A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Weekly Workouts!

This week I worked on figuring out what is going on with my back/groin/hips. I decided to start stretching my back and I'm hoping that helps. You can read the saga below...

Also, feel free to share your favorite lower back stretches in the comments! I do: cat/cow, child's pose, open books, a knee tuck with my back on the floor, and this...

 Believe it or not, even as I do this stretch, I feel like my back could be stretched MORE.

Also to note: Stretching it feels GOOD it does not cause my pain.

As I was messing around with the stretch pictured above, I discovered HAPPY BABY POSE! Oh it feels so good!

Saturday- 6 miler at Hampden Township Park. It was a hot day! Later on, I got a sports massage, which was a workout in itself! I was hoping it could help my hip issues.

Sunday- Rest! I was sore from my massage and I read that you should wait 24 hours to workout after such an intense massage. I figured I'd just take a rest day and get back at it tomorrow!

Monday- 6 morning miles! So my groin and hammy didn't hurt but my lower back sometimes gets so tight when I run! I don't know why! I ran a short trail in my hood over to a park. I hadn't run this route in awhile. When I saw the huge cornstalks, that's when I realized it had been a long time!

Tuesday- 6 neighborhood miles. My lower back was SO TIGHT! Why!? I stretch and foam roll. I have to figure this out. I ended up googling and the tight back could be pulling on my hammy/hips. So maybe it's my back that is causing me to sometimes have sore hips. (When I say hips, I mean hammy and groin.)

Wednesday- An awesome lifting session at the gym. I googled some lower back stretches and did them as well. But at work, as the day went on, my lower back hurt. Standing all day really bothers it. Ugh. I stretched it again when I got home. This lower back thing really ramped into gear this past week. And what has changed this past week? I am back at work standing and walking all day long.

Thursday- 2 deck of cards workouts. I also did my back stretches. My back felt pretty good during the work day. Maybe the stretching helped?

Friday- 3 treadmill miles and lifting upper body. I woke up at 3:30am and could not fall back asleep. By the time we went to the gym at 1pm, I was crashing... tired, headache, sore throat... But I felt like I should do something. I did a short lifting session, did lots of stretching, and then ran three miles on the treadmill. I felt strong and nothing hurt. 

How were your workouts this week?
Share some lower back stretches with me!


  1. I am sorry your back is being such a jerk! I went through about 2 weeks of a tight lower back this summer. I couldn't figure it out but I think maybe it was because I had modified my form in the pool a bit when I am swimming lap (?)...I have no idea. It finally went away, though. Even though your back is not cooperating, you had a really great week in workouts! I hope you got to make up for your sleep on Friday night!

    1. Well I'm glad your lower back pain went away! I got my freaking period today so now I have a different type of lower back pain!