A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

8 Things I'm Loving RIGHT NOW!

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1. What Does the Fox Say? I don't even know what this IS or what it MEANS but it is HILARIOUS!!!

2. Dabby Dabbles! My sister-in-law makes beautiful jewelry and photo blocks from her own photography. She has an Etsy Shop and does craft shows. I love her products! And if you're on my Christmas list this year, it's possible you're getting a Debby Dabbles!

3. Katy Perry's Roar. I don't know why I like this song so much, but I do. The melody is simple. The words are dumb. It's a typical pop song. BUT I LIKE IT, OKAY????

4. Meg's Ground Turkey Green Bean Casserole. It's my famous green bean casserole (made with french cut green beans, fresh tomatoes, a wee bit of cream of mushroom soup, and mozzarella cheese) with ground turkey mixed in. It is SO YUMMY and SO PROTEIN-Y!

5. REAL vanilla ice cream... by Green's. It was on sale for $1.99 so I bought it on a whim. (Usually we get a huge tub of vanilla fudge swirl from Aldi. It's SUPER cheap.) After trying the Green's kind, I said to Paul, "That Aldi vanilla is SHIT!" Paul says, "Well, you tried some real vanilla ice cream, that's where you went wrong." So no more Aldi ice cream for me. We have a whole unopened tub in our freezer. Who wants it? I'm serious, it's yours!

6. The shirt pictured below. I love it. I love the running connotation it has, but I think it also has meaning in the fact that I can NEVER RELAX... My thoughts are always churning and I always have to be doing SOMETHING. You can get the shirt here. But, a question for my grammar friends... is "everyday" correct here? Or should it be "every day". I don't want a shirt with improper grammar!

7. Andy winning Big Brother 15. Out of the Final 3, he is the most deserving winner. I have no problem with his game play. He was a rat, but guess what? IT'S BIG BROTHER! You're allowed to lie, rat out people, change loyalties, whatever it takes. However, he said HATEFUL things about some of the other house guests, which I do NOT agree with. Unfortunately, from a game standpoint, he was the clear winner.

8. The doctors and nurses at Johns Hopkins Hospital. I am in awe of what they can do and I am so thankful for all they have done for my husband!

File:Johns Hopkins Hospital New Clinical Building.jpg

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What are you loving right now?

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