A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Sunday, December 28, 2014

"Weekly" Workout Re-Cap

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Hello All! This is the post where I re-cap my workouts from the past 7-9 days (depending on when I remember to post this) and tell you how well or how horrible they went!

This week got alllllll mixed up! As you can see...

12/19- Tempo Run Easy Run- 5 miles. I was supposed to do a tempo run this morning, and even though I was very excited to run, I was very tired. I decided to postpone my tempo run until the next day and do my easy run today. It was also the first time I ran since I stood up to the douchey teenager. I was excited to say hello to him when I ran past his bus stop this morning, but his bus got there before I did. I think I spent too much time that morning on reddit reading crap about Serial and ended up getting a later start...

12/20- Easy Run Tempo Run- My goal was to do two miles at a 7 minute tempo pace. I hit my mark. I always dread the tempo portion, but halfway through I am just on autopilot and feel like I could do another 1-2 miles at tempo pace easily.

12/21- Lifting Back/Legs Easy Run- As you can see, I keep switching things up this week! Due to being at my in-laws all day, I ran from their house instead of going to the gym. It was a gorgeous run!

12/22 - Lifting Back/Chest- Since I was off track from switching up workouts, I did chest/back at Planet Fitness. No legs. I was still scared to due to the horrible pain I was in after my last lower body lifting session! I am very excited because I could do a couple sets of chest press with 30lbs! I really think I could have done 32.5lbs but unfortunately we don't have those at my gym. The next weight up is 35lbs and I would never do that without a spotter!

The chest press @ 30lbs was a PR for me!!!

12/23 - Speed work- 5 miles total. I almost chickened out of this run because I was really tired. But once I got going, all was good! Here is how it went:

2 mile warm up
1/4 mile sprint
1/4 mile easy
1/2 mile sprint
1/2 mile easy
1/4 mile sprint
1/4 mile easy
1/4 mile sprint
3/4 mile cool down

12/24 - 8 easy miles- It rained/sprinkled the whole run. Luckily, it wasn't freezing out and it was quite an enjoyable run! I finished up before the sun came up.

 12/25 - 5 miles- These miles were supposed to be easy, but my mp3 player froze, so I couldn't listen to my podcasts! I ended up pushing myself to get the run done. I developed a headache not too far into the run because I was overdressed. I was not aware it was going to be about 50 degrees at six in the morning!

12/26 - 6 miles- I was supposed to lift today, but it was GORGEOUS outside. Also, I was a little blue that Christmas was over. I wanted to go for an AWESOME run and make all my cares go away. Well, it wasn't an awesome run. My legs were really tired and I was still blue when I was done. I should have just lifted like I was supposed to.

12/27 - Lifting Back/Legs- The gym was a SHIT SHOW. Very crowded. That's what I get for going on a Saturday morning! I did back and legs, but I was all over the place and out of my normal routine, so I really couldn't tell you the sets/reps I did... just a list of exercises!

I know I should give myself a pass for getting off schedule and not lifting enough this week. I mean, it was the holidays! I do plan on doing chest and shoulders tomorrow. Hopefully I can get back on track with my commitment to lifting lower body. It just aggravates my IT band so I am just trying to discern which exercises to avoid. You will notice there are no SQUATS in there, as they really hurt me last week. 
Did your weekly workouts get mixed up due to the holiday or were you able to stay on track?


  1. Meg, I am going to pick your brain for my Boston training! You are so speedy and strong! Somehow I was able to keep up with my workouts, even two days of strength (this deserves clapping) lol, but my eating habits sure took a dive. :(

    1. I am clapping! My eating habits went a little south too. The problem wasn't the actual meals, it was bringing home LEFTOVERS. It's like 9pm and I'm like, "ooh I think I will have some of Aunt Darina's spinach dip..." You are speedy too, Heather! You are welcome to pick my brain but take any advice with a grain of salt. I know you KNOW your body and what works for you.

  2. I haven't been to the gym since Christmas Eve. I have been running outside (did a very COLD 10 mile trail run yesterday) and lifting at home because I am terrified of the gym. It is ALWAYS crowded and busy and it only gets worse until February. Just let me do my usual thing and get the hell out of my way!