A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Thursday, June 14, 2018

A New Section of the AT

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On Monday, Paul and I went for our first hike of the summer! We headed North to Swatara State Park.

But first, we stopped at our favorite breakfast spot- Funcks! 

Funcks is right near Fort Indian Town Gap, so we got to see some cool military vehicles on our way to the trail head.

First we did an out and back South totaling 1.5 miles. I ran this section several weeks ago and wanted Paul to see it. It was much more lush and grown since I had been there. 

We passed about 6 thru hikers on this short little section. How did we know they were thru hikers?

1. They told us.
2. They had big packs.
3. They SMELLED like thru hikers.

When we got to a field we tall grass, we decided to turn around. I wasn't in the mood to step on any snakes...

We walked back to the car, ditched our sweatshirts (it was warming up!) and headed North. This section was totally new to me! Paul said he liked doing a new section with me. When we do a section I already did, it's like we're watching a season of Survivor where I already know the winner, whereas when we hike a new section, it's like we have a new Survivor season where neither of us are spoiled!

How is this tree red? I rubbed it and nothing came off...

There was a rhododendron tunnel...

Everything was so GREEN! There were ferns everywhere. There is nothing like PA AT GREEN! 

Eventually, we crossed Route 72 and then traveled across a bridge that went over a roaring creek.

At that point, we decided to turn around and retrace our steps back to the car. We got about 5 miles total for the day. We were even a little hungry, even after that big breakfast!

I love hiking with Paul and I am so thankful we have the time to do it as well as access to beautiful trails!
If you could hike anywhere, where would you hike?
What's your favorite think to order when you go out for breakfast?


  1. That's funny that you compare your hikes to an episode of survivor. I don't know if I actually have a favorite place to hike. I just like exploring new places in General.

  2. Breakfast foods are truly the best foods on this planet. Even though I eat pretty much the same thing for breakfast every single day it's still the meal I look forward to most!

    That's so nice that you get to go hiking together on a Monday during summer. Do you have to worry about mosquito bites when you go, or are they not bothersome if you go when the weather is cooler in the mornings?

    1. Omg my blog ate my own comment! As for mosquitoes, normally we get bit a lot and wear big spray but for some reason we didn't wear it today and were fine. I normally get bit a lot in our backyard. Yesterday morning I was picking mulberries or the kids and my legs got bit a ton. Anything for the nieces and nephews...

      I love breakfast too. I told myself I wouldn't order dippy eggs because I eat them a lot at home (especially in the summer.) But I ended up getting them anyway. But they came with bacon, sausage, and home fries so that was different from what I ate at home! Paul even let me have half a piece of french toast. I totally shit in the woods later. I had to after all that!

  3. What a beautiful place to hike. You are so lucky to have access to the AT!

    I did a double take at the name of that restaurant! LOL!

    1. lol I know silly name!

      I agree, very lucky to have lots of AT access.

  4. That looks like a fun hike.

    We have to drive a little, but as you know, there are nice hiking trails in NorCal :)

    My favorite breakfast food is usually granola with yogurt and fruit (I usually try it everywhere) - or some good old fashioned fried potatoes with eggs over easy.

    1. Oh the hiking trails in NoCal are sooooo ugly. JK. Freaking love it there.