A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Monday, December 22, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up!

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The holidays are fast approaching! If you are like  me, you spent the weekend doing all the last minute preparations for Christmas! WE'RE RUNNING OUT OF TIME, GUYS!

It will be a short week for me... I work Monday and Tuesday, then I don't go back to work until January 5th. Hopefully I can catch up on lots of stuff during that time! But let's face it... I will probably just do a lot of relaxing.
Here is what I was up to this weekend!

Work was a struggle. I texted Santa many times as a tactic to try to get the children to behave. That's right. I resorted to pretend texting a fictional character to try to restore order in my classroom. Oddly, it worked for the older kids. The younger kids (who I would presume would be more likely to believe in Santa)... not so much.

I had some errands to run after work, including a quick trip to Michael's to purchase a picture frame. I was quite pleased with myself that I left the store with only the picture frame... even though there were "60% off Christmas Decor!" signs every step of the way. I forced myself not to glance down the aisles and to just focus on the task at hand. I can't believe I made it out of there without an impulse purchase. The weekend was already a success!

The best part about Friday was playing cards with Paul in our beautifully decorated dining room with the Christmas lights twinkling. I just felt this immense feeling of happiness and I didn't know where it was coming from... other than I was just so happy to be in my warm, cozy home, with my favorite person in the whole world.

I had a really strong tempo run on Saturday morning. It was really cold, but I hit the marks I wanted to hit!

As I was finishing up my run, I started to daydream about the Serial podcast. If you don't want to be spoiled, skip ahead until the part that says, "YOU CAN START READING AGAIN!"

I was daydreaming about Serial and the different articles/blog posts I have been reading regarding Adnan's case. I am 90% sure Adnan had nothing to do with the crime. I feel like it is impossible to be 100% sure as I don't think I am qualified to say that. But I am pretty damn sure he didn't do it. I was contemplating writing Adnan a letter and telling him I support him, as suggested by the blog Split the Moon. Then I thought, "Nah, that is crazy."

Well, no sooner did I decide it was crazy, than did a car pull up beside me and roll down their window. It was an older, Middle Eastern couple. They had Mapquest directions printed out and looked lost. The woman asked me for directions to Lisburn Road. They were really close, so I explained to them how to get there. Then I looked at the destination address on their printed out directions. It was the Camp Hill State Prison! Talk about a sign right!? Now, I don't believe in signs. I don't believe the universe was telling me, "Yes, you have to write Adnan a letter!", but it sure was a coincidence, and it prompted me to reconsider my decision.



If you love Serial, you really have to read these blogs... they cover it in way  more depth than the podcast does. In fact, these blogs are better than the podcast!

The View From LL2
Split the Moon

Okay, done talking about Serial...

After my run, we went to my brother's new house to visit for a little bit. Paul played with our niece Ellie and I took photographs!

Later that afternoon, I helped my friend Danielle wrap all of her Christmas gifts. I have been helping out a lot of people with their wrapping this year. It is fun because I love to wrap Christmas presents and I get to help someone else out in the process. It's a win-win for everyone!

It took us three hours, but we got it done!

Then I had a million errands to run... I was starving, but I toughed it out. All I had to eat that day was some shredded wheat and half a turkey sandwich. I did not plan well at all. Why didn't I bring snacks in the car!? I was so hangry, hirritated, husterated, and hannoyed, but I managed to get all of errands done so we could enjoy the last couple days leading up to Christmas without driving around everywhere.

When I got home, I was rewarded for my perseverance. Paul made another turkey, and I had a big 'ol turkey leg for dinner!

And then dessert....

Yes, there is caramel up in that shit!

I thought I was going to go to bed, but then I read a blog about Serial on The View From LL2 for the next 4 hours. I'm not joking. It was a late night! I got on Facebook but it just depressed me. It seemed like everyone in my news feed was out doing something Christmassy with all their friends, while I was home in my pajamas. I try not to let Facebook get me down, but that night, it did! Maybe that is a post for another time....

We spent pretty much all day Sunday at Paul's parent's house working on a Christmas present to give our family, friends, and of course YOU! This is the only hint you get...

 I did get an easy run in between sessions...

When we finally got home that evening, it was time to relax! Paul caught up with football and I did random things around the house to get ready for the week ahead.

It's been awhile since I blessed you with pictures of my babies, so I will leave you with this:

Have you ever "texted", "called", or "emailed" Santa?

If you listen to Serial, how sure are you of Adnan's guilt/innocence?

Do you ever feel like people on Facebook are having way more fun than you?


  1. Congratulations on your tempo run despite how cold it was. I would've just forgo it. I hate running in the cold. I love wrapping Christmas presents too but I don't think it would have ever taken me three hrs. She must have had alot of gifts. -L

    1. She DID have a lot of presents, but she has 3 kids and you know how that can just add up!

  2. Yes!!! I am so glad we are having this Serial conversation now! haha

    I've been reading Split the Moon but had not heard of the LL2 blog. I know what I'll be doing tonight!!!

    95% of me thinks Jay did it and framed Adnan, I just don't know why. I mean how else would Jay know where the car was (clearly he HAD to have been a part of it, right?) and WHY would he help Adnan bury the body if Adnan and him weren't super close friends. Also, how did Jay not end up with any jail time at all? Is that normal? I think he clearly made a deal to testify and say a specific story in exchange for a reduced sentence which always makes the facts get murky, in my opinion.

    The Asia story regarding the weather is weird. She wrote Adnan right after he was arrested which makes me think she remembers the day pretty clearly, but then the weather report says it didn't snow that day. Overall though, I don't think it matters, I still don't think Adnan did it.

