A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Monday, September 24, 2018

Weekend Wrap Up!

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Happy Monday!
It was a busy weekend!
I just filled out my fall calendar, and next weekend is the only weekend we don't have any plans. After that, we are booked through October!!!!

The cats woke me up at 3:50. So I just got up. I was awake anyway.

I ran 5 miles and did 15 minutes of Zumba in the carport. But my back hurt later that day. Freaking A.

At least I had time to make dippy eggs for breakfast! There's always a bright side to waking up an hour and forty minutes before your alarm goes off...

Work was exhausting. This was my morning: 1st grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, chorus.... WITH NO BREAKS IN BETWEEN. So I have to wrap up my 4th grade class with enough time to set up my room for chorus. It is exhausting.

But two good things happened at work!

Good thing #1: I had a ton of laminating to cut!

Good thing #2: I actually ate lunch with coworkers for the FIRST TIME THIS YEAR! You see, most of the teachers who eat lunch when I eat lunch do not eat in the faculty room. So normally there is no one for me to eat lunch with. It's a bummer, but I make good use of my time by spending about 10 minutes actually eating my lunch and watching a vlog or something, and then using the remaining time to do work. However, it was good for my SOUL to be able to eat lunch and connect with my colleagues today!

After work, Paul and I went out for sushi. We love Tokyo diner in Mechanicsburg. It's reasonably priced, the sushi is divine, and there is never a wait for a booth!

I slept until 9:16! IT WAS AWESOME! I was awake for two hours in the middle of the night, which wasn't fun, but being able to sleep in made up for it.

I had a strange breakfast... pasta with roasted squash, tomatoes, parm cheese, and chicken. In my defense, I hadn't eaten for 17 hours, so my normal cinnamon bagel and yogurt just wasn't going to cut it!

We went to Planet Fitness for a bit and then I came home and did some Zumba videos in my carport. Some old guy who lives across the street was raking leaves and watching me.

The bracelet I bought from Products of 47 came in the mail. I LOVE IT!!!! I was inspired to look for a bracelet like this because Sunny Hostin wears a similar one on The View.

My pictures don't do it justice so....

That evening, we finally took Paul's parents out for their Christmas gift- Dinner at Penn's Tavern in Sunbury. We dined in their historic 1700s dining room. Paul and Bob got an authentic German dinner while I got salmon and Deb got steak. The food was delicious!

 I took this picture after I ate most of my Spaetzel!

The cats woke me up at 3:00 and I couldn't fall back asleep, so I just got up.

At 7:40, I met Allison at Trindle Road to do an out and back totaling 10 miles on the AT. This was a section I hadn't run in a very long time and I enjoyed it greatly! Allison and I chatted the whole way, so the run flew by quickly. She is also a very strong runner and pushed me out of my lazy summer running comfort zone! We averaged around 10 min per mile, which is FAST for a muddy, slippy trail.

Since I got so little sleep, I was kind of in "just keep going mode", so when I got home, I showered and headed right out to do some shopping!

First, I went to Target. Guys, the 90s are BACK and I don't think it's a good thing!


I did get a top for $22, which is more than I like to spend, but it was made very well.

All the bathing suit separates were on sale!

I got two bottoms ($9 and $14 each) and a cool top ($6). I'm posting a pic of me IN the top not be like "hey look at me in a bathing suit top" but because there's just no way to get a proper picture of it unless it's ON.

Note: The only bathing suit bottoms I get are Mossimo. None of the others cover my arse.

Boy shorts! Look good on my athletic body.

Kind of trendy. I hope it's sill in style next year!
It's very Cell Block Tango, don't you think!?

I know all black is boring, but I have colorful separates to mix these with. I was actually looking for some black.

Then I headed to JC Penney. Ended up getting two pairs of thick leggings with back pockets, so they basically look like dress pants but they are as comfy as pjs. I got a black pair and a very dark purplish pair. They were only $14.99!

The purple pants are MUCH darker than this picture.

I also went into Sephora, which is in JC Penney. I wanted to ask some questions about primer and dip my toe in investing in good foundation and primer. The girl was very knowledgeable and set me up with a good primer ($13) and a foundation which was a match for my face and skin characteristics ($20). I know the bottles are small but the girl said they should last for 4 months.

I know the cheap drugstore makeup isn't great for your face. It can make your skin age faster. It also doesn't stay put and settles into my wrinkles as the day goes on. I'm excited to see if spending a little more money on a better quality makes my makeup look better.

