A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Celebrity Big Brother (11-13) FINALE!

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Celebrity Big Brother is over! I am so sad.
I hope they do another season. I really enjoyed the shortened version and the fast pace.

Hey all! If you missed my first two Celebrity Big Brother updates, check out here and here and here. In this post, you will find recaps for episodes 11-13. Enjoy!

Before I recap, here are my overall pros and cons of the season:


Nearly all players were PLAYING the game
Older cast
Maintained the same silliness as a regular BB season
Classic comps


Two quitters
Final HOH twist
The Double Eviction comps were low budget

My thoughts on the winner: I definitely think Ross deserved it more, but I liked both Ross and Marissa, so I'm glad they were in the Final 2. After watching the ending about a week after the Finale, I decided I am okay with the winner.

Episode Eleven

~ Short Recap ~

It's Double Eviction night! After being nominated by Mark, Brandi started to unravel. She picked a fight with James and he finally let her know how much he doesn't like her. Ari won the face morph veto and Mark put Marissa up as a replacement. Brandi was voted out 3-1.

At the live HOH comp, James and Omarosa battled it out for a tiebreaker. Omarosa won, and she needed to win or she would've been voted out. She immediately nominated Ross and Marissa. Ross won POV, and he needed to win it or he would've been out. Omarosa replaced him with James. James and Marissa pleaded their cases and James was voted out 2-1 because he was a competition beast.

~ Random Thoughts ~

  • I am fascinated by the weird clothes Ariadna wears.
  • The live comps were very low budget. Where was the clown shoe comp!?
  • I was pulling for James and Ross. I did not want Omarosa to win that HOH.

~ Julie's Outfit ~

Loved the sparkles on her shoes.
But she wore dark clothes two episodes in a row.
What if the dress were pink?

~ Like/Dislike/Neutral ~

Like: Everyone.
Dislike: None.
Neutral: None.

Episode Twelve - The Recap

~ Random Thoughts ~

Ariadna- She is SO BEAUTIFUL. I loved the flower sweatsuit she wore.

Brandi- She should be embarrassed by the way she acted while she was drinking.

James- He is douche-y and cocky but I like him!

Mark- Nice, handsome, AND he cleans!?

Metta- I love Metta. And I liked the little convo he and Ross had in the bathroom.

Ross- What in the world was that black/gold jacket with the birds on it!?

Omarosa- Spilling more tea about the White House. Ho-hum.

Episode Thirteen - FINALE!!!

~ Short Recap ~

The episode started with the pre-taped HOH competition. When Mark and Ross were left, they made a deal (Ross wouldn't nom or renom mark) and Mark gave Ross the HOH. Ross nominated Ariadna and Omarosa with Omarosa as the target. Ross crushed the veto comp and ended up leaving nominations the same. Omarosa was voted out of the house live on finale night.

Then it was the final HOH competition where the winner would immediately evict two house guests. It came down to a tiebreaker, but Marissa won. She evicted Ariadna and Mark, leaving Ross to battle it out with her in the Final 2.

Marissa realizing she's in the final two!

The jurors clearly did not respect Ross's gameplay (lying) and handed the win to Marissa- 6-3. Ross won America's Favorite Player.


Marissa hugging her son.

~ Random Thoughts ~

  • I'm so glad Omarosa didn't win.
  • I lost a lot of respect for Shannon and Omarosa. They are super fans so they should be able to vote for the better player- Ross. Instead, they were too butt hurt.
  • Metta voting was hilarious! Julie had to check to make sure he knew he was voting for the winner.

~ Julie's Outfit ~

There was nothing wrong with it, it was just a plain black dress. Come on Julie, this is the FINALE!

~ Like/Dislike/Neutral ~

Like: Ross, Marissa, James, Brandi, Metta, Ariadna, Mark.
Dislike: Shannon, Keishia, Omarosa
Neutral: Chuck.
What did you think of the Final HOH twist?

Were you happy with the winner?

Who were you rooting for to win America's Favorite Player?

What are your thoughts on bitter juries?


  1. You know already that I get all my BB information from you... with that said, I was cheering for Ross! I like him, he is funny!

    But like you said, I'm ok with Marissa winning.

    1. Ross is super funny for sure! I have to start listening to his podcast.

  2. I really liked the show! I'm happy with the winner too, although Ross would have been better in my opinion. Dang, Marissa has a beautiful head of hair! I think I'm going to try the regular show when it starts. However, I wondered about the dynamics. There wasn't nothing on this show that I wouldn't let my kids watch - which surprised me. Is the regular show a bit more raunchy? I was expecting it to be more like the Jersey Shore... maybe celebrities are more well behaved? And, I've actually never watch the Jersey Shore, but I saw clips of it! ha

    1. "wasn't anything on the show" ;)

    2. Marissa's hair is fake! I heard her interviewed and they said, "What's one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?" and she said all of her hair is fake, she wears clip on pieces!

      For the most part, BB is NOTHING like Jersey shore! I feel like the celebrities were a bit more mature and civil because they were "older" (yes, 30+ is OLD for BB!) and because they want to protect their careers.

      The worst I have seen on 20 seasons of Big Brother is:

      1. Swearing (happens every season but of course it is bleeped)
      2. Some under the covers hanky panky in the dark (does not happen every season. I mean, it happens but CBS doesn't always show it. When they do show it, you can't really see anything but you have an idea what is happening)
      3. Sometimes the house guests can be ugly toward each other. On season 15, there was a girl that used racial slurs. She was confronted by her housemates and Julie Chen confronted her as well. It was kind of heavy. Sometimes bullying and ostracizing happens, depending on who is on the block and what the house dynamics are. I mean, it is a social experiment.

      #2 and #3 are things that didn't happen on CBB but could possibly happen on the real show. But not often. It has the exact same "feel" as CBB. That's why I liked it so much! It felt like "real" BB. I love the silly edits and the funny music...

      Have I sold you yet?

      I am writing a "Why you should watch Big Brother FAQ" post for this coming week. Check it out.

      If you are missing big brother, you can always sign up to CBS all access and watch old seasons! It's 6.99 a month or 9.99 without commercials. So if you think you could binge a season in a month, you could just pay ten bucks and then cancel it when you're done. Paul and I do that sometimes.

      I could recommend some really good seasons to start with. It goes all the way back to 2001... isn't that crazy? That was Big Brother 2. In Fact, 9-11 happened when there were 3 houseguests left in the house and they had to call them into the diary room to tell them. One of the people still in the house had a cousin who was missing and then was eventually discovered to have died in the WCT. :(

      Recommended Seasons to watch: 5, 6, 10, 12. I recommend these seasons because there aren't a ton of twists and represent a "classic" Big Brother game. Season 8 is REALLY good too but it is twisty. Season 10 is my FAVORITE.

    3. Wow, you really know your stuff!! I will be checking out the next season :) And it figures about Marissa's hair... I have a coworker that has beautiful long blond hair and when I complimented her on it, yep, it too was clip-on's. She told me she has lupus and lost a lot of hair!