    1. Also, I still kind of believe that the pay phone at the best buy never existed. Just because it was in the plans for the building and the outlet is there for it doesn't mean the phones were ever put in. I am inclined to believe the friend who used to steal from the Best Buy who says there wasn't one. It makes sense to me that if you steal from a place you are probably hyper-vigilant about everything in it.

      But I also don't think that matters too much in the case except to point out that Jay's story is really thin.

    2. After listening to the podcast, I was torn. After Split the Moon, I was 80% convinced. After reading The View from LL2, I am 100000000% convinced Adnan is innocent and that Jay pinned it on him after the fact. I don't think Jay PLANNED to pin it on him... I'm not even sure if Jay actually planned to murder Hae. But Jay did it and Adnan didn't. One you read The View from LL2, it gets really long and VERY specific into Jay and Jenn's testimony, but I have a feeling you will really enjoy reading that- and THAT is what convinced me, the testimony.

      However, one big question that haunted me, was if Jay was so guilty, and the police are cutting him deals and feeding him lines (as you will see when you read LL2)... WHY were the police doing this? Wouldn't it just have been easier to charge Jay!? Jay is the one that knew EVERYTHING. Well, the Lawyer who write the LL2 blog explained it like this: The police were looking at Adnan as a person of interest to begin with... ex boyfriend, cell records, anonymous phone tip... They just didn't have ANY physical evidence (besides cell stuff) to pin it on anyone else. So when Jay tells his story, the police are quick to believe. I can't explain it as well as the woman from LL2 does. Oh, and on LL2, read the comments. She responds to many of them. Oh you are going to have so much fun over Christmas break with that blog!!!!!!

      I don't know if there was a phone at Best Buy but I don't think it matters because I don't believe Jay at all. I think Jay killed Hae- MAYBE at Best Buy. But even if they were at BB, Jay had a phone, he would not have needed the pay phone.

      Nisha call = butt dial. I am soooooo convinced of that.

    3. I actually don't think the Nisha call was a butt dial, I think Jay specifically called her so that the phone would show that someone was called that only Adnan knows. That would support the theory that Jay did it on purpose and planned to frame Adnan though. I need to read the LL2 blog!

    4. All along I've been pretty convinced that Jay specifically framed Adnan, but now I think you're right ... that he just need someone (anyone) to pin it on and Adnan was a logical choice.

      If all of this is true and Adnan really is innocent, I really admire the way he has handled his life. It sounds like he really has been making the best of a bad situation.

      I can't wait to read that LL2 blog!

    5. Right! I don't think he was savvy enough to plan to frame Adnan. I think it just ended up happening. In fact, I don't even think he planned Hae's murder. If he had surely he would have prepared better and killed her somewhere other than broad daylight. Plus, he wasn't guaranteed a car that day and even though was borrowing A's, he did have to ask Jenn for rides at different points. I think Adnan was INCREDIBLY unlucky, but yes has handled himself well. I'd be way more angry.

  3. How have I not thought of texting Santa?!?!? My famous line for the first graders is usually, "Santa's watching!" It semi-works.

    Meg, how do you run so fast?! If I tried a 7 min mile, there would be vomit.

    1. Now that is a LIE because I know you run 7 min miles during your races!

  4. Texting Santa... that's awesome! I can't use this with my kids, obviously. I have to resort to repeating "250-point final." Ha.

    1. Hopefully that works! My 4th grader's eyes glazed over this morning when I explained to him he is pretty much FAILING music because he hasn't practiced his recorder AT ALL. He is not concerned.

  5. I can only imagine how crazy the kids were at school. I will have to keep the texting Santa trick in mind when I have my own classroom! Part of me wants to start listening to Serial while I run but I always zone out while I'm running so I don't know if I would actually pay attention or not.

    1. I totally understand. It is something you DO have to pay attention to to thoroughly enjoy. Maybe when you travel again or on a long car ride?

  6. I haven't listened to Serial yet (I plan to get into it once I start running long again on weekends) but I've shared those two blogs with a friend of mine who's obsessed. It's like true crime for the modern age!

    I was shocked that we had a Christmas party to attend last weekend and had friends over for games this Saturday. We're NEVER social, and especially around the holidays that kind of makes me sad. I get the whole "avoiding facebook" thing! But remember, people post what makes them look good. Take all those happy holiday posts with a grain of salt!

    1. That's a good idea to save it! I think you will love it. :)

      The biggest thing I can't believe about FB is how people have so much ENERGY! I am too exhausted by the end of the day to do anything!

  7. ooh are you doing a podcast? I tried listening to Serial but I might be the only person on the planet who didn't get into it. I felt the same way about House of Card, Breaking Bad, and Orange is the New Black. I felt like the odd man out because I wasn't into it! :) As far as FB I'm gotten to a place where I'm comfortable accepting that although people are probably having a good time, it's an illusion that their life is perfect because of one night out that was posted all over FB. In fact I do almost feel bad for people who post too much because it seems like they are trying really hard. At least that's what I keep telling myself. :)

    1. Not a podcast, but good guess! I wish, that would be fun! Except I sound like a 16 year old girl when I speak. No like. :) I never watched House of Cards or Breaking Bad, but we DID watch OITNB. We loved the first season but stopped halfway through the second. It got old. And we keep forgetting to pick up with watching it!

      I do definitely notice some people not living in the moment- like taking and posting TONS of pictures while they are actually out doing the activity.

  8. Download some Serial for your long runs!!! :)

    I hate the sound of the turkey when Paul is cutting it up and taking out all the bones and stuff. Sounds gross!!!

  9. I am really proud of you for going into Michael's and coming out with JUST what you went in to get. I get sucked into the Michael's vortex just as badly as the Target vortex. It is really bad. And I don't even craft...