A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Weekly Workout Recap!

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Hey hey hey! I hope you are having a good weekend!
Here is what I was up to on the workout stuff...

My first workout with my new weights!


4 neighborhood miles. I had to take two a/c breaks in which I stopped my Garmin.

A scorching hot DoC workout I wrote about here!

Paul and I had a fishing/running date. I ran on paved trail and dirt trail.
It was VERY hot and my Garmin died halfway through.
My pace was slow for me... around a 9 minute mile. I ran 4 miles and walked 1 mile.
Here are some scenes from my run...

Back and Legs @ Home with my big girl weights!
(Big girl weights for back, minimal loads for legs!)

My knee did NOT like the lunges. I do not think I will be doing lunges again anytime soon... my knee felt very weak during and after.

5 miles @ 8:13 pace on the rail trail.

Chest @ home... in my PJs...

Whatever. It was just that kind of day!

Chest @ Home

Warm Up- rotator cuff, shoulder press, chest press (light weights)

Chest Press- 3x8x30lb, 2x10x25lb
Stability Ball Pass- 4x8

Push Ups- 80 total (in random sets)
Bird Dog- 3x10
Cat Camel- 3x5

Shoulder Press- 5x10x20lb
Medicine Ball Sit Ups- 4x15x8lb

Tricep Dips- 4x15
Lateral Raises- 4x5x8lb

Planks- 4x60sec

All in all, it was a good week for me! Except for the lunges...

Do you LUNGE?
Do you workout in your PJs?


  1. Way to go! What a great week in workouts. I don't do lunges right now. If I get cleared by PT to start doing them, then maybe I will--but truth be told, I don't really like them.

    1. Is it because of the hamstring issue?

      I never really minded them. I like bulgarian split squats which remind me of like a lunge and a squat put together. I'll call it a Squnge. :)

  2. Yes, it's more than just a hamstring issue w/ me. Since my glutes like to be lazy my lower back and hamstrings totally take over for every movement. I also get out of alignment (not as much now as last summer) so we work on keeping me in alignment and then strengthening the glutes and teaching them to fire when they need to. Right now if I did a lunge, I am confident something that wasn't supposed to do all the work would jump in and then only make my problems worse. I lift for upper body 3x per week and then I do my lower body PT exercises on the other days. I don't miss lunges but I miss squats!

  3. Very nice week! It must have felt great to incorporate lower body and running into your schedule without having to worry! :) :) :) x a million!

  4. Looks like a good week! Did you catch any fish?

    1. Unfortunately Paul has not caught any fish yet... but he assures me he is still having fun. I am really hoping he gets something soon because I don't want him to get discouraged!