A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Friday, July 10, 2015

A Day In My Life

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This "Day in My Life" will definitely look different from a day during the school year. Late Aug-Early June, I am going 100 miles per hour! But for 8 glorious weeks in the summer, most of my time is mine! I am definitely thankful for it, and it makes all those long days during the school year worth it! Anyway, here is what I was up to  on Thursday!

8:51 am - I woke up due to a work related text message. I was so annoyed. (Before you judge me for sleeping in so late, I have to mention that I was on my second night in a row of being unable to fall asleep until after 2:000 am!) Since the text had me wide awake, I poured my coffee and got dressed for my one and only piano lesson of the day.

Coffee makes mornings better- even in the summer.

Good morning baby boys!

Where the magic happens.

9:30 am - After the piano lesson, I changed right back into my PJs. Then I played through a couple pieces I have been thinking about having some of my advanced students play.

10:00 am - I moved the coffee party to the couch and did my normal morning routine, which includes a lot of "fiddling". "Fiddling" is what Paul and I call anything done on the computer that is not work related. So like right now, as I type this blog post, that is technically considered "fiddling".

11:30 am - Breakfast. The Aldi version of Multi Grain Cheerios. I like them because they are sweeter than regular Crispy Oats.

Noon - Surprisingly, I was actually motivated to run! I did 4 miles of run/walk intervals (mostly running) and felt great. I wanted to push further but I made myself stop. Logically, I knew if I stopped while I was ahead, I may be pain free the rest of the day and even be able to run tomorrow. My heart wanted to keep going but I listened to my BRAIN.

Before I left for my run, I reached out to pet Christmas and he swatted me!
Freaking cat is trying to kill me!

1:00 pm - Stretching, rolling, and showering!

1:30 pm - LUNCH! Half a turkey and cheese sandwich, Greek yogurt with currants, and lots of water. I was a little dehydrated from my run.

I can't make food without Christmas being all up in my business.
Yes, he is grabbing that piece of bread!

1:50 pm - Computer stuff. Blogging, editing pictures, Facebook, watching crime shows on Youtube, researching tornadoes (our county had a tornado watch for basically the whole day)... This was turning into being a lazy day and I was fine with it!

3:00 pm - 3 Twizzlers... because I like Twizzlers! Then more computer.

5:16 pm - Oh my gosh still sitting on the couch... Minesweeper and Big Brother. All this sitting on the couch is making me hungry!

Crackers and cheese. My favorite munchies!

6:00 pm - More piano practicing... and then my friend Bree stopped by to give me a mint plant! We took this silly picture.

Oh, she also brought me cat stickers!

Now, do I keep these for myself, or do I give them to piano students?

7:30 pm - Margarita Time! No salt. I'm over it right now.

8:30 pm - Dinner and JEOPARDY with Paul! I was starving.

Chicken salad. Chrissy was jeeeealouse.


9:20 pm -Dessert while we watched Big Brother. I cried when Mama Day got evicted! I cry at everything. I even cried during Jeopardy tonight. The one contestant told a touching story.

That is a cut up ice cream sandwich in a cone with a scoop of peanut butter s'mores ice cream on top! I think I need to patent that!

10:30 pm - Bedtime! Well, reading in bed time! I am reading a great book my dad gave me called How We Got To Now: Six Innovations That Made the Modern World. I hope to get some good sleep tonight. I really need it!

Goodnight, Chrissy!

Goodnight, Jelly! (Don't you want to eat him?? He's so cute!)

That was my day! I know, I barely did anything. This weekend is going to be busy so I have to make the most of lounging when I can!

How often do you "fiddle" on your computer?
Do you wear your pajamas at home?


  1. Sounds like an awesome day to me! I am so glad the runs are going well. This is super great news for you!! YAY. I fiddle on my computer probably 3 hours per day. In the morning while I have breakfast and do SOME work and then again in the evening while we watch our shows and hang out. I don't put my PJs on til the very end of the day. I work from home most days so it just works better for me to wear "regular" (meaning cute workout or yoga clothes) during that time and wait for end of the day for PJs. Happy Friday. Have a GREAT day.

    1. I was thinking I should get some cute pj/yoga type clothes. Then Paul doesn't have to see me in reindeer pjs all day haha!

    2. I have workout clothes that I workout in (older, not as cute, don't mind sweating in) and then I have my "work" workout clothes that I never workout in. And then I have my "work" work clothes for when I go in the office but it's so casual that I normally wear jeans. I think I might not make it if I had to dress up for my job in any way....

  2. I try to keep my "fiddlding" to a minimum because I find that I have too much "real" work on the computer to be doing. Although I admit on Sunday I spent WAY too much time on Pinterest when I should have been working on my Magazine article!
    We had a tornado warning all day too and nothing happened.
    Those cat stickers are stinkin cute!

    1. I'm not on Pinterest but I totally understand how it can sidetrack you! Message boards side track me- mainly big brother ones. Even while researching tornadoes I got sucked down the rabbit hole. First I was checking local weather, then learning the differences between an F1 and F5, then I was reading articles about what factors contributed to the death toll in Joplin to be so high!

  3. I probably fiddle for 1.5 hours--way too long. I like to change into my pjs but I make myself wait until 8pm. There is something about pj pants, I wish I could find some in linen, then I would be in them ALL day!
    I love lazy days. I took the girls to see Shrek the Musical last night--SO FUN!

    1. I love musicals! I have never seen Shrek but I am sure your girls loved it. :)

  4. I usually fiddle on the computer at night while we watch TV. I love being in my pajamas whenever I am at home! Actually I wish I could just wear them all the time...

    1. Haha me too! Actually I see people at PLanet Fitness in their PJs. They are livin' the dream.

  5. Now that is a fabulous day. So,glad your run went well, I assume you were pain free the remainder of the day??

    1. Hip was pretty good and knee was "normal", which doesn't mean it was great but more like it wasn't on my mind. :)

  6. I love Day in the Life posts and I'm really glad I saved this one to read tonight because I had quite a sloth like day. I got in a 6 mile run but other than that I literally just fiddled on the computer and sat on the couch thinking of all the things I should be doing! I made a list... and tomorrow I know I will be mad that I didn't do half of the things on the list today.

    Your poor wrist! I have a matching scratch on my thigh from when Cecil tried to climb up my leg to give me a hug. (Or at least that is what I am telling myself he was doing).

    1. I am glad you had a sloth like day because you are super busy and really needed it! :)

  7. I love that our days are very similar in the summertime. Except for the fact that I do not teach piano so I guess I do an extra hour of fiddling, my fiddling is on my phone usually because my computer sucks. What crime shows do you watch on YouTube?

    1. My computer is not very fast either. :(

      I like to watch Crime Time, and then what I also do is just search whatever crime I am reading about at the moment and there is usually always a 48 hours or Dateline episode about it- something like that.