A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I forgot my cat's birthday.

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger... I forgot Jelly's birthday. He went to the groomer today because he had some mats (aka butt knots) that needed to be brushed out. I was filling out his information card at the groomer's and needed to provide his birthday. It was then I realized- Jelly's birthday was a week ago! I was all wrapped up in my mile preparation that I FORGOT MY CAT'S BIRTHDAY!

I'm so ashamed. I'm not sure how I can make it up to him. I feel like I owe him double now because not only did I forget his special day, but I made him endure a bath at the groomer's. I can only hope I'm thinking too much into this and that he has no idea I forgot his birthday. But my three cats are GENIUSES (just like your kids) so of COURSE they ALL know I forgot Jelly's birthday. They've probably already planned their revolution.

Who am I kidding, they already run this house!

In my blog, I talk about a lot of things I love... my husband, running, ice cream, wine... But I don't talk about my cats very often. The main reason is because no one besides my husband and I care about all the wonderful and cute things they do each day.

However, I am going to take just this one blog post and just go crazy talking about my kitties. I love them so much!

Meet the Cats!


                                Name: Christmas  

                                    Age: 7

                             Hobbies: Chasing Basic, looking out the side window, walking around on every table, counter top, and kitchen appliance like it aint no big thang.

                    Favorite Food: Pretty much anything. Milk, chicken breast, ice cream... (He has had tiny tastes of these foods. I can't resist his sad, begging eyes!)

     Favorite Place To Sleep: Music room couch

                              Fetishes: Q-tips

                                   Loves: Food, sleeping, running the house

                                   Hates: Burrito, our neighbor's cat who likes to walk the perimeter of our house. It drives Christmas CRAZY.

                                   Special Talents: He can open the kitchen cupboard and bathroom cupboard. He knows his food is kept in the kitchen cupboard and the Q-tips are in the bathroom cupboard...


                                Name: Jelly

                                    Age: 7

                             Hobbies: Grooming himself, playing soccer ball in the basement with his daddy

                    Favorite Food: Dry food

     Favorite Place To Sleep: Sun room couch or in my tub of running clothes under the guest bed

                              Fetishes: Putting blue blanket (seen in picture) in his mouth and walking around in a circle until it is all twisted, drinking water out of the glasses on my nighstand

                                   Loves: Face rubs, the cat condo, the basement, naps with his daddy, eating dry food while being pet

                                   Hates: Loud noises, new people

                                   Special Talents: He can slam our bedroom door shut using his front paws. We have to prop it open with weights so he doesn't wake us up in the morning. He does this for attention.


                                Name: Basic

                                    Age: Unknown... 11 or 12

                             Hobbies: Sleeping, scratching people

                    Favorite Food: Wet food

     Favorite Place To Sleep: sun room couch, basement couch

                              Fetishes: Technology. She loves to lay on cords, television remotes, mp3 players, you name it. Right now she is laying on the lap top bag. Just like Dexter was born in a pool of blood, Basic was probably born in a pool of technology, and that's why she can't get enough of it.

                                   Loves: Attention, laying in the sun, high pitched singing

                                   Hates: Being pet anywhere other than her head. Do it and she will ATTACK!

                                   Special Talents: Finding the most awkward place in the room to sit

And now, some random pictures of my cats!

Christmas has had that sock ever since he was a kitten. I would wear
it on my arm so we could play and his scratches wouldn't hurt. Now, 7 years
later, he carries it around and lays with it.

Christmas and Jelly are brothers. Their mom, Miss Marbles,
gave birth to them in Pillow, PA. Miss Marbles is tiny, but their dad, The Hamburgler,
was a huge stray cat that lived nearby. Our guess is that The Hamburgler was at least part
Main Coon and was Christmas and Jelly's father since they are also part Main Coon.

Basic and her freaking Technology!

Jelly loves drinking water out of MY glass!

More technology for Basic... that remote controls the lighting and fan.

Throwback pics of Basic circa 2007. She's so pretty!

Throwback pics of Christmas and Jelly circa 2007. They were TINY!

If you made it to the end of this post, thanks for taking the time to learn a little bit about my "babies"! I promise, no more posts dedicated to my cats. But there WILL be pictures!

Have you ever forgotten your pet's birthday?


  1. you can post all you want about your fur babies! Lord knows I post enough pics on facebook of mine! And yes, I do forget the cats birthdays... Brutus though always reminds me of his! :)

  2. Now I know why I feel such a connection to Christmas & Jelly, we were all born while living in Pillow!!! Willow is thoroughly disgusted that you forgot Jelly's birthday! lol - Aunt Betty

  3. Do you ever wash Christmas's sock?

  4. I love cats! I enjoyed learning about your cats. I always look to see Christmas in your window. Very seldom do I get see your other kitty's. I am glad you took the time to post on your kitty's. They are all precious.

  5. Christmas loves to "patrol" the neighborhood from the bay window! He's not scared of anything. Even when there are crazy storms, he will lay there, very content.

  6. I just stumbled upon your post about your fur babies by looking up how to get forgiveness from your cat for forgetting her birthday. I am humbled, Sparky, she is 7 this year and I stupidly forgot her birthday. I never have until this year. They do know, they do let YOU know and it's amazing HOW they let you know. After I make it up, i plan to dedicate even more attention to my beauty. (Don't think my four human girls will mind) ;) ... They'll most likely help as she was originally adopted for them. Thank you and blessings to you, your family and your entire family. (I meant to say that). -Kat

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