A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up!

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It is the last Monday of my summer! I'm ready to get back into a routine. My CATS are ready for me to get back into a routine! Anyway, here is the wrap up of my last weekend of the summer!


I did "Jack Squat" Friday morning.

Okay, I'll be a little more specific.

Friday morning I...

1. Slept until 10:30am
2. Took a shower.
3. Messed around on my computer for way too long.
4. Studied.
5. Practiced piano.

Then I went to Planet Fitness and did chest, triceps and abs. A finished off with some HIIT, so I was dripping with sweat by the time I was done!

When I got home, I had a pbj!

I also had a scoop of whey protein powder mixed with 16 oz. milk. It was SO DELICIOUS!

Next, I got out my day planner and my new HUGE calendar that is going to go on my desk at school. Here it is:

Sorry it's sideways!

There is nothing that excites me more than filling out a calendar or day planner. I love dates, scheduling things, and organizing. I am a record keeping GEEK! (aka a teacher!)

At around 6pm, it was time for my husband and I to go out on our BIG FRIDAY NIGHT DATE!!! First, we got wild and crazy at the Verizon store (Paul needed his two year upgrade), then we got jiggy wit it at Karns, and then we hit the MOTHERLOAD at Amelia's and swiped up some Powerbars!!

Do you think I got enough? They were only 50 cents and they don't expire until October.

Let's quick jump back to the Verizon store. Did I ever tell you I HATE Verizon? It all started a little over two years ago, when I got a free upgrade for my phone. It was one of those pay $50 up front and get a $50 rebate in the mail type of deal. Well, I wasn't completely sold on the phone, but the sales girl assured me that if I didn't like it, I could return it within 14 days. Sounded good to me!

Well, by the next day, I was so frustrated with my new phone. It was not user friendly at ALL and I just wanted to go back to my old phone. So I decided to return it. Well, it turned out there was a $25 restocking fee that the gal didn't tell me about!!!! I'd basically be paying $25 to GIVE the phone BACK. Or I could just keep it and not use it for $0. I kept the dumb phone and it's been in the basement ever since.

On this particular trip, they did something ELSE to make my shit list. My husband went in the store simply to get the free upgrade he was entitled to. Again, a $50 payment with a $50 rebate... so it ends up being free. Well, after the sales dude got the phone out for him, activated it, transferred all his contacts, he THEN tells Paul there is a "one time $30 upgrade fee".



So Paul says, "A one time fee?"

Clerk: "Yes, then it goes away."

Paul: "Until I upgrade again, and then I will be charged $30 again?"

Clerk: Right.

AUGH!!!!! It's not the $30 fee that is annoying, it's the advertisement that upgrading is FREE, AND the fact that the clerk activated the phone and everything so it would be extremely awkward for Paul to back out at that point. It was a trick! Now me, I am the bitch that would say, "Oh, well then no thank you," and take my old phone and leave...

We capped off our wild and crazy Friday night at home with a few rounds of Monopoly Deal, Big Brother, and Orange is the New Black.

Before I wrap up our exciting Friday, here is the yummy dinner I had:

That is  sandwich thin (like pictured above) with pizza sauce, cheese, turkey pepperoni,
garlic, pepper, salt, and oregano. I broiled it, and it was DIVINE. A dinner is not complete
without grilled chicken! I was in the mood for cheese tonight, so I topped the chicken with cheese, too!


My cats woke me up at 4:30am. They have several tactics to do this. They range from laying next to me and purring really loud, licking my face, crying, or scratching the closet door. All four tactics were used this morning, and at 5:30am, I declared the cats the victors and dragged my butt out of bed.

Luckily, I had something to look forward to! I met the Crispy Balance Running Group for a beautiful 8am run through East Hanover Township. I haven't run with the "Crispies" since... probably over a year. It's been way too long! I picked a good morning to meet up with them because there were so many familiar faces. I got to run 8 beautiful, hilly miles with my pal Charlie. He's an amazing runner. I think we do well at pacing and pushing each other.

Aren't we a colorful bunch!?
It was great to see all of these familiar and friendly faces bright and early!

That evening, my hubby and I took a stroll around City Island. There was a baseball game about to start, so we had plenty of opportunity to people watch! We were going to sit on the deck at Duke's afterward, but then realized we could just sit on our back porch and have dinner for free! So that is what we did.

I was extremely tired from getting up at 4:30am, but I managed to stay up until 10:30pm on Saturday night! I better start getting back on a normal sleep schedule if I don't want the first few days of work to be painful...

Oh, I also have to mention that I had my second slip up of the summer. I drank some Crystal Lite. Right before I went to bed. Don't worry, I feel really bad about it.


What a dreary day! My hubby and I didn't let that stop our plans. We had a disc golf/running date at the Middlesex Township Park in Carlisle. I got done first, so I sat at a picnic table and opened up to chapter one in this book:

Holy hell, it is going to be HARD to learn chapter one. It goes into GREAT detail on the seven main systems of the body, as well as the muscles, bones and joints. I knew I would have to learn all of this... but all in one CHAPTER? I am officially getting a little freaked out about school starting and having time to study.

I shall calm myself by looking at some pictures my husband took of the beautiful disc golf course. I hope you enjoy them!

After our little date, I did some grocery shopping, cleaned out the fridge, and did some cooking. I made a batch of quinoa for the next couple days and then a batch of these chocolate chip brownies:

My hubby was wrapped up in his fantasy football draft for the duration of the night, so I took a few hour and stockpiled some blog posts. That way when school starts, I will have some blogs already written in case I have a busy week and don't get online much. I've got some great posts coming up... Like the story on how I banned Weis Markets and other topics more fitness related.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!