A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Just Another Running Survey!

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Lisa @ Running Out of Wine posted this Running Survey a few days ago, so I decided to jump on the bandwagon! That way, even though I am not running a lot, I can still talk about running!

JuSt AnOtHeR RuNnInG SuRvEy!

1. Would you rather run along a beach or a mountain trail? Since running in the sand is hard and running on the boardwalk is impossible because there are so many people (I don't understand why people do it!), I would much prefer a trail run.

2. If you could choose the flavor of Gatorade for your next race's aid station, what would it be? I don't care at all about Gatorade flavors so it would not matter to me! The only time I drink Gatorade is during races.

3. If I gave you a $100 gift card to a running store, what would you buy? Can I request that the gift card is for runningwarehouse.com? Then I could buy two pairs of running shoes with the gift card instead of one pair!

4. Do you prefer to follow a training plan or wake up and decide how far and how fast to run? When I am training for a specific race, I like to plan things out so I ensure time in my schedule to lift. But when I am not training for anything, I go with the flow. I don't race a lot, so it's generally go with the flow for me!

5. Would you rather start your run with an uphill and end with a downhill or vice versa? I would rather end with an uphill because I'd be thoroughly warmed up and I would know the end is near!

6. When you can't run, what kind of cross training do you choose to do? Obviously it depends on the reason I cant run, because many times the cross training activities I enjoy also aggravate my injuries! So I will just tell you the cardiovascular things I do instead of running: biking, hiking, walking, Zumba, Arc Trainer, HIIT.

7. What's your preference- out and back, point to point, or loop runs? LOOP RUNS!

8 If you could recommend ANY running related item to a new runner, what would it be? Quality running shoes.

9. Do you ever see wild animals while on your runs? In Pennsylvania, you see a lot of deer. One day I saw 18 deer, and one day I saw a beautiful buck on the top of a hill. All I could see was it's shadow because the sun was rising behind him!, and I saw a fox that lives in my neighborhood. Then of course, I have seen a handful of snakes.

10. Ever gotten lost while out on a run? I have gotten lost on the road and on the trail, but never to the point where I was lost for a long time or I was in danger.

11. If you could have one meal ready and waiting for you when you get back from a run for the next 30 days, what would it be? Oh my I have no clue. I prefer cereal after a run but that is no fun!

12. Capris or shorts... what do you run in most often? I never run in capris! So pants mostly, but shorts if it is like 45 degrees or higher. I am known to wear shorts with a long sleeve shirt and gloves. My legs are ready for the elements before my dainty little arms and hands!

13. At what mile during your run does your body feel likes it's warmed up and ready to go? By mile 1-2 I am feeling pretty good.

14. What do you put your key in when you run? I either tie it to my shoelace or I wear a pack around my waist and I put it there.

15. If you could relive any race in the past, which one would it be? Harrisburg Marathon, 2012. It was my PR and second BQ. I was really prepared for the race and it was one of the best days of my life!

16. What type of run is your least favorite type of run? Speed work because I never feel confident and usually feel anxious before I do it.

17. What has been your biggest motivation lately to go outside and get your run on? I actually haven't felt motivated lately.

18. When you go for a run do you leave right from your front door or do you drive somewhere? 90% of the time it's my front door.

19. When running in daytime, are sunglasses a must or annoyance? A MUST!

20. When you get tired, what keeps you from quitting? Quitting is just not an option. I can't think of a time I cut a run short because I was "tired". I've cut it short due to other things- pain, injury, weather, whatever... But not because I was "tired".
Your turn! Answer some of the questions in the comments below or fill out the survey yourself and post it on your blog! I would love to read your answers!


  1. I love these surveys! I like to learn more about people's preferences. I will just say NO to Gatorade of any kind. Can't do it. I also prefer to run a loop and almost always wear shorts (even as it gets cooler in the fall). I generally leave from my front door which gets a bit boring but I make it work!! I bike, swim, walk and lift when I am not running. Sadly not a lot of yoga lately per my PT team.

    1. The front door thing DOES get boring! Why doesn't your PT team want you to do yoga? Hammys?

    2. Yes, hammys and the fact that I am using my lower back to take me through most of my movements (that is why for now I can't do a lot of core work--for me it's just back work and we are trying to retrain my body not to use my back and hammys for movements my core and butt need to be doing).

  2. Loved reading your answers! That would be smart to request a gift card for running warehouse- I love getting my shoes from there!

  3. Agree with trail runs, beach is great but the I love the secluded feel of trails. I do not look forward to speed work but when I'm done I love it, very strange relationship lol

    1. Yes, I never regret a speed workout but oh they seem so daunting!

  4. This was interesting, we are opposites in so many ways - I love and look forward to speed work, capris are AWESOME, and I can't believe you'd rather end a race on an uphill. Yuck! Hahaha. I'm totally with you re: trails, and leaving right from the front door though

    1. Well I'd rather have the hill in the middle but they didn't give me that option! :)

  5. I HATE running in capris too! Uuugh Shorts all the way!! I don't care about Gatorade at all either, and I have to have sunglasses when I run!

  6. I am glad you like running warehouse! I just got three pairs of shoes from RH this morning! They were so cheap, I had to. That's what you do when you get the go ahead to do whatever you want from a doctor. You go out and buy 3 pairs of running shoes!!!