A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Compression Socks & My UGLY Running Gear!

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I've recently started scouring the net and checking out A LOT of running blogs. These running bloggers run A LOT (way more than me!) and they take LOTS of pictures (way more than me!). Anyhoo, in a lot of these pictures, I notice runners wearing compression socks. They're usually super bright and colorful. 

I think they are SO ugly! (I am sorry if you wear these socks and I have offended you. I just think they look stupid!) Apparently, I'm the only one who thinks so, though, because EVERYONE is wearing them!

**Note: I am not the most fashionable runner. (See pictures below.) Sometimes I look like a hot mess when I run. I realize I have NO BUSINESS denouncing these socks as being ugly!! But I'm saying it anyway!**

I guess I'm pretty slow on the uptake of running gear/fashion, because I had to go to Google to figure out exactly what these socks were for. I knew patients in the hospital wore compression socks to they wouldn't get blood clots when laying in a hospital bed.

Compression socks for runners have pretty much the same purpose. The socks stimulate blood flow to help your legs recover faster from a run. Some runners wear them during their workouts. Some wear them after. From what I read, they are meant to be worn after a run, but most people attest that wearing them during a run helps too. I will have to take their word for it, as I don't own a pair!

Compression socks run in the $20-$60 range, depending on the kind you get. That's a lot of money! Because you figure, if you wear compression socks on all of your runs, you're going to need like 2-3 pairs so you're not doing laundry every night.

I guess I shouldn't knock these puppies until I try them! Although I do not see myself buying a pair in the near future. Running shoes are expensive to begin with. I don't want to get in the habit of buying expensive SOCKS too!

Anyway, since I told you I sometimes look like a hot mess when I run, I should show you some ugly running clothes I own... and wear.

These were capris. I cut them off into shorts.

My winter running cap.
If you look closely, you'll see it's covered in cat hair!

Yup, they don't match!

This was a camisole. Now it's a sports bra.
Notice how the bottom rolls up because it was cut.
It's also uneven.


I'm not a fan of white running shoes, but these
were the cheapest I could find online!
I'll wear ugly shoes if they're $40 cheaper!

Do you wear compression socks? How do they help your runs?

What's the ugliest thing you have worn on a run?


  1. HI Megan! I own one pair of compression socks and I do like them but do not find them necessary on all my runs. I also wear what works vs what looks good. I think they need to invent socks that include toenails since my are a total mess right now:0 Your shit streak blog was funny and I can relate to animal disasters of the poopy kind.

  2. Haha if someone invented socks w/ toenails, they would make a huge profit! Or, socks that made "runners feet" look pretty... I would def buy those. My feet are just gross... and I don't think they will ever be pretty unless I stopped shoving them in sneakers every morning. "What works vs. what looks good"- GOOD POINT!!! Like my Buffalo Bills cap... I look like a crazy woman in it but hey, it keeps my head warm! :) Thanks for reading!

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