A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Our Christmas in Pictures

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We were quite busy over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, as I'm sure most of you were!

Here is our Christmas in pictures! I hope these shots convey to you how much fun we had! I seriously just belly laughed for two days straight. I love our families!

My brother Tyler and his daughter Clementine.
That's Paul being silly!

And that's Grandma being silly!

Me and my main squeeze!

My brother and his girls!

Mom and Dad

We are a talented family. My sister-in-law wows Zay by balancing
a clementine on her head.

Then Zay wows Rachel, right back!

Uncle Paul doesn't know what is going on, other than there
is some inside joke with the clementine...

My parents put up a dead Christmas tree.

My niece Ellie asked Santa for a green ghost and that's what she got!

My dad with his granddaughter Clementine.

Paul got Madden! He is so happy! And I'll never see him again.

I got a ukulele from my parents! I'm so excited to learn!
Now Paul calls me his Hawaiian Princess!

We got my brother Tyler a name plate for his desk at work 
so that everyone knows who the boss is...

Darling Clementine!

Ellie saw her Auntie Megan foam rolling and decided she wanted to give it a shot.

My mom gave me this stone decoration that was at my Grandma and Grandpa's house.
You can't tell, but all the grand kids' names are written on the snowmen.
It's a memory from their house!

We got our nephew Zay got SPY GEAR and he is a little excited about it.

Uncle Paul gave Violet a PINK AND PURPLE nerf gun.
Now she can play with the boys!

The dudes being silly!

Look at the old picture of Paul that is hanging in his mom's dining room.

Christmas dinner was burgers on the grill and Grandma Utz's potato chips!

Paul got me this wall hanging for Christmas. It's a little inside joke.
He always tells me he loves me and I always say, "Love you more!"

I gave Paul this charcoal drawing of Christmas. He loved it!

Paul's parents got me a pull up bar for at home!
Between this and all the ukulele playing I'm going to be doing,

I hope you had a Merry Christmas!

Do you have multiple places to go on Christmas Eve and Christmas?
What was a favorite gift you gave and a favorite gift you got?


  1. Great pics! Okay, I LOVE your parents' Christmas tree! I think that is such a sweet keepsake from your Grandparents house. :)

  2. I am late catching up on your blog but loved this update! So happy you captured your memories in pix. Your Gram, Pap, Mom & Dad all look great! Haven't seen them in person for a long while. And my, are Tyler's girls adorable!?! Of course, you and Paul are ageless and adorable wonders. :-)

    Anyway, yes. Generally, I am in multiple places   for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day because of the size of my family (11 siblings and my 55 nieces and nephews) but  this year wasn't too bad because of my foot/ankle/lower leg injury.

    Mitch came up to get me and brought me down here for our nearly 2 week break. We were at his parent's for Christmas Eve dinner and then went to a midnight service.

    Christmas Day was back at his parent's home to open gifts and preparing the Christmas supper - a fresh wild turkey that my beau brought home. The best part was when he said, "This is the best wild turkey I've ever eaten." That compliment was truly a gift to me!

    Although I gave several "perfect" gifts to my loved ones, my favorite gift that I gave was to a number of my nieces and nephews and their moms and dads... an "experience" gift, not a tangible gift. I treated the entire group to horse and carriage/ wagon rides through town, followed by hot cocoa for everyone at Helena's Chocolate Cafe! 

    And again, I received several "perfect" gifts, but my favorite gift that I was given was a 2-sided metal ornament with a very nostalgic picture of my older and younger sisters and me when we were 3, 5 and 6 years young! For some reason, after my older "Irish twin" sister died, that picture was given to her daughter and not passed on to me (my sister claimed it after my parent's died so my logic thinks it should have been given to me after she died since I'm the next eldest living subject in the pic). So, it was a cry fest when I opened that gift! Even though it's a tiny image of that picture, it is a treasure!!!

    Here's to an abundant 2015, my friend!

    1. Experience gifts are the BEST. We finally started to bite the bullet and travel. It's so expensive but we don't need more STUFF. We want to go places.

  3. Great gifts! I think a lot of wives got their hubbys workout technology this year!