A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Home Improvements! (Need your help.)

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It's summer, which means 'tis the season to pay attention to our lovely home. 

While our home is always tidy and free of clutter, it does get dirty with cat hair and litter bits the cats drag out of the box. It's not as gross as it sounds.

Paul and I clean our whole house about every two weeks but I don't do a DEEP clean until summer rolls around. When I deep clean, I get rid of things we don't need and I scrub every nook and cranny. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers (well, the generic version!) are my friend in the month of June.

This year, I started making a list of things that need fixed, replaced, or touched up throughout our house. Each time I deep cleaned a room, I added things to the list that I noticed could use some TLC.

A couple things I have already tackled...

1. Replacing our toilet seat! Picking one out at Lowe's made me feel old as shit. It did not come with instructions but I got 'er done.

2. Fixing our curtain rods and adding curtains to our music room and sun room. We had curtains a couple years ago. Then Chrissy peed on them.

3. Touching up the black paint that has chipped off of our decorative railing. This was so easy to do, why didn't I do it sooner? Also, now I have a ton of extra black paint. Anyone need black paint!?

4. Scraping purple nail polish off our bathroom towel rack. (I can't tell you how long that was there!) But I feel good that it's gone.

5. Fixing a kitchen cupboard knob. Paul bought some screws for $1 and fixed it in 20 seconds. Why did we go so long without the knob in the first place!?

There is still more to do. 

Our bathroom mirror is not only broke but it has hair dye stained on it. I'm going to have my friend's husband cut me a new mirror. First, I have to get this mirror off the medicine cabinet door. That should be interesting....

Another thing in our house that has been bothering me is two of the air vents in our music room. Chrissy peed in the corner once and while we were spraying the cleaner, it got the vents wet and therefore they rusted and look like shit. I wasn't able to find replacement vents that fit, but I did find a lady who blogged about spray painting her's, so that is what I'm going to do!

One more big thing that would make the house look fresh is to touch up the white paint on some of our doors. I got some paint at Lowe's and touched up a bunch of nicks.

Ooh, one other thing. I need your advice. There are spots in our house where the paint has peeled off for whatever reasons.

Spot #1: Paul adhered an air freshener to the wall on top of the litter box and when it fell, it ripped the paint off.

Spot #2: Chrissy scratched the wall and the white paint from under the bright orange is showing through.

Spot #3: Don't ask me how this happened in our bathroom but it did.

How do we get the exact paint color to cover all this up? Is it even possible to do? It looks like the bathroom has peeled several layers of paint... Do we have to paint our whole bathroom!? Actually now that I took a picture of it I think it's water damaged as well!

Any painting tips you could share with me!?
How often do you clean and deep clean your house?
Any projects on your to do list? Or brag about some tackled projects!


  1. Oh I love this post! I will be sending you pics of what you inspired me to do yesterday!

    As far as the paint goes, if it is chipping off. You can take a piece of it, like at least the size of a dime you Coles hardware, maybe Lowes too and they will match the color. You then only have to buy a sample for touch ups! I'll have to do that in my dinning room because I once had a dog gate the tore dome paint off.

    1. ^ Seconding that paint match tip. I have done that at Home Depot and the color watch was spot on!

      We started tearing apart our guest bathroom and bought all the paint etc. MONTHS ago now and haven't done anything. Every time our cleaning lady comes she asks, "this bathroom is still under construction right?" It's embarrassing but not embarrassing enough for us to do anything about it. What's even more embarrassing is that I think we're both just waiting for Adam's mom to visit in August to finish it. She is so handy and loves to do home renovation projects. She does them for fun for all of her friends, and said she wants to help us with as many things as she can when she's here. that's no excuse for us being so lazy about the bathroom but here we are ;)

    2. Is this the bathroom you asked our paint opinion on? What color did you decide one?

      Meranda: Thank you for that tip!!!

  2. My parents have taken samples of the color to Home Depot and it's amazing how well they can match it. When they re-did their bathroom in Massachusetts, the medicine cabinet was a must to go since it was so dated. They had to replace the whole thing since they didn't see how to take off just the mirror.

    1. Oh man I hope I can figure out the mirror thing. I really don't feel like replacing the whole cabinet! I don't think I could install that!

  3. Too funny about your cabinet knob. There are many projects that we do which take such little time and we always say "why haven't we done this sooner??" It always feels great to get all of the little tasks done. Summer is when the inside of my house falls into disrepair because of everyone being home!

    1. We are opposites! Summer is my time where I get shit taken care of!