A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Fishing/Reading Date

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Paul and I go on a lot of dates. You can do that when you have cats, not kids.

Sometimes we go on a date to Wal Mart.

Sometimes we go on a date to the library.

Sometimes we go on disc golf/running dates.

We recently started doing fishing/running dates.

A few days ago, we had a fishing/reading date.

I had already done my workout. I managed to get up well before my piano lessons and bang out 5 miles (thanks to an awesome pod cast). I was stretched, rolled, and full of coffee and generic raisin brand before my first student walked in the door.

Two hours later, I was done teaching and had the rest of the day to do what I wanted. It's a rough life for a teacher in the summer who has cats, not kids.

Paul decided he wanted to go fishing. Sometimes I just drop him off at the creek nearby, but today I decided to bring a lawn chair and a book to read. He was down with the idea. It was a great way to spend time together doing what we each individually liked.

We parked on Sheepford Road at the Yellow Breeches Park. I don't know where the park is because all I saw was grass. We walked back a short trail along the creek. Paul led the way. I stepped carefully, not wanting to step on/see any/think about snakes.

There was a clearing with two crappy picnic tables, a makeshift fire pit, and empty beer cans strewn about. This was the romantic setting for our fishing/reading date. I sat up my chair and started rummaging through the bad 'o fun I brought along. (Pens, paper, books, camera, Garmin... all kinds of things to entertain me for who knows how long!) Paul got his fishing rod ready (I am sure there is a term for that) and stepped down to the creek.

Then we heard it. The sound of an animal crying. It sort of sounded like a bird, but we weren't sure.

"What was that?" I asked.

"A bird, I think," Paul replied.

We heard it again and I mimicked the sound.

Then I looked across the creek- it was quite wide, deep, and flowing fast. I have really bad vision when it comes to things far away, but I thought I saw something moving on a log in the water that was right next to the bank on the other side of the creek.

"Look over there. What's that?" I pointed.

Paul studied it. "Wow, it kind of looks like a chipmunk, but bigger," he said. A few seconds later, "Oh no, it's a deer!"

It was a deer. A little baby deer stuck in the water making that now horrible sound! He was struggling to keep his head above without getting swept downstream. Luckily the log was sort of helping him stay in one place. He was trying to get his front feet up on the embankment, but he couldn't because not only was it really steep, but it was really slippy and muddy. The little guy was struggling for sure. And every once in awhile, he would make that horrible crying sound.

"What do we do!?" I asked, panicked. I love animals and I couldn't stand to see the little guy in peril. "Should I swim across and help him up?" I asked Paul.

"No, no. He could kick you or bite you or kill you," Paul said.

"Well we can't stay here," I said getting up and putting my things away. "I can't sit here and watch this."

"Oh, believe me, I don't want to stay here either!" Paul said.

We were out of there pretty quickly. Back at the car, I wondered if there was someone I could call. The township? Fish and game commission? An animal search and rescue operation? There had to be someone who could help.

I knew what to do. I texted my friend, Tammy. Tammy's husband, Jeff, (who's number I didn't have), was a conservation officer. I knew he would have the answers. I have run with him a lot in the past, and he was our running group's resident expert on nature and wildlife. He was the person who would answer my question, "Will there be snakes out today?" upon embarking on a trail run.

Tammy gave me Jeff's number, and luckily, he picked up the phone. I quickly explained the situation and he assured me that the deer's momma was probably nearby and would help the little guy as soon as we left. The mom was most likely scared to come help because Paul and I were around. So the best thing to do was to just leave and let the mom take care of things. He said deer are very adaptable.


Hearts still racing, Paul and I drove to a different fishing spot down the road. We needed to relax. We talked a little more about the little deer, but decided to put the topic to rest, and that the momma deer had surely rescued it and they were frolicking in a meadow right now.

All set up at our new location, we were just settling in when I heard it-


Paul's feet had slipped right out from under him in the slick mud (picture a cartoon character slipping on a banana peel) and he fell right on his ass.

"I'm okay!" he assured me. His whole left side was covered in mud. I of course jumped up to make sure he wasn't hurt, only embarrassed.

Then we laughed. Hard. What else was this day going to throw at us!?

Luckily, nothing. He fished (although left side now covered in mud) and I read Amy Poehler's book (loving it so far) for the next two hours.

 Paul's good side.

Doesn't she look fabulous!?

"You having fun, babe?" he'd ask me every once in awhile.

"Yeah! Are you?"

"Abolutely!" he assured me.

I love our boring life!


  1. Wow--what an adventure! I am sure all worked out w/ the deer but that would have been really hard to see and not do something.

    I don't think you have a boring life at all. I think it's awesome. Time together to just be is such a gift. I feel that way about Rick and I. I always say "I love our simple little life". Just us and Macy (our dog). Perfect.

    1. I am glad you love your simple life. :) I think a sign that you are really happy and love a person is that you can do the simplest things together and still be happy and have fun.

  2. Even though you call this a boring life, I really enjoyed this post! If feel sort of like a TV show and I was super worried about the deer! I was also really worried when you said you hurt an animal crying because I hate that sound. I saw some sort of big animal run into the woods this morning on my Trailrun and it terrified me to my very soul! I ran out of there as quickly as possible and scurried home.

    1. Oh my gosh! What kind of big animals are up there that are dangerous? Around here, it is bears and of course snakes. The only poisonous snakes people I know have seen are rattlesnakes. I ave never seen one except at the zoo!

  3. OK, your dates sound a lot like the dates we have because of kids. Yesterday my husband and I went to the grocery store together. It honestly felt like we were Christmas shopping because our only goal was to get ice cream, and we were picking flavors for everyone. When we got to the counter, I jokingly said to the cashier, "don't judge us by our purchases"--5 different kinds of ice cream and hot fudge. It is often the simplest things that make the most impact. It reminds me of when we were at my parents house this week (LOTS OF PEOPLE/kids). We adults did A LOT of running around "touristy" things to keep the kids busy and out of the house. At dinner the last day, I asked the kids what was their favorite thing that they did--when we took a walk all together after dinner the second day...
    I am glad the deer is OK--(that is what I am choosing to believe). That would have been scary and awful!

    1. I am choosing to believe that as well!

      That is awesome that your kids enjoyed the walk with everyone the most. I think when people can enjoy and appreciate the simple moments in life is when you know you are truly content and happy!

  4. I hope the deer got out okay! I'm glad you knew someone who could help (or at least give you answers). I also could not have just sat there while that happened. It sounds like craziness and adventure seem to follow you two wherever you go!

    I actually came here today to tell you that I went swimsuit shopping at Target today and I'm pretty sure I got the same one you got a couple months ago :-) No shame copy cat!

    1. Nice! It is a great swimsuit, I bet you look fabulous in it!

  5. I like it too. :) Sometimes physical activity gives him symptoms so we are just being really careful.

    I did not see her dark hair but I bet it looks great!

  6. The poor little fawn :( Matt and I went on a rescue mission to rescue a baby bird that was knocked out of its nest in one of our big storms this week. When Matt got a hand on it, though, it hopped away REALLY fast and its mommy bird flew down and led it into a bush, so at least we know it was with its parents! I hope it was okay, though, because with the storms we've been having, a low nest could easily be swept away or totally flooded.

    1. Oh my gosh you were the little birdie's hero! It is comforting to know the mom was there. I am sure they are okay.