A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Exercise ADD

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For the past couple days, I have had Exercise ADD. Instead of doing one normal length workout (about 45-60 minutes), I have been doing 2-3 smaller workouts!

It all started on Monday when I decided to try some Zumba videos I found on Youtube. I put the cats in the bedroom, moved the music room couch, and shut my curtains. I danced my booty off for 30 minutes. It wasn't as fun as being at an actual Zumba class, but it was fun!

Then I decided to run two miles. I was slo-o-o-o-o-w thanks to the humidity and all the jumping and step touching during my Zumba workout. I stopped running when it started to rain.

Then I did this circuit five times in my carport:

Donkey Kicks- 20
Bicycle Crunches- 40
Mountain Climbers- 20

I also did 1000 jump rope rotations sprinkled throughout the circuits. For my first set of jumping rope, I did 500 rotations without stopping or messing up! That's the most I did in a row!

How's that for some Exercise ADD?

I had no idea I'd do something similar the very next day!

On Tuesday, I did Zumba videos again, but this time I did it for 45 minutes and I did it in my carport. I propped my phone up on an empty cat litter bucket and used my wireless headphones for sound. I can only imagine what my neighbors thought if they saw me... Doing my own little silent dance party in my carport!

Then Paul and I went to the gym. I ran 4 miles on the treadmill and I did something very strange while I ran...


I know, I never listen to music when I workout. But I guess the Zumba songs got me in the mood for more tunes. I listened to:

Look What You Made Me Do- Taylor Swift
Single Ladies- Beyonce
Bad Romance- Lady Gaga
Born This Way- Lady Gaga
Sugar Pie Honey Bunch- The Four Tops
Shut Up And Dance With Me- Walk the Moon
Tomorrow Is A Latter Day- The Book of Mormon

I thought maybe I would do some push ups and row after my run, but I was too tired.

Running on the treadmill in the a/c was so much easier than running outside. My paces outside this summer have been hovering around 9:00-9:30. In the a/c I was able to run in the low 8s easily. That made me feel better. I thought I was getting slower, when I guess it's just the heat and humidity that has been slowing me down.
Do you ever get exercise ADD?


  1. Ohhh that's a good playlist! I hardly ever listen to music while running now. I'm all about podcasts! It's so weird to me that the first year I ran I didn't listen to anything. I remember I felt "one with nature" because I would run at the beach and just listen to the waves lol. Then one day I started listening to music and never stopped... but now all I want to listen to are podcasts. Although I have noticed when I do listen to music I run faster, not on purpose, it just happens. I guess the beat must subconsciously make my legs want to move!

    1. Music makes me run faster too, for sure! Terry Gross (Fresh Air on NPR) slows me down. :) Paul likes to be "one with nature" when he hikes. I like to be "one with murder podcasts".

  2. The heat and humidity always made me slow down so much! I also only listen to music when I run, and when I run alone, not with other people. I haven't run in forever, but that means I haven't destroyed any Ipods this summer... the sweat used to get inside the headphone jacks and I'd go through several every summer when I ran (crazy huh).

    I did some circuit/weight workouts a few weeks ago when I was down for a couple weeks post-PRP injection. It can be a crazy good workout and great for muscle confusion. I was super sore after!

    1. Wow I have never destroyed anything due to sweat! But my headphone cords would freeze and break this past winter! That's why I had to get wireless headphones.

      I'm glad you can do circuit and weight workouts. Usually they are harder than running!

  3. I love the variety workouts! I often try to cram in a few things in one day -- like I will run, walk, row and then lift (but only for like an hour total). It keeps me from getting bored!

    1. I think I was taking a page out of your book!

  4. Nope! Cant say I've ever had exercise ADD..haha. couch ADD, maybe!

    LoL at your neighbors thinking you're having your own silent dance party!