A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Summer To Do List

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Hey all! I taught my last class of the school year on Friday. Even though I have two in-service days next week, I woke up on Saturday morning feeling like it was SUMMER!

That means it's time to share my Summer "to do list" and my summer "bucket list".

My "to do list" and my "bucket list" are quite different. The "to do list" is filled with things like chores, that aren't necessarily fun but need to get done. The "bucket list" is the fun stuff! 

More on the fun stuff tomorrow. Here is my SUMMER TO DO LIST!

1. Wax my eyebrows and lip. Guys, I haven't done this since the fall. I am so ashamed! (And hairy. Very hairy.)

2. Go to Ulta and have them to my make up so I know what to buy. I want to buy better make up but wear it less.

3. Get passports. So far I am gathering the documents and printing the paperwork. Paul and I shook hands and promised we'd travel overseas before be need to renew our passports. That means that if we keep our promise, I will go to Europe by the time i'm 45.

4. Deep clean the house. I did this about two years ago. Our house isn't big but it does take time.

5. Organize the back room. I've organized our storage room before. It's the part of our basement that isn't finished. The problem is, it doesn't take long for the back room to become a mess again.

6. Get rid of the dead bushes and trim our other bushes. This is Paul's job, he just doesn't know it yet.

7. Figure out how to cut the cable cord. Something else that is Paul's job.

8. Clean the inside of my car. OMG I DID THIS YESTERDAY! ARE YOU PROUD OF ME!?

9. Make a compost pile and a rain barrel.
What's on your summer to do list ?

Do you have a compost pile or rain barrel?

Have you cut cable yet? How can we do it but ensure Paul can watch his sports?

Is there anything I am missing that you think I should do this summer?


  1. Sports are the only reason we haven't cut the cord. We could go out to a bar to watch the games but that would mean we would spend more during football season.

    Depending on what Paul likes to watch you could get some sort of package with just major networks? That way he could see any game on ABC/CBS/NBC/FOX?

    I personally think you should go to a beach at least once this summer and also go out for ice cream with Paul... you need to add those to your list!

    1. That's funny, I had a dream about the beach last night! We are going to Cape Cod and our bed and breakfast overlooks the beach, so we will get to see it there. We have never been to Cape Cod before. I'm very excited! Good idea on the ice cream too. :)

      So Paul lives a VERY cush life when it comes to sports. His #1 love is football and we get the Red Zone channel + DVR which is his favorite way to watch football- every single game highlight as well as zero commercials thanks to the DVR. That's for Sundays of course, then on Mon and Thurs night he will watch whatever major network the game is on. The other sport he watches is basketball and I guess that is just on the major channels. I wonder if you can get the Red Zone without cable?

    2. Okay so I just noticed that you will post on your bucket list so yeah, add the ice cream and beach on that one.

      I have not heard of the Red Zone channel! Honestly the only sport we watch is football but we are pretty die hard with that. I know ESPN has an app and I believe a pay-for service that is kinda like Netflix or Hulu? We are not ones to DVR football games because we would see the score and that would spoil it.

      Honestly I watch more TV on the machines at the gym than anywhere else. The only thing we really watch here at the house is Bob's Burgers haha.

    3. lol I never heard of Bob's Burgers!

      Paul takes DVRing very seriously and "goes dark" so he doesn't see the score. I mean, it has been accidentally spoiled before, but not too often. He's more one to delay watching the game for like an hour so that he misses commercials. Sometimes he will save it for the next morning if he's going to bed early but then he has to watch it right away.

  2. I love summer to do lists! They make you feel so accomplished don't they?

    I think you could get Direct tv or Dish because they offer the sports package but the NFL Sunday ticket is always an extra cost. We got rid of Direct tv year ago and have cable. We get So many channels that we don't need. If I lived by myself I'd probably get rid of it too!

    1. They DO make me feel accomplished and I barely even did anything yet. Just having it on paper feels good.

      I know we get sooooooo many channels! And I watch stuff just to watch it but I don't need to. Yes, I like The View, but I don't need to watch it. I like Jake Tapper and Anderson Cooper on CNN but they have podcasts of the shows. Morning Joe has a podcast too. I really don't need tv...

  3. I have a ton of stuff on my list. Potty train the toddler and get the baby to sleep through the night are my top 2. Clean out my car was on my list and I did that today, too! I am ashamed to say I had a cupcake container in there with 2 cupcakes in it from my birthday....in March! I am gross.

    1. LOL that is so funny you had cupcakes in there for so long! You're not gross. I drive around with Good Will shit in my trunk for MONTHS. Good luck potty training the toddler and getting the little guy to sleep!

  4. We did cut the cord a few years back, but my husband isn't really into sports so we didn't need that.

    Clean the inside of my car? Or what I refer to now as the furmobile? I think you get the idea.

    We've spent the last couple of weekends gardening/landscaping. Hopefully it all survives, but with all this rain lately, it should!

    1. That's good you got some rain for your garden and grass! Cat hair gets in my car but I don't even know how!

  5. Getting passports is exciting!! Try to do them at the Protonotary Office, you don't have to schedule an appointment there, you can go at any time during their business hours. Mine just arrived a couple of weeks ago!

    Way to go on cleaning your car!! that's one done!

    Good luck cutting the cable! I lived without cable for 3 years, and I wish I didn't have it now. But I don't watch much tv. why do you want to cut it?

    1. I never even heard of the Protonotary Office but I will google that at work today! Congrats on getting your passport. :)

      Cutting cable would be so easy if it weren't for Paul's sports...

  6. Looks like you have some projects lined up, but I think summer break is a good time to tackle them.

    I hope you'll share the Ulta experience and makeup recommendations!