A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Biden Rally for Hillary and Katie McGinty!

I have been meaning to share more about my adventure seeing Joe Biden speak. It was almost two weeks ago now. Crazy! Here is a recap of the experience. I know I will always remember it!

On the Sunday before election day, me, my mom, and my SIL Debby went to see Joe Biden speak on behalf of Hillary and Katie McGinty. Attending this rally was a last minute decision. You only live once, right? I was excited! I really like Joe Biden. When I think about how he spent his entire life in public service, it really motivates me to be a better citizen.

We met at Debby's house and drove over to the rally in Harrisburg together. She brought her 4 month old son Clark. Before we left, my brother told us that we better have Joe Biden kiss the baby. Sure, Tyler!

The street in front of the Lincoln School was closed off and there were police officers and secret service everywhere. We ended up parking about two blocks away and got in line around 11:30. It was chilly but the line wasn't too long. The doors were scheduled to open at 12:15, so I figured we wouldn't be standing in line too long.

After a few minutes, someone associated with the event yelled, "Are there any teachers here?" "I'm a teacher!" I yelled back. The woman invited me, my family, and our new friend Andrew (we met him in line) to a special line for VIP seats. The VIP seats were for members of NEA (my teacher's union) and Moms Demand Action (a group advocating common sense gun legislation). It was a nice perk!

Putting on the NEA shirt they gave me.

My family and our new friend, Andrew!

Unfortunately the doors did not open at 12:15. We waited... forever. My lower back started to hurt so bad and I was freezing. Finally, around 1:30, we went through the metal detectors and were in the building. I couldn't wait to sit down!

Debby carrying Clark... Her back didn't hurt! 
I'm a wuss!

It was warm inside, but unfortunately the rally was being held in a gymnasium with NO SEATING! We had to keep standing! I was prepared to tough it out, but I'm not going to lie, it was rough. By the end of the day, my back hurt more than it ever hurt in my entire life. I did a fair amount of complaining.

We did NOT complain about getting to stand in the VIP area which was really close to the stage!

Biden was supposed to speak at 2:00 but he was very late showing up. We stood there waiting until about 4:00! A few people spoke before that, but then there was just a lot of waiting. We knew when he arrived because they brought out the Vice President's seal and put it on the podium. Apparently that travels with the VP, so if the seal was there, Biden was there!

Katie McGinty, who was running for senate, spoke first. She had a very energetic speech. Unfortunately, she did not end up winning on Tuesday. Pat Toomey is still in the senate, which means I get to keep writing him letters and leaving him voice mails about the importance of common sense gun legislation!

And then... BIDEN!

I always love listening to Biden speak. He is earnest, down to earth, and just talks to you straight. He talked about traveling around the world and meeting hundreds of leaders from other nations. They all ask what is the secret that makes America so great and special. His answer: "Possibilities." Here are to excerpts from his speech:

Biden also spoke about how climate change is a national security issue as well as the need for renewable energy. He said that in 10 years, we would have renewable energy in every house in America.

Obviously two weeks later we all know that is probably not going to happen as renewable energy is not a priority for our president elect. Hell he doesn't even "believe" in climate change. I didn't know it was something you had to "believe" in. It's not Santa Claus... Okay I will stop now, I'm getting pissed off!

I never got to see a president or VP in person, so this felt like a once in a lifetime experience! Besides Biden, I'm not sure there are many other people I would stand 6 hours to see speak... Actually, here is my list of people I would wait 6 hours to see... IN ORDER.

1. Obama
2. Hillary
3. Biden
4. Madonna

That's it! I'm totally serious! I can't think of anyone else I would go through all that pain to see!

After he spoke, Biden walked in front of the crowd and took selfies and shook hands with the people lucky enough to be in the front.


Oh, here is the video of Biden kissing Clark!!!!!

What a freaking day! We were riding high after that! And then we saw Josh Shapiro after the rally and got our picture with him! He was elected Attorney General of PA.

We literally floated down the street after the rally. We were so high! Oh, one thing I thought was interesting... I envisioned a lot of chanting/yelling at the rally. There was not much of that at all! The democrats in the room that day were actually listening intently to all of the speakers and were not super vocal.

On our way back to the car, we passed a lot of secret service and police officers. I thanked them as we walked by. Secret service simply nodded, but the state police were able to smile and talk to us. I am sure they were working overtime to ensure the safety of the VP, and we wanted to let them know we appreciated them!

Obviously it is quite bittersweet to look back on this rally as the election did NOT go the way we all had hoped. But I still wanted to write it up so I had documentation of my experience, and of course I wanted to share it with you all.

Joe Biden says POSSIBILITIES are what make America so awesome. What do YOU think makes America so awesome?

Have you ever gone to a political rally?

Do you thank police officers?

Who would you stand 6 hours to see speak?

Did you ever kiss anyone famous? If you COULD kiss anyone famous, who would it be???


