A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Deck of Cards

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It seems like whenever the weather gets warmer, I get excited to do Deck of Cards workouts! I have blogged about Deck of Cards workouts before, but I am doing it again because they are so fun!

I was going to run on Saturday, but it looked so windy that I chickened out! Even though the sun was shining, I wanted to stay inside. And I was feeling... soft. The kind of soft the running isn't going to fix. The kind of soft that push ups, pull ups, kettle bell swings, and PLANKING will fix!

I went through the deck two times. Here are the workouts:

*Jumping jacks were done in multiples of 10 divided by 2. So an eight of hearts was 40 jumping jacks. It's a brain workout too!

*Bicycle crunches were doubled. So the nine of diamonds was 18 crunches


 Doing these two workouts gave me a total of:

420 jumping jacks
168 bicycle crunches
84 kettle bell swings
84 push ups
84 deep air squats
 84 plank w/ knee tucks
84 plank w/ shoulder tap
84 burpees
6 minute planks
36 assisted close grip pull ups

I made myself NOT CHEAT during this workouts. Sometimes I cheat and look ahead at what is coming up. Why? Because I am a control freak. Also, if I see that there are a lot of the same exercises in a row, I will shuffle the cards. I know, I am sneaky. But I didn't do any of that during this workout. Not even when THIS happened during Workout #2...

Yup, I had to do 35 burpees in a row.


  1. Awesome workout! I"m pretty sure I had those exact Nike shorts but I recently gave them to a friend of mine! I saw a question you asked somewhere in my email but cannot find it in my blog. So the answer is that we usually do not have to make up snow days, but this year we've had more than ever! Still only 6.5 but that's a lot for Halifax. So after a bunch of complaints from the public about lost learning time, we lost our most recent assessment day to do reports and have to do them on our own time. :( But they said they'd give us an extra day in June to finish up end of year things. Apparently there are 5 extra days built into our school year to make up for storm days. So long story short, usually no we do not make them up, this year things are changing.

    1. They are not Nikes, just random gym shorts I bought in the juniors section of JC Penny a couple years ago. I actually only wear them when I workout at home because they ride up my ass so much. So if I do an at home workout I am either in my pjs or those shorts hehe.

      Thanks for the clarification on the snow days! We have snow days built in. So like President's day in Feb is one. If we have a day of due to snow before then, we go to school on President's day. Etc, etc. We had so many days that the only time we had off for spring break/easter was Good Friday. And in fact, they had to tack a day on at the end of the year this year! Now last year we had even more snow days and schools in our area get permission from the Pennsylvania Dept. of Ed to not make up ALL the days. The teachers still had to at the end of the year, but the kids did not. Some schools in our area are getting approved to have snow makeup days be E-days. Students have work they must do at home online to make up for the school day and teachers just have to be available all day over email to answer questions students may have. That is interesting!

  2. 35 burpees! I would have keeled over!

  3. Karen, those shoulders are from ASSISTED PULL UPS!!! :)

    I was REALLY sore from the kettle bell swings. Those get me every freaking time. Other than that, not sore. But like MARATHON sore from the kb swings.

  4. Great workout...I have said this before, but this time I MEAN it. I am going to do this workout this week. I know I will be in pain, but in a good way ;)

  5. Great! Let us know how it goes! :)

  6. 84 burpees?! That's awesome - I bet you were dying (at least I would have been!!!).

  7. Another great DoC workout for me to bookmark!! As much as I hate burprees, I know they're excellent for full-body strengthening so I really should do them more often lol.