A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Front Yard Lower Body Workout!

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**Note: I wrote this blog over a month ago. This was before my knee brace and deciding to "baby" my knee for a month!!**

Some mornings, I love going to Planet Fitness to lift, but other times, I just feel like being at HOME. Another part of the equation is that I get to sleep in an extra 30-45 minutes if I simply workout at home. The result of these sudden feelings of homesickness and sleep in-itis?? Two weeks in a row of doing lower body resistance training at home instead of at the gym.

Part of me felt like I wouldn't get as good of a workout without the Smith machine and the plethora of dumbbells Planet Fitness has to offer. But you know what? I was actually SORE eleven hours after completing my at home lower body workout. And I stayed sore for a good 24 hours. (Mainly my glutes.) I must have done something right!

Equipment Needed: stability ball, kettle bell, jump rope, 
pair of dumbbells, deck of cards, towel.
(I used 15lb dumb bells and a 15lb kettle bell)

That's it!!!!

Here's my workout!!

~ Complete each super set 3xs ~

Bulgarian split squat - 10/15lb
Stability ball pass - 8

Squat - 15/30lb
Stability ball pull ins - 15

Step up w/ knee raise & backwards lunge - 10 each leg/30lb
Plank - 1 min

Uphill walking lunge - 10 each leg/30lb
Wall Sit - 30 seconds

Glute Raise - held till my legs started shaking
Side Plank - 30 seconds

My finisher was this deck of cards workout:

Hearts- burpees
Spades- 15lb kettle bell swings
Diamonds- bicycles (double the # on each card- so 6 of diamonds was R + L 12xs)
Clubs- mountain climbers (R + L = 1)

And then just for fun...

700 jump rope rotations!!!


ps. This took about an hour.

Have you ever done a lower body workout at home? How do you make it challenging?

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