A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Friday, September 27, 2013

10 random things about the past 3 days...

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger... 1. I did 175 push ups! The good part about taking it easy on my knee is that my upper body is going to start looking like The Incredible Hulk.

2. I got a SUPER CUTE pair of sandals on SUPER SALE at Sears. I will not be able to wear them until next year, but it will be fun to save them and then break them out next summer!

Excuse my runners feet!!!

3. I had a delicious bowl of Autumn Squash soup at Panera Bread. I suggest you try it. I can't attest to the healthfulness of it, as it is one of those creamy soups, but just grab a cup and figure it into your food plan for the day.

4. Paul and I are now watchers of Survivor. Since Big Brother is over, we need another cheesy reality show to watch, and Survivor fits the bill!

5. Ever since we got back from Baltimore, Basic has not left me alone. Every chance she gets, she curls up on my lap to sleep. I'm not complaining, except when she bites me!

6. I am looking for a pair of brown-ish ankle boots with a heel, but they have to look right and they have to be the right price. I'm not even sure what I would wear them with other than skinny jeans... and I don't even own any skinny jeans. Oh well, I will keep my eye out for the perfect deal!

7. I drained my car battery while waiting for my husband at his doctor appointment and had to call my Daddio to save us! He jumped my car for me and all was good. That's the thing about Dads... they're always there for you, and they're always your Dad, no matter how old you are!

8. We killed 4 thousand leggers in our house within the past 3 days. I am DISGUSTED! I just killed one that ran under the couch in the music room. Christmas thinks it's still under there and has not moved  his furry butt for awhile. Pretty soon he'll get bored and do something else I supposed!

9. Speaking of pesky insects, I have been getting eaten alive by mosquitoes this summer. I can't workout in my backyard unless it's the morning. Otherwise, they get me. Yesterday, one even flew in my car and bit me on the ankle! There was blood! These mosquitoes this year are NUTS.

10. I've been falling asleep with the bedroom window open and it's glorious!

Tell me something random about your week!

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