is 35 minutes bell to bell, which means it's actually more like 30 minutes. I usually work the first 15 minutes of my lunch and then eat the last 15 minutes. If I'm not quite done, the kindergarteners are fine if I much on some broccoli.

Do you get excited to vote?

Is there something you are willing to admit you are judgmental about?

What about your job makes you feel like a grown up?

Monday, April 25, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up!

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This weekend was extra long because we had off work on Friday! I'm not sure why. Maybe my school board knew I had a half marathon on Saturday and wanted to help in any way they could so that I could have a kick ass race performance... Hmmm, I think I needed two days off for that to happen!

Paul and I had a little morning date. First, I took him to get his blood work done. How super romantic! Then we hit up our favorite diner. I got my usual: water, coffee, orange juice, 2 eggs over easy, 2 pieces of wheat bread, and 3 slices of bacon. I always give one piece of bacon to Paul because I am a good wifey.

Then we headed to Dick's so I could look for 12.5, 17.5, and 22.5 pound dumbbells... except they didn't have them. Darn! I'm still on the search...

After that, we stopped by my SIL's to pick up a huge jewelry cabinet my mom handed down to me. Isn't it nice?

When we got home, I got right back into my jammer jams. I adulted for a little while by doing house stuff, but then it was TV & puzzles. I finally finished up watching the Benghazi hearing Hillary Clinton testified at. Yes, I watched the entire thing!

I also got everything ready for my race the next day and laid out Flat Megan.

Flat Megan and Flat Chrissy!

Since we finally had gas for our grill, Paul made us chicken. I love the smell of the grill. It smells like summer.

I couldn't decide whether to have chicken and pasta or chicken and 'taters for dinner so I had both!

All in all, it was a pretty good rest day!

Race Day! I ran the Movie Madness Half Marathon. You can read the recap here. The short story is that a lot didn't go my way. No PR. I got 2nd woman overall. I am still trying to process the race and learn what I can from it.

That evening, Paul and I had dinner with his parents at the Pizza Grille. Wine and carbs erased my race frustrations for at least a few hours. So did all the Datelines I watched and puzzles I did while relaxing on the couch all evening. My body felt pretty good despite the race. I wasn't tired and nothing was hurting.

My quads hurt a little Sunday morning but nothing crazy at all. I wanted to go for a run but I knew I should play it smart and wait until (ideally) Tuesday. I like to be nice to my body after a hard race.

Still, I was itching to get outside, so I loaded up my mp3 player with podcasts and went for a walk instead of a run. I got 5 miles in and then lifted back at home.

The rest of the day was spent just finishing up some odds and ends. The low light was when I spilled wine all over my puzzle! It was sad. At least it was only $1 and I can get another one if I swing by the Dollar Tree tomorrow. 

The high light was when Paul made me laugh so hard that I fell on the floor. He really is that funny!

This is Chrissy's "Tomorrow is Monday" face.

Tell me something fun you did this weekend!