A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sex and the City

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Sex and the City is a mindless show I love to hate to watch. I love to hate Carrie's clothes. I love to hate how immature a bunch of 30 something (and one 40 something) women can act. I love to hate the cheesy dialogue and the cheesy sex and all the stuff that I'm sure was cutting edge 15 years ago, but it isn't anymore.

I didn't watch Sex and the City when it originally aired. I was WAY too young. Plus we didn't get HBO. These were the days before On Demand, Redbox, Netflix, and Amazon Prime...

So now, Sex and the City is a guilty pleasure I have been DVRing and half watching while I blog, unwind from the work day, or when I'm just plain bored.

I find myself fast forwarding any story arc that involves Miranda, as her stories are usually boring to me (especially after she had her kid) and her boyfriend Steve is super gross (in my opinion).

I fast forward half of Charlotte's story arcs because even though I think she is lovely and not annoying at all, a lot of her arcs are boring or just plain silly.

Now Samantha... I LOVE Samantha! I honestly think she is the most mature out of all of them.

And now for Carrie. I HATE CARRIE!!!! She is immature, self absorbed, selfish, and a cheater. Oh, and she's a horrible dresser.

Let's delve deeper into why I cannot STAND Carrie Bradshaw. Why? Because it's my blog, and I love complaining about frivolous things... like a TV show that ended 11 years ago. (Wow, it seems longer!!)

Reasons I cannot STAND Carrie:

1. She acted extremely immature in her relationship with Big. Actually, she acted immature in practically all of her relationships.

2. Her stupid, self serving apology to Natasha after getting caught sleeping with Big. First of all, the only reason she apologized was to make herself feel better. Second, she tracked down Natasha at lunch to deliver the pathetic apology in that highly inappropriate newspaper dress.

3. Bullying Charlotte and making her feel bad for not giving Carrie her engagement ring so Carrie could pay for her apartment. Hmmm... let's see... Carrie saves no money, wastes it on $500 shoes, and then can't afford to buy her apartment? Nope. Don't feel bad for you. But I do feel bad for Charlotte. It is not Charlotte's responsibility to fix Carrie's financial problems.

4. Making everything about HER. It doesn't matter what sort of problem one of her friends has. Carrie finds a way to put the spotlight back onto her.

5. Inviting Big to Aiden's country home. Carrie complained the whole time she was there, then the second her ex-boyfriend calls and needs someone to talk to, she invites him up to AIDEN'S house so they can talk. (Oh, this is after Carrie already cheated on Aiden with Big.)

I'm sure there's a lot more I could add to the list.

But I shall continue mindlessly watching Sex and the City. I like getting annoyed by Carrie. She's like my Mr. Big... I keep going back for more!

Who is your favorite character on Sex and the City?

Tell me about an episode when Carrie annoyed the crap out of you!


  1. I also dislike Carrie and love Samantha. I also was annoyed with Steve at first, but then he grew on me once they moved to Brooklyn, because he is the available, nurturing parent that Brady needed (since Magda was raising him mostly and Miranda was doing awesome in her career). Also, I liked that she was a career-focused woman and didn't sacrifice raising her kid for her job.
    I LOVE that dress that Carrie wore when she stalked Natasha, but I guess it's not an apology dress... though I don't know what one wears for an apology date... And everything you mentioned about Carrie I hate too, especially that she cheated and decided to string Aiden along with her indecisions about commitment. Watching it is fun though, because the further into the seasons it goes, the worse their meal conversations are. :)

  2. I started watching it on Esquire channel so I am seeing all these storylines they cut out of the E! version. I guess they cut for content and time as well. But I am seeing a lot more sexy time on the esquire channel hahaha!

  3. Haha I just saw your post on Sex and the City and couldn't help but reading. Carrie annoys me, too! And I agree with you, she totally annoyed me when she called Charlotte out on wearing her engagement ring and not offering to give Carrie money to buy her apartment. I consider myself a pretty good friend, but whether I had a lot of money or not if I knew someone was really bad with money I probably wouldn't offer to help them out. Carrie should have sold a bunch of her shoes and then she'd be able to pay for her apartment. And if she hadnt been a smoker (I think she quit at that point), she probably could have saved all that money and been able to afford to buy her apartment. I guess what really annoys me is that I know people like this so now my blood is boiling, haha.

    1. Good point about the smokes!!! Yah between that and the shoes she has no excuse. I am with you- I would not loan money to anyone except MAYBE family... but of course only certain family members as well. Oh well it doesn't matter because I am in no position to lend large sums of money!