A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

No fake sugary drinks- an UPDATE and a CONFESSION.

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At the beginning of the summer, I vowed to give up fake sugary drinks. I knew they were not good for me and that I needed to drink more water. My plan was to give them up for the entire summer (sort of a detox) and then only drink them as a treat thereafter. I used to guzzle them all day long but I have been off them cold turkey since June 12th! Woohoo!!!!

The good parts about giving up fake sugary drinks:
  • Giving up these drinks has allowed me to drink A LOT more water (64oz a day, easily), and it also has me drinking more milk. I love milk.

  • I know my body is healthier without all those chemicals, so that makes me happy.

The bad parts about giving up fake sugary drinks:

  • Coffee is not as good anymore since I can't add my Splenda. (It's still "my" Splenda!) I could add real sugar, but I would have to add too much to make it taste as sweet as Splenda, so it's not even worth it.
  • I really crave these drinks after a hard workout or late at night. It's really annoying not being able to indulge!
  • I thought my body would have some sort of epiphany. Like I would start to have more energy, or feel better in some way after giving up fake sugar. But I can't tell a difference in my health or my body. I know there is a difference, I just thought I would feel it. I guess my body knows how to process crap!

MY CONFESSION: On July 24th, 2013, I accidentally drank a prepackaged lite double espresso iced coffee drink from Starbucks that was partially sweetened with Splenda. I took a sip of it and THEN looked at the ingredients. “How does this only have 5g of carbs!?” I wondered to myself. Then I realized why: Splenda. Now, this was not so bad. I should have checked the ingredients first, but it was an honest mistake. However, I drank the rest of it, even though at that point I knew it went against my code. (Dexter shout out!) I was tired, on the boardwalk in Atlantic City, and all I wanted to do was enjoy my lite double espresso iced coffee drink and people watch on the boardwalk with my husband. That evening, I failed. But I vow not to throw in the towel and give up. I made one mistake, but I can make it better pullin' up my britches and being more careful about my choices!

Megan Michael

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