A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Friday, March 23, 2018

Friday 5 - What I wore to work this week!

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Hey all! I am linking up with Running on Happy and Fairytales and Fitness for Friday 5 2.0!

Today, I'm going to share what I wore to work this week.

I feel like I have been dressing a little frumpy at work ever since we came back from winter break. Boots, leggings, and baggy sweaters or tunics. Or a baggy dress. This week, I was determined to mix it up.


Black dress pants/leggings
Black shimmery sleeveless tank under a striped jersey blazer.
The blazer is stretchy so very comfy.

My favorite gold necklaces to layer.

I haven't worn my oxfords at all yet this year!

The usual gold bracelets.

The usual gold rings.

Gold triangle studs.


Black tank, grey leggings, white/grey cardigan.

Look at the cool detailing on the leggings.

My feet are going to be so comfy today!

Rocking my feminist jewelry!

Little silver studs.


Snow Day!
This is what I wore:


First of all, here is my awesome zebra jacket 
I got at Good Will for $5 in college!

Just a black knit long sleeve 
with light pink leggings and my black boots.
Exactly what I wasn't supposed to wear this week!

Trying to dress it up a bit with the jewelry.

Hand me down Avon rings from my mom.

I love the buckles and zipper on these boots!
Ross for $40, I believe!


I took these pictures Thursday afternoon. I was DREADING putting on my Friday outfit and taking pictures, but anything for you, dear reader!
0d me down Banana Republic!

Stud earrings, and a better shot of the pattern on my shirt.

I know these heels look HUGE but there is a platform in the front of the shoe. You can sort of tell by the shading.

Normal gold jewelry.

Okay, I'm not going to lie... I don't really like this outfit. I think the shoes look weird, but I don't have any other shoes that would look better. The pencil skirt fits me, and I think it looks nice, but it is not super comfortable. I love being comfortable at work.

So... I may not actually wear this outfit on Friday. We will see

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What's your favorite look this week?

Which one of these looks are you most likely to wear or is most similar to your style?

What kind of shoes do you think would look better with the pencil skirt?


  1. I work in an office so I love Friday's outfit! I'd wear that shirt/skirt combo in a heartbeat.I have a simple pair of black heels I wear with everything, so that's what I'd do for shoes.

    That being said... Wednesday's outfit is most representative of my style :)

    1. PS... I used to comment more often and you once asked if I had a blog but I didn't. I started a Tumblr account since then, though! It's meant to be temporary but I will probably keep it up.

    2. Sounds like black heels is the common consensus so far. Funny thing is, I don't have basic black heels! Just huge platform ones that are only good for sitting down activities. :)

  2. Well I’m no fashion guru but it all looks nice to me!

  3. I'm so jealous you didn't have school on Wednesday! We didn't get any snow here! When will you have to make it up? Over Easter break?

    Why did you say Thursdays outfit you were not suppose to wear?

    I do like Friday's outfit and hope you ended up wearing it! Although I could see where that skirt wouldn't be comfy to move about in all day. I love the top and that could look nice with some dress pants too.

    I see what you mean about those boots. Are they a brown-ish tan color? And your pencil skirt looks grey, yes? Maybe some black or grey heels would look really cute or even some Mary Janes! I have a ton of outfits that I haven't worn yet this year because I just don't have the right shoes.

    1. I don't think we will make it up over Easter as that is a little too soon to change the schedule and I believe make up days have to be board approved. I have a feeling they will not make the students make it up (we go over 180 days anyway) but will take an in-service day to the teacher's schedule at the end of the school year.

      I was not supposed to wear leggings and a tunic because I wanted to switch things up this week because I felt like boots/leggings/long shirt or dress was something I wore alllll the time.

      I did not wear Friday's outfit. I wore the boots and jewelry but that is it! I wore... leggings and a tunic LOL. But hey, I am comfy. :) The pencil skirt is actually like a cream color.

    2. Oh okay, If that pencil skirt is cream color than you are right to wear tan/brown boots. In fact since it is cream, I would not wear black or grey heels like I previously mentioned. Maybe tan or nude! Look at me giving advice..haha. You do just fine on your own my friend!

  4. Well that is a super cute Zebra jacket and what a find!!

  5. I love your Friday outfit (and those black leggings with the moto details, too). Ankle boots with skirts are hard, though, I know -- I'm so short, I think they tend to make me look shorter, so when I do that, I go for a nude bootie.

    1. It is hard. The length of the skirt is key too. I like the idea of nude boots. I actually don't have any classic heels right now! I have lots of heels but they are either boots, sandals, or like PLATFORM heels not work appropriate.

  6. The snow day outfit is more my style these days now that I'm working from home everyday! :D Just kidding, I do change from my pajamas into workout clothes to feel like I got dressed hahaha.

    I really like the Tues and Wed outfits. I also love the top on the Friday outfit. The skirt looks nice on you too, but I agree I'm not sure about the shoes. And I also agree if something isn't comfortable don't wear it. That's why I haven't worn heels in over 5 years! :D

    1. I am not sure I would get dressed if I worked from home! I would prob do what I did on my snow day- shower and put on CLEAN jammies hahaha.

      So the consensus is definitely not the boots but possibly black pumps (which I don't have.) I did wear the boots to work today but with brown leggings and a long flannel tunic. #boring.

  7. My favorite outfit was Monday, must be all the black ! My second favorite is the Friday outfit, but I would wear it with pumps.

    I am most likely to wear the outfit from Monday.

    1. I knew you would say you would be most likely to wear Monday's outfit!

  8. That's a really cute top for Friday. I hear you about pencil skirts. I only wore them for interviews, and now I don't wear them at all. They never fit my hips, and were constantly riding up and twisting.

    1. They can be very restricting, that's for sure.

  9. Friday's outfit would be something I would wear to work - but with heels. I do have to wear nylons though, and I always choose a dark color, so a skirt like that wouldn't work for me. My legs are pretty rough looking (spider veins!) and I don't feel comfortable with a nylon that you could see through. That's why I love cold weather - tights are the best!!
    Tuesday's outfit is more like what I would like to wear to work every day!

    1. I know, I am so lucky I work at an elem. school and they are not super strict about our dress code and I can wear a Tuesday outfit if I want to! I walk 4-6 miles per day at work (depending on my schedule) so I just could not wear heels every day. So then I could see you in Friday's outfit but with a black skirt, black tights, and black pumps?

  10. I'm a huge fan of the zebra coat ;-) Totally chic and classic!

  11. I didn't see you today! Love your Friday outfit!

  12. you have a pretty hands that it looks prettier in your arm, lovely