A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Weekend Wrap Up! (Part 2)

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Happy Tuesday!
Here's part one of my wrap up!
Let's see what we were up to the rest of the weekend...

I woke up feeling a little better than the day before. My headache was gone, but I was still very tired and had a scratchy throat. Then I got my period, great. I wish there was a way to NOT get you period without taking birth control pills and not going through menopause. Is that too much to ask!!??

I'm not one to lay on the couch and wallow, so I went to Zumba. ZumbawithCat is THE BEST instructor in the area. She is so positive. Her routines give me a great workout, and the combinations are just hard enough that I have stay on my toes yet still able to do them. I don't go to Zumba often enough to memorize the routines, but I can tell a lot of other women have them down pat.

Then I went to the gym and ran 3 miles on the treadmill. My back hurt, but it was the kind of backache from my period, not from something else. I had the guts to do happy baby pose at the gym. I guess I really don't care what people think of me...

Then I went home to relax. I watched some of John McCain's funeral and heard this quote from one of his favorite books. I love it.

Suddenly, I realized I had $20 Kohl's cash to spend that day. That's FREE MONEY!!!! So off I went to Kohl's. I had no clue what I was looking for, so I tried a lot on...

I liked this dress. It was only $10, but I did not need it.

I wanted to like this dress but it was so big and boxy! And it was a small!

Now I'll show you what I got...

Regularly $14, got for $7

Regularly $39, got for $16

How awesome will this look with black, grey, or navy leggings.
I can wear my high black boots or grey ankle boots.
In the winter I can wear a cardigan over it.

Regularly $30, Got for $9

I ended up only spending $12 for the shirt, earrings, and the perfume! I needed to find a new scent to alternate with what I normally wear- Paris Hilton's Can-Can. I LOVE CAN-CAN but wanted another scent that wasn't as fancy smelling.

Later that afternoon, Paul and I drove to a brewery that was out in the middle of nowhere... aka, Newport! Our friend Hayley works at Riverbend Hop Farm and Brewery and Paul wanted to try their beers. He enjoyed a sampler, then had one of their IPAs and something with blueberry in it. I tried two local wines from Olivero's and Hunters Valley.

There were chickens just chilling!

We ate junk from the food truck! But at least we shared it! The junk was DIVINE... pork bbq, mac and cheese, coleslaw.
My morning was lazy, but then I was a worker bee the rest of the day. I ran 3 miles and did an EPIC deck of cards workout! After that, it was OPERATION BIRTHDAY PARTY! I did yard work, tidied up the house, and set up the back yard for Clementine's 4th Birthday Party. It took me nearly four hours but it turned out really well!

Everyone arrived at 4:30 sharp! We ate pizza, talked, and laughed and laughed. I love my family!

She's the birthday girl!

 My fam!
 Ellie and Clementine

 Julian and Paul

 Freaking Clark!


 Grandpa's shorts match Clark's diaper!

 Debby and her sister Suzy

Oh, Ellie!


Here we go, as usual, I am phoning in the last day of my wrap up! I had a terrible night sleep due to a runny nose all night. I woke up feeling tired, hot, and with sinus pressure. 

This is how my sicknesses go:

Day 1- Headache/sore throat and fatigue
Day 2- Sore throat and fatigue
Day 3- Feeling a lot better
Day 4- Sinus problems, hot, fatigue

What will Day 5 bring!?

I ran 3 miles and did a deck of card workout in my carport. It was so hot and humid.

Then I went to my friend Andrea's house for "Girls Day"! I did not take any pictures though! WHY!? I guess because we were jibber jabbering too much!

Oh, I signed up for a race. Now I have a race for the next two weekends! More about that soon...
I was so tired when I got home that I had a small dinner and went to bed. I took a sleeping pill. I'm not messing around.
What perfume do you wear?
Any races coming up?
What were you up to on Labor Day?


  1. Your family gatherings always look so fun, they remind me of my family get togethers when I was a kid. My family isn't as big as yours, but we always had fun. These will be great memories for your niece and nephew!

    I hope you're feeling better today (your back too)! I love happy baby pose, when my hips are really tight it kind of hurts to do but always makes me feel better after!

    1. My family is very silly and fun. We just scream and laugh the whole time. I am so thankful for them. :) I'm glad I have nieces and nephews too! Kids do make gatherings more fun.

      My back felt fine today! I wonder if it was from stretching, the sneakers, or both!? I am thinking about maybe wearing my sandals tomorrow and seeing if my back hurts... Then I know.

  2. I hope your back is feeling better! Your niece's birthday party looks like so much fun- I love it when I see pics of families getting together for things like that because my family doesn't really get together much anymore (we did more when I was younger but now we all live far away).

    1. I wore sneakers to work today and that helped my back. It may be from my shoes. We do have a lot of family that moved far away but luckily my closest family lives nearby.

  3. I ended up sleeping over 10 hours between Sunday and Monday. I've been under a lot of stress since the spring, and obviously I needed the long weekend.

    1. Wow, I am glad you were able to catch up on your sleep! I'm sure traveling helped throw you out of whack?

  4. What a great party for your niece!! It looks like a lot of fun. I have just a few perfumes that I like, but I really dislike when they get on my jewelry - which makes an odd smell - so I rarely wear them! Hope you are feeling better (and sleeping better) soon!

    1. Hmm I don't know if I ever smelled my perfume on my jewelry! One thing though is I can't wear it to bed or it bothers my nose.

  5. Happy baby pose is the best stretch!! it's one of my favorites after a long run. Did it help your hips?

    The party for your niece looks so awesome, I bet she loved it! she has the right idea on hogging that pool, it was HOTT!

    1. It has been helping my BACK! Who knew that when you got old you'd have to do a baby pose!? hahaha.

      Clementine did love her party. :) She is the best!!!

  6. That was so nice of you to host the birthday party at your house!

    I wear a perfume from Victoria's secret called coconut dream (or something like that). I only wear it in the summer though and unfortunately I think it is now discontinued!
    I went to the beach this weekend to savor the last bit of summer! (But really since its 90 degrees I guess it still is summer like).

    1. It was my first children's bday party at my house! haha! Hopefully it is not the last. :) Oh no I wonder if you can get your perfume somewhere else even though it is discontinued? Ebay? Stock up! Which beach did you go to!? I bet that was relaxing!