A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Monday, September 30, 2013

SUPER SIZED Weekend Wrap Up!

Happy Monday! Is there such a thing? I want to share with you a wonderful quote I read over the weekend.

"When it seems that we never get what we deserve, 
we need to remember that we seldom deserve what we get."

I will leave you to ponder that on your own...

And now, onto the Weekend Wrap Up! 

(I'm going to make this a SUPER SIZED wrap up since 
I didn't give you a "real" one last week!)


My husband and I have seemed to switch places. He is getting up super early in the morning and I am sleeping in. Maybe I have a lot of sleep to catch up on? I had a pretty lazy morning. It was lunchtime before we knew it, and my hubby went out with his friend, which enabled me to steal an hour for myself and get in a workout at Planet Fitness. Planet Fitness at 1:00pm is bliss. It's mostly older people that are just really chill and smiley... It's WAY better than going at 4:30pm!!

When I got back from the gym, I made a yummy protein shake...

... and a bowl of Cheerios! (Actually, Crispy Oats. Aldi brand. I'm not paying $5 for a box of Cheerios!!!!)

Then I cleaned the whole house. In the process, there was an unfortunate accident in which my phone drowned and it now dead. I am really sad about it.

You see, they don't make this phone anymore. It's a Samsung Alias 2. It's a flip phone that flipped two different ways. It would flip one way to talk on the phone and another way for a keyboard to text. Also, I had an AWESOME solitaire game on there that I play before going to bed. I guess I have to go to the stupid Verizon store and get a "free" upgrade for $30. (They charge for their "free" upgrades now, did you know that?)

Now that Paul is feeling a lot better, we actual WENT somewhere for the first time in two weeks! I had a 30% Kohl's coupon, so you know what that means... A SHOPPING EXCURSION.

But I messed up. I accidentally threw away the coupon part that said my percentage of savings and saved the part of the coupon that said "Save 15%, 20%, or 30%!!". I realized my mistake two minutes before we were going to leave for Kohl's. I looked through the kitchen trash (complete with coffee grounds and old cantaloupe shells) for the coupon but realized it was probably in the previous bag that already got picked up by the trash truck on Wednesday. IT WAS A TRAVESTY!

We pressed our luck and went to Kohl's anyway. We found a really nice cashier, explained the situation, and she honored the 30% coupon I accidentally threw away. I love Kohl's. They have always been good to me!

For dinner, we went to Wegman's. I had the most delicious butternut squash and another dish of roasted cauliflower. I also had sushi, but it was just so-so. You know what sushi was delicious? The sushi in the cafeteria at Johns Hopkins. Seriously. I had two crab rolls there. It only cost $8.99 for TWO rolls, and they were HUGE and DELICIOUS. The best sushi in Baltimore is in the hospital cafeteria. Who knew!?

Before going to bed, I like to say goodnight to all my kitties.

Goodnight, Baser!

Goodnight, Jelly!

Goodnight, Kissy!

Instead of playing solitaire on my phone, I had to kick it old school and do crossword puzzles in bed. Real crossword puzzles. With an actual pencil and crossword puzzle book.



Once again, Paul beat me Saturday morning by getting up at 6:30am! I clearly needed my beauty sleep and didn't get up until 9:30am. Guess what he was doing all that time??? Transferring all my contacts/pictures/videos from my old drowned phone TO ANOTHER PHONE EXACTLY LIKE IT! Where did this phone come from, you ask? Well, about a year or so ago, Paul bought me two of the exact same phone. I think he bought one, then found one a lot cheaper and bought it, planning to return the more expensive one. But he never returned it. And he never told me he didn't return it. (Because of course I would have probably flipped out.) Well, his error turned into a good thing because now I have a phone that works! (Except the keypad doesn't light up, which doesn't really matter because I text so much that I have excellent muscle memory as to wear the letters are.)

GO PAUL!!!!!

I spent the morning doing some studying, and then did a killer circuit in the music room which included...

-Almost 150 push ups
-Lots of ass glute work
-Over 10 minutes of plank action
-Some old school Tae Bo moves

Then more studying.... I really lost my mojo to study there for awhile. I went two whole weeks without picking up my ACE books or flipping through flash cards. With everything that was going on, I just did not have the focus or drive to care about anything except the day at hand. I am still lacking some motivation, but I am making myself persevere. One of the cool things about studying is that as I learn things, it inspires blog posts. Stay tuned for a post about training your fast twitch and slow twitch muscles fibers!

That afternoon, a friend from work dropped off a huge care package for Paula and I. I knew the people I work with are generous, but they really took it up a notch! Paul and I are so thankful for how generous they are!

Who doesn't need kitty cat salt and pepper shakers??

Les Mes. These characters have WAY bigger problems than we do!

A fun gift from a friend whom I often have CRAZY dreams about!

Protein powder! Hey, we all need our strength to get through tough times!


Some easy reading.

This is what I had for lunch.... YUMMMMM! It is another version of my "Power Bowl". Diced tomatoes, chopped chicken breast, and some shredded cheddar cheese warmed up in the microwave. Oh, and some salt and pepper too!!

Later on in the afternoon it was time for our BIG DATE! First, we drove to Scott's Farm and did a very short walk on the Appalachian Trail. We did a section that goes between the creek and the road, and the terrain was very easy. Boy did it make me miss trail running! I haven't run trail since I wrote this post back in June.

It was a gorgeous walk!

You can do incline push ups ANYWHERE!

Where's Debby Dabbles when you need her???

