A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up!

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I'm throwing Thursday into my wrap up this time around because... well, I feel like it! Remember, summer is like one, long, never ending weekend for me!

I know I promised a legitimate wrap up this time around, and that's what you're going to get! Grab your cup of coffee, this is a long one!


Thursday was exciting because I got to meet with my new trainer. (The awesome trainer who changed my life isn't currently training clients, so I had to move to someone else.) Having a trainer is expensive, and it is not part of my budget for the long term. So I only bought a few sessions to get a tune up on my weight lifting. I have been feeling a little lost lately and am not sure I'm doing what I need to do to progress. It's time to go to an expert! I was nervous to meet her, but I can tell she is going to be awesome and help give me the information and knowledge I need to reach my goals. I know I have the motivation, I just need to know how to do it the right and most efficient way.

Thursday was also my husband's 30th birthday! I made sure it was a special day for him by getting him a massage, a new football to throw around, and a Buffalo Bills beach towel. I also organized a little get together with his friends at the bowling alley to celebrate!

We went to ABC East, which was a central location for everyone. But when we walked in, it was like the Twilight Zone. 

First and foremost, I want to inform you that if you are looking to bowl at a place where the employees are helpful and smile at you, ABC East is not the place to go. I literally walked away from the man at the counter because of how he was talking to my husband. It was like he didn't want our business or something. Was he offended by Paul's awesome America do-rag? Maybe he was just jealous it wasn't his 30th Birthday? I had to walk outside for a minute because when I get mad, it's written all over my face.

The second thing that went wrong was that the cash register in the bar wasn't working so we couldn't get any drinks! Now remember, I was already ticked off and was counting on something alcohol to calm me down. The good news is, by the time all of our friends showed up. the cash register was up and running and the Smirnoff was a-flowing. I made the mistake of ordering some wine. It came in an 8 oz plastic cup filled to the BRIM. Holy moly!!!! I drank half of it and called it a day.

In case you are wondering what kind of bowler I am, my score was 64. I'll stick with running.


Friday was a magical day! We had a Kohl's 30% coupon and a $5 gift card! It was also a day where you could earn $10 Kohl's Cash for every $50 you spend.

When this comes in the mail, you have no choice.

Now, as if all of those discounts aren't exciting enough, I have one more thing to lay on you. I wasn't shopping for myself, I was shopping for my husband! I love to shop for him! He is good at picking out stuff on his own, but if I can throw a couple things into the cart, then I am happy. Usually the things I pick for him are a little more trendy or expensive than what he would pick for himself.

He gave me a little fashion show of his new duds later that night. Dang, my husband is a hottie! My favorite purchases were a pair of very light grey linen pants (he picked) with a bright blue linen shirt (I picked). Now someone just has to invite us to a beach wedding so he can wear his new outfit! I await eagerly for the invitations the come rolling in!

Also on Friday, I had an appointment at Olivetti Chiropractic. Dr. Olivetti is amazing, and I recommend him to anyone who has a sports related injury and needs therapy. He performs Active Release Technique on me from time to time, which really helps when I am having knee problems. At this appointment, he told me my left knee has A LOT of scar tissue, and because of that, I don't have full range of motion, which puts pressure on my meniscus. It's treatable, and he took this horrible little plastic device and just started scraping the scar tissue around my knee. It is sore today from all the scraping but I know the technique WORKS. I am going back twice next week for some more ART. I am so thankful there is such a good chiropractor in the area who can tell me exactly what's wrong and can help me. But with this knee pain, my mile anxiety is skyrocketing!

On Friday night, I went to see The Producers at York Little Theater with my friend Jen. We volunteered in the concession booth and in return got to see the show for free- score! Our good friend Randy was the lead in the show and he was AMAZING. I am just blown away by his talent. I swear he gets better with every show he does. Friday was opening night, so there are many more chances to see the show this coming weekend. Go to York Little Theater's website for more details and tickets. You won't regret it! In fact, I am going again on Thursday and I'm bringing my parents!

Randy Stamm as Max Bialystock.
Megan Michael as herself.


Saturday I kicked my own ass in my workout! Some people pay big bucks to get their asses kicked, but you would save so much more money if you just kicked your own ass! All I needed was a pair of 10lb dumbbells and a jump rope!

Here is what I did:

7 miles - 7:19 pace (no hills or anything crazy like that)

Then, I did a little carport workout:

100 jump rope rotations
90 second plank
80 jumping jacks
70 second wall sit - hold 20lbs
60 mountain climbers (R + L = 1)
50 bicycles (R + L = 1)
40 walking lunges - hold 20lbs
30 second side planks each side
25 burpees
20 V-ups
15 push ups
10 jump squats

Repeat 2xs

That evening, my husband and I attended a picnic and I got to see a lot of running friends I haven't seen in awhile. I was really looking forward to the evening, but we ended up having to leave early. I was sad I didn't get to catch up with my friends. I guess if I would actually go out for a run with them once in awhile, then I would have plenty of time to catch up! But I have been a huge loner over the past several months, so that's all my fault.


My calendar was BLANK for Sunday. No plans. How depressing! Never fear, I am good at finding ways to pass the time. I can even find ways that don't include watching HLN.

What I did was go on a massive grocery shopping excursion that included Aldi AND Giant. We are stocked and good to go! Crap, now that I am typing this I realize I am on my last box of Special K Protein Plus cereal... which I eat every morning. I guess I will be going to Giant again in the near future.

I also used a birthday gift card from my mother-in-law to buy myself some toys:

Stay tuned for a blog post on kettle bell and exercise ball workouts!

I hope your weekend was just as exciting as mine!

Did you buy yourself any toys?

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