A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Monday, June 4, 2018

Weekend Wrap Up!

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Happy Monday!
I hope you had a great weekend.
Here's what we were up to...

I Iifted at Planet Fitness in the morning. I'm glad I did. It was good to be back.

This was the last day of school for students and it was only a half day. In the morning, the seniors walked the halls in their cap and gown to the music of Pomp and Circumstance. All of the staff and students from our school lined the hallways and clapped for them as they passed. Even though I didn't recognize everyone (they were so grown up!) it was still very emotional to see my former students. These students were in kindergarten my first year teaching at East Pennsboro. 

I got some end of year notes and gifts from students...

 An unlikely place to buy a gift for a teacher!
It was actually some coconut oil body lotion and it smells DIVINE! Also, there was a face mask that I will show you later in the wrap up...

If a student tells you you're the best, it must be true!

I only had two classes that day and they were well behaved for the most part. Then I went home at lunch because I had to take Paul for.... a vasectomy!

We agreed before we got married (nearly ten years ago) that neither of us wanted children. We're still on the same page so it was time to make it permanent! Paul took one for the team.

Prepared with ice packs.

While he was having the procedure, I sorted puzzled pieces in the car!

When he came out, he looked a little rough. Short story: It wasn't pleasant. It hurt worse than he thought it would but it didn't take as long as he thought it would.

Don't worry, I took care of him all weekend!

 Jelly's like, "Shiiiiiit I got that done 10 years ago!"

One thing I noticed that always sucks after a surgery or dental work is that you don't get your prescription for pain pills until after it is over. That means you have to wait around at the pharmacy for like 40 minutes until the prescription is filled. I wish the doctor's office could call in the prescription before the procedure or right after so it could be ready when the patient in pain gets to the pharmacy.

While Paul chilled on the couch post snip-snip, I cleaned out the shed. Boy did I feel accomplished when I was done!

I made us guacamole for dinner using fresh cilantro from the garden.

I posted the wrong picture and now I can't find the cilantro pic...

I slept forever and I slept well! I dreamed Hillary Clinton drove through my hometown on a float and everyone came out to cheer for her. She was holding her granddaughter, Charlotte. I yelled "Charloooooote!" and Hillary waved. (The funny thing is I don't think many people in my hometown would be happy if Hillary came!)

Then I did lots and lots of blogging. I was sort of in a blogging rut and then suddenly I got all kinds of ideas! That's how it usually goes for me.

I worked on a puzzle. Remember when I spent like $65 on a bunch of puzzles? Well I did all those several weeks ago so I went on an Amazon shopping spree and spent like $55 on more puzzles. PUZZLES BRING ME JOY, STOP JUDGING!

I was still waiting on Paul hand and foot. He spent his day on the couch watching TV, using my lap top, or napping. I got all of his food, drinks, ice, meds, etc.

At one point I went out and about. I vacuumed the car, bought some frames for pictures I want to hang, and popped into Bon Ton because they were going out of business. I bought my mom some leggings. If she doesn't like them I will keep them. (Hey Mom, I hope you like the leggings I got you!!!)

The rest of the night was spent puzzling!
Man, this is turning into a lazy weekend! I puzzled for most of the morning. Then I decided to do something productive. My goal is to do at least one productive thing every day this summer. I know it's not "officially" summer yet but it's close enough!

Today I decided to do some organizing. I cleaned out the pantry, my purse, my jewelry boxes, and a random chest we put paperwork in.

I also planted some iris bulbs in my backyard and hung some pictures. I decided to hang my college diplomas in the room I teach piano lessons in. 

Oh, I also took a random trip to Wal Mart and got a purse and some impulse jewelry purchases.

I tried the face mask one of my students got me from Victoria's secret, but it felt so gross that I took it off as soon as I snapped this picture. I look like Hannibal Lector, don't I?

Throughout the day, I finished a puzzle and started a new puzzle...

Sorry this wrap up doesn't have a ton of pictures! My phone camera is being weird...
Tell me something fun about your weekend!


  1. When I had my surgeries at the University of Miami Lennar Center they were amazing. They put my prescription in before surgery, and becayse they have a pharmacy on site, my mom was able to pick it up for me before I came out of recovery! Granted I ended up not really using the pain pills but it was nice to have them just in case and to have them before the pain would have set in like you said! Hopefully more doctors / clinics / hospitals go to this method!

    1. That's awesome you had your pills right away! Luckily, the pain didn't set in, but it's still uncomfortable to wait around right after surgery for pills. Maybe we should have asked if they could call ahead.

  2. Congrats to Paul for taking one for the team. I agree with you on the pain meds- they really should have called that in before, or at least when you were leaving so the meds would be ready or close to ready when you got to the pharmacy. I think pain meds in general are a crazy business- I have only been on them a few times but they are super hard to get and when you need them, you truly need them (and half the time doctors don't believe you and think you just want them to get high).

    I'm glad the student gave you some good lotion even if it included that crazy face mask and was in a Victoria's Secret bag! I do save those bags for gag gifting sometimes- you know, like giving my mom something in one ;).

    1. Paul got 20 Vicodin, which I thought was a lot! uh oh I already threw out the VS bag. I should have saved it!

  3. I hope Paul recovers quickly so the 2 of you can get back to your active lifestyle!

    I always feel accomplished when I clean stuff. I already started making my summer to do list each day. Even though there aren't big projects on the list ( do laundry, reorder Baylee'pills, buy pool chemicals, etc), I will feel accomplished if I get to cross them all off! Happy summer!

    1. Yeah! Having a list is just so satisfying and being productive makes us feel good.

  4. Way to go Paul on taking one for the team!! I hope his recovery is going well.

    I was going to ask... that did not look like cilantro. What is it?

    I really want to get a pair of the front back earnings! they look so cool!!

    1. I think it was a picture of my cucumbers! :) Go to Wal Mart, they have a lot of cute front/back earrings!

  5. I'm having dental work next week, and when I was in for the workup appointment in April, I got my prescriptions. I filled them that weekend because why not? Now I have everything for pre- and post-op.

    1. Good for you! So I guess it's a thing but not everyone does it.

  6. Way to go, Paul. And nice job, Megan, being such a good nurse. I looove getting productive stuff done. This weekend was full with baseball games (2) on Saturday for me (watching my nephew) and golf tournament for Rick then a family BBQ on Saturday. Sunday was bridal shower for me to attend and then another baseball game. Full weekend so the only productive items were: Rick washing my car inside and out (yay) and Rick grocery shopping (yay)...I guess I was kind of a slacker, huh? LOL.

    1. How in the world do you two have time to do all of that stuff? Are your weekdays pretty quiet and you save all of your energy for the weekends?

    2. I love to play on the weekends! Yes, my weekdays are pretty much workout and work and repeat (we also try to get grocery shopping done so we don't have to do it on the weekend but we needed an emergency trip this past Sunday)

  7. Congrats on the end of your school year, and happy summer!! Sounds like you're off to a productive start!

  8. Yay for the end of the school year. It's nice to get cards and gifts, isn't it?

    Love the last puzzle that you finished.

    1. Thanks! It was challenging but I loved it. (The school year and the puzzle HAHAHA)