A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Weekend Wrap Up!

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Happy Monday!

I was a loner this weekend because Paul was visiting friends in Vermont! He's coming home today so life will be back to normal. Here's what I was up to while I was on my own this weekend...

Rise and shine! Fridays are the best... especially EARLY DISMISSAL DAYS! About once a month, the students are dismissed two hours early so teachers can work in their rooms or attend professional development.

My morning started early with a short run and a deck of cards workout. Then I headed to work. I snapped an 8:40 picture at stair duty...

Most of my music lessons that day consisted of reviewing the safety protocol... what to do if there is a fire, severe weather, or an intruder. Yes, I had to review with my 5-10 year olds what to do if a gunman came into our school. When I started teaching 14 years ago, I never would have guessed I would have to go over that with them...

After the kiddos left, I continued the huge project of emptying my cabinets and organizing them. I am so ashamed with how bad I have let them get!

I found like 100 felt reindeer antlers! WTF!!!??? This isn't even all of them. I threw out some that were broken!

After work, I went to my happy place! (Aldi.)

Do you see the difference between my 8:40 picture and my 4:00 picture? It's like all the makeup came off my face. How do I get it to stay!?

Look what I saw...

Aldi... they just have everything!
With my back hurting, maybe I will need one of these soon. Except with my back pain, it feels GOOD to bend over.

When I got home I had some wine and relaxed. Around 5:30, the doorbell rang. It was my cousin, John. He just popped in unannounced and ended up staying for like 4 hours! We jibber jabbered and then I made him dinner.

I slept so well! I got out of bed at 8:30, which was perfect. I thought about going to Zumba at but decided I just wanted to have a lazy morning with the cats.

Here's my Insta worthy breakfast. If only I used Insta.

I ended up going to the mall that morning! I just wanted to bop around and find some fall clothes. 

Although I tried a lot on, I didn't buy a single thing. Here are some of the outfits I tried:

This was only $14.99 but it was made really cheap. I didn't see it lasting long so I opted against it. (The original price was $40. How can something made so cheap cost that much!?)

Another cute dress that I envisioned wearing with a cardigan over top, tights, and boots. I didn't get it. I probably should have.

I tried the high waist pant look. 
Spoiler alert: IT'S NOT FOR ME!!!!

I loved all the shoes at DSW but unfortunately I don't need them, so I didn't get them. I just love the Franco Sarto brand!

I did not want these but BOY did they bring back memories of high school!

When I left the mall, the sun was shining for the first time in over a week!

I went to the gym to lift and snapped a selfie when I left to send to Paul.

Then I cleaned the whole house! I even discovered 3 parts to our vacuum that I didn't know existed!!! What happened is I accidentally bumped the top of my vacuum and then the top popped up. Voila!!!!!

Next, I packed up all my stuff for my trail race the next day.

Then I took myself to the movies. I was excited to see A Simple Favor with Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively. I really enjoyed it!

I often go to the movies with no makeup, no hairstyle, and just grungy clothes! The theater is like a 2 minute drive from my house!

Fun fact: I packed chips, cheese, chicken, and cucumber squares to eat during the movie!!!

I stopped for nuggets on my way home!

When I got home, I folded wash and then laid out all my clothes for the week. Why not?

I bet you are wondering if the cats missed their daddy. The answer is YES. From day one, when I got home from work, they were expectant. They were thinking, "Okay, Mommy is home, but where is Daddy?" They have not fully relaxed. They know someone is missing!

My alarm went off at 5:00 and I headed to RB Winter State Park to run the Dam Half Marathon. I had an awesome race! Recap here.

On my way home, I stopped to see my Pappy. We had a great visit!

When I got home, the cats were very happy to see me. I fed them, showered, then headed to Marshall's. I felt like shopping! I got one sweater that is long enough to wear with leggings to work.


I spent the rest of the night chillaxing. I was surprised, I wasn't too sore from the race!
How do I keep my makeup in place? Primer? Better makeup?

Are there any fall shoes you have your eye on?

Do you take your own food into a movie?

Tell me something fun you did this weekend!


  1. Yes, a primer might help and a finishing spray or finishing powder.

    I also remember those black shoes with gold stitching all too well from high school!