I'm also tossing around the idea of phasing make up out for work and only wearing it during social or family activities. Then I could invest in really nice make up but not wear it daily.

So much to think about!

By now, I was starving, so I went to Moe's and treated myself to lunch. We means I ate out THREE TIMES THIS WEEKEND! THAT NEVER HAPPENS!

Then I went to The Christmas Tree Shoppe. You should be proud of me. I didn't buy any Christmas decorations!

I did get all of our Halloween candy, including some healthy options (pretzels and fruit snacks) and non food items like stickers and tattoos.

I also got my favorite $1 hand soaps.

Now it was time for the boring part of my shopping trip... Aldi and Dollar General. I stocked up on Paul's cereal...

... got some prizes for my classroom...

(Stickers, tattoos, and bouncy balls.)

... and found my Halloween mask!

Oh, look what I saw at Aldi!

Wow! What a day! Are you still reading? If so, you're a trooper!
Do your kitties like cat nip?

What do you think of the comeback of the 90s style?

What kind of makeup do you use? How often do you wear it?


  1. I am somewhat interested in the return of bell bottoms/flared jeans. Skinny jeans have never been a great option for me with my big calves, and now that my calves are even more expanded after surgery I just won't wear them. The rest of the stuff is a big no from me... especially those parachute pants!!! They were always the worst!

    Cecil likes catnip but doesn't go totally crazy for it. Georgie is super sensitive to cat nip and will go nuts for it!

    I love going makeup free most days now! I think my skin has improved by not having chemicals on it all day, everyday so I even feel good/comfortable without it. I def recommend giving it a try for a few days to see what you think. You know I loved shopping for makeup but now I love not wearing makeup haha!

    1. My skin usually looks better in the summer but I don't know if it's because of less make up or because the sun just gives me a little bit of a tan.

  2. Um Just NO to those clothes at Target! Not that I have anything against Target clothes but those styles were awful. What is up with that cropped mock turtle neck???? On the other hand, your swimsuit top was totally cute!

    If you're not sure about the whole make up thing, you should try a B.B. cream. I just started using one and I love it. Also I would recommend the Miracle Blur by Loreal. It's a bit pricey at around $30 ( but you can use coupons at CVS). It is a great product to even out your skin and for fine lines and wrinkles ( which you don't have). You will find that you don't really need a foundation after using that yet your skin looks great!

    Also I am loving that first cat pic of (Jelly?), adorable!

    1. Yes that is baby Jelly! Thanks for the BB cream rec, I am going to check it out!

  3. I read! I do not like the new 90s trends- the 90s had some great trends, but unfortunately the ones I liked are not the ones that are coming back. Looks like you guys had a great weekend and you were very productive with the shopping but also had a lot of fun.

    Working from home, I agree that eating lunch with coworkers can be good for your soul! I only go in the office a few times a year but always eat lunch with people. It's nice to just be around coworkers when you're mostly working alone.

    1. Yeah the ones coming back just look SO RIDICULOUS! I mean, I am all for oversized flannel and leggings, but some of this is a bit much.

  4. I upgraded to using Sephora about two years ago. I don't use much, and I do forget some mornings before work. No one comments, so I have thought do I really need makeup at work?

    1. I think one should only wear makeup if it makes them feel good.

  5. The 90s!!! I have a shirt similar to the fishnet one on top in the very back of my closet... you know, for when they call me to perform cellblock tango!

    You are rocking that bikini top!! I was out shopping on Saturday at TJs and Ross, but later in the day. I only bought once face mask.

    Cilantro and tomato make all food look so good! that bowl looks delicious!

    Did you try your primer? did it work? I don't wear make up, but I've been thinking about starting to wear lipgloss and mascara to work.

    1. I was pleased when the girl put a ton of cilantro in the bowl! I did try the primer and the foundation but it didn't stay on. I have to make sure I am doing it right. Maybe I didn't use enough primer. Maybe I need to let it simmer on my face for a bit before putting on the foundation.

  6. What a nice weekend. The dinner looks amazing -- great gift for Paul's folks. I bet they loved it. All your meals look yummy and I often don't eat breakfast food for breakfast because I wake up and want something more savory. There are no food rules IMO! Whatever I want is what I eat :) I am not looking forward to the 90's look returning. It was bad enough in the 90's right? I actually wear drugstore foundation. I have expensive stuff but I like my drugstore stuff way better! It's under $5!!

    1. What is the weirdest thing you ever ate for breakfast on a normal workday?

  7. I am interested to hear how you like the Sephora foundation.

    The food looks amazing. Now I am hungry.