A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up!

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It's just another Manic Monday...

Ahhh, the Bangles. I loved them when I was a kid! I actually made up a dance routine to "Walk Like An Egyptian". I even incorporated our trampoline into it. You know, one of those small ones people used to exercise on in the 80s...

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. And I hope you were able to make it a long one, due to the 4th of July! Here's what I was up to...


My Friday would best be described in list format...

1. I slept until noon.

3. My husband beat my ass in a Monopoly Deal tournament.

4. I went to Boscov's and Ross Dress For Less but I did not buy a THING.

5. That evening, the hus was hanging with his friends, so I hung with my friends... You know, Dr. Drew, Jean Caserez, Jane Valez-Mitchell, Vinnie Politan, and my BFF- Nancy Grace.

6. That night, I tried going to bed several times, but it just wasn't working. I ended up finally going to bed at 5:30am. That's what's I get for sleeping the day away!


Because I am lazy, I will continue describing my weekend in list format...

1. I made myself get up at 10:30am because I did not want to continue the terrible sleep cycle that was beginning to develop.

2. I ran in the sweltering heat.

3. We visited at my in-laws. The A/C was broken. Holy moly it was hot in there!

4. Later that evening, we dropped in on my cousins' pool party. We finally got to see their house!

5. That night, husband and I finally got caught up with Big Brother 15 (blog post will be forthcoming!) and then I spoiled myself by reading the message boards. I can't help it, I like being spoiled!


Annnnnnnnnd the Sunday highlights...

1. Slept until 11am. Fail. I guess all I do is sleep now.

2. I hit up the gym for a back/chest/legs day.

3. When I got home, I forced myself to eat 8oz of chicken breast and a Fiber One protein bar, even though I wasn't hungry at all. My appetite has been disappearing these days...

4. Then I hit up TJ Maxx and Boscov's (again) to look for cute summer dresses. This is the third time I've been shopping in a week and I FINALLY found some dresses worth buying!
5. All summer, we were looking forward to this evening. The HSO was playing a free concert on the lawn at Dickinson College. Last year we brought a blanket, wine, sushi, and Monopoly Deal and enjoyed the beautiful music. That is what we intended to do this evening... except it got rained out! So we took our sushi, our wine, and our Monopoly Deal to Lower Allen Park and had a little picnic in the rain under one of the pavilions. It was quite romantic!

6. Breyers Blasts Chips Ahoy ice cream was dessert... I put some brownie pieces in it too. You know, because there just wasn't enough carbs and sugar in it already...

And that was our weekend! Sorry for being lazy and writing in lists. These weekend wrap ups get long, and I needed a break! Next week I promise to have a very well written post about our weekend.

What did you do this weekend?

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