A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Friday, August 9, 2013

5 Year Anniversary!

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Five years ago, I married my best friend. I was so lucky to meet him at the age of 23 and marry him at 26. Now at 31, I can't imagine my life without him! Life is long, and I realize 5 years is not a long time. But it seems like a long time- in a good way. It's hard to remember what my life was like before Paul was in it.

Today were are going to celebrate 5 years with dinner at The Final Cut Steakhouse. A few months ago, I won a contest on Wink 104, so it's time to cash in my gift card prize! Then we'll watch the video of our wedding. We have never watched it! Can you believe it? My uncle recorded it for us, and we thought it would be fun to wait until our 1 year anniversary to watch it. But then we forgot! Then we figured we could wait until our 5 year anniversary, so tonight is the night!

I thought I'd share some pictures of our wedding. It was a warm August evening. The weather was perfect. It was a relaxed, casual, picnic type atmosphere. We got married at Hiddenbrook Farm- my aunt and uncle live there, and we were the first couple to get married on their property. What an honor! What a day! Looking at pictures really brought back the memories...

It was a family affair! Tyler directed the cars where to park.

Cakes were from BG's. Millersburg REPRESENT!

My Dad and my Grandma. I love this picture of them!

I love that people could just chill before the wedding started and
play soccer if they wanted to!

My main gals! And they always will be!

My sister-in-law, Debby provided the music.
She is an SKILLED violinist.

Dad walked me down the aisle of tiki torches!

I love my Daddio!

I like this picture because you can see my mom looking happy.

And in this one, you can see Paul's mom.

All our friends and family attended!

I think this pic is so cool because it shows the whole gathering and how relaxed it was.

Time for the vows!

Shield your eyes!


That's Paul's grandpa- Bubba!

Later that night, there was food, drinks, volleyball, and a campfire.
You can't have a campfire without S'mores!

So that's a little sneak peek at our wedding, in case you weren't in attendance! It really was a great day. I'm not a "wedding" type of gal (although I like to attend them!), so I wouldn't say this was the "best day of my life" (although it was VERY special and IMPORTANT). I think every day I get to spend with Paul is the best day of my life. Any day I wake up and Paul is beside me is a BEST DAY in my book! And there are many more BEST DAYS to come!

Happy Anniversary, Baberdoodle!!!!!

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  1. If I'm offering up too much information Megan, you can delete this : )
    I'll never forget the night you woke me from a deep sleep and said, "Mom, I just met the man I'm going to marry." I almost fell out of bed. And when we met Paul, I could see why you said that. We love Paul. The whole family loves Paul! And what a great wedding it was.