A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Tuesday, December 2, 2014



Even though I divided my Thanksgiving Break into two parts, this is still a long one! So grab a cup of coffee and hunker down!

Or just scroll through the pictures... I won't hate!

On Saturday morning, I started a really stupid movie- Couple's Retreat. I don't know why I DVR'ed it. I hate Vince Vaughn. I turned it off because it was so dumb, but ended up watching a little bit more of it when I was foam rolling. That was all it was good for!

Before I did my workout for the day, Paul helped me film my "Oh no, it snowed!" Workout. Be sure to check it out!

Then it was time for my real workout. I had run a lot the past couple days, so it was time to do some upper body lifting. I am able to do chest and shoulders at home, so that is what I did. This was my workout- it is pretty standard for what I am doing at home these days.

Each circuit is done four times.
I like to mix my stretching into my circuits so I don't have to do it all at once
and it gives me some active rest time!

Saturday afternoon was "Thanksgiving Round 2" with Paul's family. We had a blast! We taught his mom how to play Quiddler and she beat our asses! The Thanksgiving meal was delicious. Paul's dad is a really good cook!

Paul and his mom. She is so little.

That's right, I had gluten free mac and cheese and after the meal I was REALLY crampy and gassy!
I think I have a "gluten free sensitivity"... ;o)

The best part about Thanksgiving Break was definitely waking up whenever my body naturally wanted to. On Sunday morning I awoke at 6am. Jelly was laying on me, purring, like the beautiful baby boy he is. When I finally rolled out of bed, Jelly followed me to the couch for some more cuddles.

Sing to the Folger's commercial theme song: 
"The beeeeest part of wakin' up, is Jelly on your face!"

My mother-in-law gave me the book The Giver the day before. She had highly recommended it to me, and since I was feeling all cozy, I figured I may as well start it. Well, I read the whole thing in one sitting! If you have never read The Giver, I highly recommend it! It is an easy read- you could read it in just over two hours, probably, but you will think about it for days after. I really need to expand my horizons when it comes to literature. I know there are so many good books out there, but I am just so damn picky.

That afternoon, I drove Paul up to Millersburg so he could watch football with one of his friends. That's right guys, this was our third trip to Millersburg in five days! I do not watch football, so I went on the most gorgeous 10 mile run in my hometown. It was one of those runs where you just look around and think to yourself, "Damn, this world is beautiful," and "I am so lucky I get to run! I wish I had had my camera with me. Next time.

The only thing that was EXTREMELY disconcerting about my run is that everyone was out doing target practice since buck season was starting the next day. Hearing gunshots every 5 minutes was NOT FUN. I was really hoping the shooters were not going to mistake me in my fuzzy blue running vest for a target.

Later that night, I watched the film of The Giver. I am one of those people who enjoys when a book is turned into a movie. Obviously, the book version of anything is usually much better than the film version, but I do enjoy seeing things on screen. I liked the film of The Giver, but am so glad I read the book first!

It was very warm out, but unfortunately I could not run because I was due to lift. I do back at Planet Fitness, so that is where I went, even though I really did not feel like trekking to the gym. I incorporated a few lower body exercises, but not a ton. I am trying to baby my IT band, and unfortunately, lunges and squats seem to aggravate it more than anything else!

Here is the workout I did:

Circuit 1:

Assisted Pull Ups
Wall Sit
Calf Raises

Circuit 2

Inverted Rows
Bicycle Crunches

Circuit 3

Lat Pull Down
Tricep Push Down
Seated Cable Row

Circuit 4

Assisted Pull Ups- different grip
Kettle Bell Swings

*Each circuit was done 4 times, except circuit 3**

After my workout, we had some grocery shopping to do. Our plan was to get some turkeys on sale. It recently dawned on me... turkey is a relatively lean meat. Why not take a break from chicken breast and do turkey for awhile!? To say we stocked up on some food is an understatement...

Can you find the turkey in our freezer!?

Can you find the turkey in our fridge!?

