A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Happy Birthday, Kevin Bacon!

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Yesterday was Kevin Bacon's B-day. 

I freaking love the movie Tremors. Did you know he was my age when he made this movie???? Dang, now I feel really old.

Speaking of being old, yesterday was my birthday, too! I would rather share a B-day with Nancy Grace, but Kevin will do.

Let's begin with the truth. 

I am 31 years old. I am IN MY THIRTIES. In some ways, I do things that someone in their 30s has no business doing. Like...

Buying most of my clothes in the junior's section of department stores.

Then again, there are some things I do that age me. Such as...

Watching HLN. Did you ever see the commercials they are airing? Adult diapers, Life Alert...
I do not think I am their target demographic.

When Paul kissed me good morning, he patted me on the back and said,
"Happy Birthday Babers. You're 28!"

Anyway, I had a great birthday!

I awoke to find the kitchen decorated! Good job, Paul!

After feeding the cats, I fixed my coffee and cereal and curled up on the couch to mess around on the computer, watch the Today Show, and eat breakfast. (A perfect way to spend any summer morning, for sure.) To my surprise, there was a BRAND NEW WIRELESS MOUSE on my computer!

My mouse broke about a week ago and it was really cramping my style. I hate using the little swipe pad instead of the mouse. (I don't even know what it's called, I just call it a swipe pad.) 

I was never going to beat my high score in Minesweeper without a mouse!!!!

Then I gave my body a wonderful birthday gift- a heart healthy 4 mile run, and some circuit training (Which I now do in my carport driveway. I'm sure my neighbors think I'm an idiot.)

Next, we headed to the wonderful historic town of Lititz, PA. If you have never been there, it would be a wonderful place to take your significant other or for a family outing. They have a beautiful park with a welcome center, fountains, and a duck pond. There is a playground and lots of picnic tables in the park. In the downtown area, there are lots of historic buildings, cute shops and restaurants. Everything is very "Norman Rockwell-esque". See below...

Lititz Springs Park - a must see!
The ducks were so cute! They were having the time of their lives.

Historic Caboose in the park.
The Main Street Shops had so many cool things.
This is a pharmacy. Isn't it so much more beautiful than a Rite Aid or CVS?
We got home made ice cream at Greco's. Paul Got cookie dough,
I got fluffer nutter!
A beautiful church we parked near.

We walked around Lititz Springs Park, ate a picnic lunch, and then explored some shops downtown. We hit up Greco's for our ice cream dessert as well as Wilbur Chocolate Co. for some yummy treats for later.

It's not over yet...

Lucky for me, when we got home, the adventures were not over yet. Even though my hubby was not feeling great, he still took my to TJ Rockwell's for dinner. I was a little overdressed. I don't care, I wanted to wear one of my new cute dresses!

And now, I want to tell you a little story about our dinner:

Once upon a time, there were carbohydrates.

There was wine...

... there were Rhino Fries...

...there was a quesadilla...

...and there was a grilled Rachel with potato chips...

And we ate and enjoyed a little of everything!!!!

And we lived happy and bloated afterward.... !

And now my friends, this is an entirely too long blog post (even though it's mostly pictures) so I will leave you with this...

Signs you're officially in your 30s:

1. You go to Lititz, PA for your bday... and you're excited about it.
2. Throughout the day, you save napkins from area restaurants because "They'll be good for nose blowin' later." (I didn't say this, you can guess who did, though!)
3. You get extremely excited when you see the swanky take-home reusable box they give you at TJ Rockwell's to pack up your uneaten food. Seriously, their to go boxes or practically Tupperware. We will be saving this puppy for sure.
4. When you try to take your first selfie, it takes you 3 tries because the first 2 tries you accidentally turned off the camera instead of take a picture.

Stay young, friends!

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