  1. I love that Biden says possibilities are what makes America awesome, but I wish he said opportunities are what make America awesome. The possibility that a woman could someday have the right to vote is nice, but the fact that we do have the opportunity to vote now is even better!

    The climate change issue makes me so angry. You know how much I love Fort Lauderdale and south florida in general. It's not just the city I live in, it's the only city that I LOVE with a passion... but here in east Fort Lauderdale we are seeing the effects of climate change really badly already. Signs go up leading to the beach letting people know to drive at their own risk because the king tides bring INCHES of water onto the roads and make it unsafe to drive. Some people live in houses where they cannot leave or get to their homes when the king tides roll in. Real estate agents say that the number one question they get asked in this area is what the flooding issue is like. We have drains like every other city, but there is no where for the water to do because the sewers AND the ocean are full thanks to all the ice melting and making its way down here. BUT NO GLOBAL WARMING ISN'T REAL. I mean an OCTOPUS was found swimming in a parking garage in Miami Beach this week. How did he get there? And why was there enough water in the parking garage that he could swim? Gee, I don't know. Totally random that it happened during the week when the king tides and the supermoon were here, right? Why was the water up to the windows on some cars in Miami Beach? Random act of God?

    Even worse, our senator, WHO LIVES IN MIAMI, denies that climate change is man made and that we need to do anything about it. He says "the climate is always changing" as if climate and weather are synonymous. It makes me so mad because it means within 15 years Adam and I will be moving to another city because we'll need to sell our house before the floods take over and no one wants to buy it. But I don't want to leave :(

    1. I'm sorry to insert my own comment on your Kristina! Roger ( who grew up in Miami and lived in Fort Lauderdale) and I used to make fun of the FL Governor, for denying that climate change existed, and not allowing people on his administration to even mention it... it's really sad that the President Elect has the same mentality... really sad!

    2. Man, that is really shitty. Now I am really depressed. :( I don't understand why human's impact on climate change seems to be a partisan issue. Well, okay, I guess I do, it's all about the $$$. He also spoke about climate change being a national security issue because it will eventually cause MASS migrations and mass migration = issues!

    3. Oh Ana, I hear you! How frustrating and embarrassing to have Florida leadership banning the mere mention of it. I used to laugh about it too, but now that there are days I can't drive my car to the beach I'm not laughing. I'm really worried for south Florida and the world.

      Megan, I really don't get how this is still a partisan issue. I get it ... OIL $$$ ... but at some point we have to face the facts right?

  2. It is so amazing that you got to meet the Vice President! and that he kissed the baby! Was the Baby fussy at all? 6 hours is a long time to wait, but you all held in there like the amazing women you are!

    I once had to attend a dinner for Pat Tomey, he was nice to me. But he has been on my shit list for all of his overly conservative views. I got into a small argument with my sister about this... she was set on voting for him, because she "looked" more trustworthy than McGuinty, and I told her all the things that he stood for and she said that it was her vote to make.

    sorry, my comment got very long.

    Two years ago, I met my favorite band.. and they all kissed me on the cheek. When life gets stressful and challenging, I just remember that I met my favorite band and I feel a little bit better.

    1. He only fussed ONCE and it was really quick. He was actually SO GOOD and Debby was a trooper. She held him almost the whole time. My mom held him some of the time. He did need a diaper change right there on the gym floor though. ;)

      Wow your favorite band kissed you!!!!??? That is so cool. :)

  3. What a special & memorable day for you guys! Amazing. Both Rick & I always thank police officers and military. The job they do is so very respectable. Is it bad to say that I would stand in line for that lone to talk to Roger Waters or David Gilmour?! I am slightly obsessed with Pink Floyd....slightly. Hard to pick who I would want to be kissed by. Either one of the aforementioned would be OK and I would not be mad with a kiss from Ryan Gosling or Bradley Cooper.

    1. I did not know who Waters and Gilmour were! What can I say, I'm not into Pink Floyd? If you could recommend one Pink Floyd song, what would you suggest? Actually I think I do know one- Wish You Were Here! A guy I liked once made me a CD and that song was one he included.

      I also would not mind a kiss from Bradley Cooper!!!!

  4. I am so happy that you got this experience! I love how you put Madonna on that list.

    1. I have loved her since HS. My love has waned a little but still there. I think she is cool. :)

  5. Down to earth is the best way to describe him for sure. Yeah I don't know why I can run forever without my back hurting but I can't stand for even an hour without it starting to hurt!

  6. I'm with Kristina on the global warming front. We aren't seeing effects that are as bad as in Miami in FM yet, but in just a few decades Floridians will have to move inland. Our state will be the first to go, and our governor may deserve that karma, but the rest of us don't!

    I love Biden, as you know, and waiting in line and standing for his rally was totally worth it!

    1. That is crazy. I mean, I knew it was bad but I really had no clue that in our lifetime Floridians will have to move. And that can't be good because think of all the hotels and businesses right on the coast too. You would think your Gov would be looking out for his state!!