Then we headed to the theater to see Horrible Bosses 2. I thought the first movie was HILARIOUS. Unfortunately, the sequel SUCKS. First of all, I want to call Jason Sudeikis up and tell him that he is NOT FUNNY. Second, I want to ask Jason Bateman if he knows he plays the same role in every film?

Funny story though... On the way out of the theater, there was a huge cardboard advertisement for Dumb & Dumber To. There was a spot where you could get behind it and have your picture taken so it looked like you were riding in the van with Harry and Lloyd. I told Paul to take my picture, but to "do it quick and don't make a big deal about it". (I didn't want anyone to see a 32 year old woman posing in the mutt mobile.) Well, no sooner did I step up to get my picture taken, did Paul say really loudly, "Okay, now look here, smile for the camera!!!!" Oh my gosh I DIED LAUGHING he can be such a prick!!!!!! Here is the fabulous picture that resulted from my uncontrollable laughter at my prick of a husband!!!! (I say that with love, by the way!)

When we got home from the movie, we played several games of cards in which Paul beat my ass in every round.

Hey, we eat Brie while we play cards now! So grown up!

Chrissy begged for Brie, then gave up!

Well my friends, if you made it through this entire post and you're not my mom, kudos to you! I hope you had a fabulous holiday!

Oh, and I will also mention... my hubby got some GOOD NEWS on his MRI he got last week!!!! GLORY GLORY HALLELUJAH!!!! Now we can relax until the next one!

Did you have to go to two Thanksgivings?
Have you read The Giver?
Are there any films that you think are better than the original book?


  1. Fabulous news on the MRI. Way to go, Paul.
    That made my day!!

  2. GREAT news about Paul!!!

    You beat my 10-mile time by just a little bit. Next time I'll get you ;) LOL

    Such a bummer to hear Horrible Bosses 2 sucks. Adam and I really liked it the first one. Jason Bateman seriously does play the same role in everything... and Charlie Day does too, but I think they're funny so I don't mind too much!

    Do you watch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia?

  3. I wondered if the movie (The Giver) was any good. My boys both read the book as 7th graders but I've never read it.

    1. I enjoyed the movie a lot, but the add some stuff to it to make it a little more dramatic. Definitely read the book first!

  4. Glad for the good news with the MRI!!!
    I will have to read that book.
    I bought a turkey on Sunday and roasted it so we could have leftovers this week. I may go back and get another for the freezer--IT WAS .$49/#!!!!

    1. Dang that is ridiculously cheap!!! We bought one for .79/lb and one for .99. The 79 needed to be cooked within the next 5 days and the other one... well, there was time left so it was a little more expensive I guess!

  5. I can’t believe you read an entire book in one sitting. You have some serious reading powers! I get distracted too easily to be able to accomplish something like that. I once made it through a quarter of a book, but that was it. Sounds like a great book.

    My husband wants to see Horrible Bosses 2, but I really don’t want to. Hopefully it will leave before we get a chance. ☺ We saw The Theory of Everything and really liked it. Definitely a different type of movie and the acting was superb.

    What card game is that?

    1. Make your hubby go alone !!! I was in the mood for a silly movie, it just wasn't good.

      The card game is Quiddler- it's a fun word game. :)

  6. I wrote a comment but it disappeared! I also have a bad reaction to gluten free products, more so than the regular version. My stomach is crazy sensitive to grains :(

    1. It's funny how people they don't have celiac disease think gluten free = better!

  7. Yay! I am so glad you got some good news! We read The Giver out loud to my 7th and 8th graders last year while student teaching. They LOVED it. Every time we stopped, they begged to keep going. Such a great book.

    1. I am glad to hear your students loved the book. :)

  8. I do think that GF pasta can make you gassier than usual because of all the extra fillers, like guar gum etc. Certain GF mixes and pastas really get me!

    1. Yeah I only ate it because my MIL doesn't do gluten. Not for a real reason :) But hey, not gonna stir shit up on T-giving!

  9. Omg the licorice eating.... I leaned over to Paul and said, Bateman just thinks he's so much BETTER than them!!!