After our AT adventure, we hit up Wegmans. Apparently, the gift cards were burning a hole in our pockets. Actually, Paul was excited to get some food for himself. His appetite has been sort of weird lately, and Wegmans is a great place to peruse and get ideas.

While we were there, I found these frozen pieces of spinach in the shape of Sponge Bob characters! They were $4.99. Clearly, they're for rich people who don't have the time to just FORCE their kids to eat spinach like normal people do.

We got dinner there, too! I got and amazing assortment of fancy vegetables!
Don't worry, I already had like 10oz of chicken breast that day. 
Update: Yes, I ate all those veggies, and yes my tummy hurt!!

Paul got his favorite- CHICKEN PARM!!!! And 'taters and 'auliflower.

And Paul got a great stash of yummy foods for himself!
And paper towels.
We gave them up, but now we buy them again. I would like to give them up again soon.

I also bought the ingredients for that yummy butternut squash concoction I had Friday night at Wegmans. Basting oil, red onion, butternut squash, and cranberries (not pictured).
I guess I better start Googling how to cut up a butternut squash, as I have no freaking clue!


Oh, when we got back from Wegmans, we realized we had a huge problem. Our house smelled like CAT PEE. I mean, really bad. It smelled like there were just puddles EVERYWHERE. I did not know what was causing this. I got out my trail flashlight and looked for puddles and spray spots on the wall but came up with nothing. Even as I sit here in my sun room typing this post, I am getting whiffs of cat pee. BUT I CAN'T FIND IT!!! Did Christmas pee on the ceiling just to mess with us? I mean that's the ONE place I didn't check... Augh. Well I have a fun job tomorrow. Clean all the floors and the bottom foot and a half of each wall with vinegar. BLAH.


Later that night, we tried out the new show Hostages with Toni Collette and Dylan McDermott. I like both of the actors but I'm not sure about the show... It had too many of those moments where you exclaim at the TV, "That wouldn't REALLY happen," or "They wouldn't do it THAT way." I don't know if we'll make it through the whole season. But hey, if we could make it through this past season of Big Brother, we can make it through anything!

Saturday night was super exciting because we were finally letting the cats in our room to sleep with us again! It's hasn't been the same without them.

Baser couldn't wait for us to come to bed!


Well, the past few days have taught me that if I sleep in long enough, Paul takes care of all of my problems! Yesterday, it was my phone. Today, it was the cat pee problem. Yup- he found the cat pee!! Christmas must of peed on my workout towel I had in a little tub behind the couch. My stability ball was on top of it, yet somehow the stability ball did not have an ounce of pee on it but the towel was SOAKED. That's why the smell wafted all over the house- because it was on cotton. And we had the fans going, so the smell just went all over the house. I had a little talk with Chrissy and explained to him that if he's going to pee somewhere, to please let it be a place that we can find it very quickly.

Chrissy needs a nap. It's exhausting peeing all over the house.

Paul must have had a lot of energy, because look at the EPIC breakfast he made!!

Omelette, leftover Wegmans potatoes, English muffin w/ peanut butter, milk, and cranberry juice.
In case you are wondering what's in that omelet.... 2 eggs, red onion, leftover cauliflowery goodness from Wegmans last night, and a crap-ton of mozzarella cheese!

Look at the cutie who is blogging with me me this morning.
She has been ALL. OVER. ME.

Sunday was my Lift Like A Dude Day at Planet Fitness, and going at noon on a Sunday was GLORIOUS. There was practically no one there. There was one person there though, who I haven't seen in awhile. He's probably the coolest person at Planet Fitness. I call him Forward Roll Guy. What he does is sort of winds up, then dives down on the mat and does a forward roll and pops up real quick. Then, he's back down on the ground and does 5 quick sit ups, 5 quick scissor kicks, then rolls onto his belly. While on his belly, he bends his feet up to his butt and grabs them with his hands. Then he starts rocking forward and backward. Then he stands up and starts the whole thing all over again. It is fascinating to watch. I have no clue what he is doing, but who am I to judge his fitness goals!? If his goal is to do a really bad ass dive into a forward roll, then he is doing an awesome job!

Sunday afternoon was spent on the couch. Paul watched football and I studied. When he decided to take a nap, I took a break from studying and watched some old episodes of Sex and the City that I had on the DVR. While watching, I saw a commercial for EZ Pockets and now I really want one!

Think of all the possibilities!

I was getting hungry, so my break from studying turned into me being DONE studying in order to focus on dinner. It was time to try making the delicious butternut squash I had at Wegmans on Friday night. This is the recipe I used. And this is how I learned how to cut a butternut squash. Thank goodness people blog about cutting vegetables!!!


However, the results were delish...

I have some leftover cut up squash. Tomorrow when I go to Giant, I'm going to get an apple and make a squash-apple concoction. Squapple.

After dinner, Paul and I went on a nighttime neighborhood walk, which we are going to make a tradition. I like running in the dark, and apparently I also like walking in the dark. It's a good after dinner way to spend time together and talk.

My friends, I hope you have enjoyed this SUPER SIZED edition of my Weekend Wrap Up. If you actually read this whole thing, you deserve a prize. Do not count on these SUPER SIZED editions often, as it takes up a lot of time and I get yelled at for taking so many pictures... hehe. Next weekend you will get a normal wrap up. And since Paul has been doing so well, we'll probably actually do some fun things next weekend... so stay tuned!!!

What did you do this weekend????

Do you find it as hard as I do to cut up butternut squash????

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