A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Weekly Workout Recap!

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Not much running and lots of lifting is what happened this week!

Chest/shoulders/core at Planet Fitness. Paul went with me!
It was our first Planet Fitness date in a couple years!

Oh, I also threw an 8lb medicine ball at the trampoline and caught it 100 times!


My hip was a little right after and my knee felt fine. I wore my brace.

Back at Planet Fitness. 

5 neighborhood miles. 5 miles is tough for me these days! The only way I got through it is by mental tricks (only 3 miles, okay 4, okay 5) and an awesome pod cast.

Chest at home while watching Big Brother highlights on Youtube. It is the perfect thing to "watch" while you lift because you don't really even need to watch- just listen.

The lateral raises are always really hard because I save them to the end. I also challenged myself with the 25lb shoulder press. Sometimes I get lazy and only do 15-20lb. When I go 25lb, I have to really engage my whole body- core and glutes especially- to get those suckers up!

Picmonkey has been pissing me off... hence the photographs of me simply writing out my workout.

My adventure on the arc trainer, which you can read about here.
And core, stretching, and medicine ball throws.

Back day! I love back day. But I hate Picmonkey, so I have to type out my workout...

Pull Ups (overhand)- 1x4
Asst. Pull Ups (overhand)- 3x10
Inverted Rows- 3x10
Lat Pull Down- 3x10x80lb
Cable Row- 1x15x50lb
Asst. Pull Ups (neutral)- 4x10
Bicep Curls- 2x15
Cat Camel- 3x10
Bird Dog- 3x10
Bicycle Crunches- 4x40
Stretching/Rolling- LOTS!
Tell me about your best workout this week!


  1. I so wish we could lift together! I've been running and cycling but totally slacking on my swimming! Ugh. Must get back on track this week!!

    1. I am sure it is a pain going to the gym to swim- running and biking is so much easier!

      Yes, if we lifted together I have a feeling you would teach me way cooler things to do with the TRX cables at the gym besides inverted rows!

    2. Exactly! I just don't want to be indoors but I also don't want to lose my swimming fitness so I am really trying to get back to it!

      P.S. we were at a BBQ yesterday and someone commented on my muscles! Ummmm, that never used to happen. I love weight training!

  2. I love how organized you are at recording your workouts. I just reactivated my gym membership so I'm hoping to get some good strength training in again this summer. :)

    1. The only reason is so I have something to blog about!

      Summer is a great time for teachers to spend more time at the gym! :)

  3. I agree 25lb is hard! And I never do shoulder press first. I do them after chest press, and push ups, so my shoulders are already a little tired from those. I don't see 30lbs ever in my future for shoulder press, but who knows, maybe someday!

    No, I do not do tricep dips with a hanging bar. I always feel like my tris are going to tear! I put my hands on our bay window sill and I put my feet on the edge of the couch and I do them that way. :) I am not lifting my entire body weight when I do dips.