    I would have been in my glory to discover my vacuum had more tools..haha. suddenly I am in the mood to clean! I wanted to get my fall decoration up this weekend. I got some out of storage but they are still sitting in the living room.

    1. Thank you for the make up tips!

      You should clean your house and then put up fall decorations and THEN take pictures to share on your blog! :)

  2. I don't know about the make up... maybe a different make up?

    ooh! I like those black boots, they look very comfy!

    How is your back today? Do you do back stretches? Our yoga instructor used to tell us that most back pain comes from tight hips, the happy baby pose, the cat tail, dog tail and some other hips stretches might help. Have you ever taken yoga?

    I have taken a meal from Five guys to the movies... I was really hungry and didn't want to eat popcorn and soda... I'm very conflicted on this, I feel movie theaters need to offer better food options, but they should also be more affordable.

    1. You would rock those black boots!

      My back feels good today. I did a deck of cards workout. Yes I do lots of back/hip stretches. I am wondering if that is what's helping? Of course I only started the back stretches since I am having problems, but the hip stretches I have done forever.

      I've never felt bad for bringing food/drink into the theater, but perhaps I should!? I mean, it's against the rules, so I guess I should feel bad.

  3. Nice weekend you had! I think a primer and finishing spray helps a lot. I don't bring food to the movies because if I eat, then I have to drink and if I drink then I have to go to the bathroom and I hate having to leave for a potty break. That movie looks SOOO good, though! I love them both. I really want to see it. So, last weekend was mellow Friday night. Rick was gone all day Saturday so I did a manicure then a massage then dinner w/ friends that evening. Sunday we watched my nephew's football game in the morning then home to do "The Sunday". Which is football on, meal prep, baking, general relaxing and just recharging for the work week. I love doing that!! BTW, again, great job on your race. You are my strong runner friend and I am so proud of you!!

    1. Let me know what you think of the movie when you go see it. It's fun, you will like it. What color do you like to do your nails when you get a manicure?

      Thank you, Susan :) I just feel lucky I get to do something I love!

  4. A good primer and possibly a setting spray, but I personally have never seen any real benefits from a setting spray. I know some people swear by them, but I think they must not live in hot/humid climates. I def recommend splurging on a good primer though because even if you use inexpensive foundation, etc. the primer will help extend the life of those other products. I use Hourglass Mineral Veil ... or I should say I used to use it. Now that I work from home I hardly ever put makeup on at all lol! It's a water-based primer so it works well with water based foundations. If you use a silicon based foundation and you have oily skin I would recommend Becca Ever Matte. That's what I used to use when I used a silicon foundation. Also, as a sidenote I would say depending on how humid it is / how oily your skin gets I think some makeup will still slide a bit even with a primer. My foundation and bronzer always last ALL DAY LONG with a good primer, but I always have to reapply blush halfway through the day.

    Okay that was too much info!

    I used to take my own food to the theater but now the closest theater to us is a dine-in theater so we usually just kick back and order food there since it's more diverse than just $5 box of candy or $10 bag of overpriced popcorn! My friend just asked me to go see A Simple Favor. I think we're going to go next week... glad it has your recommendation!

    1. No, that was NOT too much info. That was very helpful, thank you! Maybe I will FINALLY use my Ulta gift card and put it toward the primer! I don't know how much a splurge is... omg I just googled it. $54? I don't know if I can justify that! I do have a $15 gift card...

      I would love a theater with dinner and drinks! I would totally spend money on that! Let me know what you think of the movie. :)

  5. Makeup? What's that? haha. No clue. For the few times I have tried foundation (maybe 3 times?), my skin felt suffocated. I couldn't stand it, so I've never tried it again. And that's why I'm not going to win a beauty contest ;)
    We had a super busy/fun weekend. At the football game Zach got to play with the marching band. He was in the front of the line. They did awesome! Then it was XC meets, dinner out, and a trip to Cedar Point to round out the weekend. Good stuff!

    1. No, you will win a beauty contest because you ARE beautiful and I have told you that a lot. :) Honestly, you prob don't need makeup. I just have bad skin so I like to even it out if I'm at work. But I did consider phasing out makeup for work. I have phased it out in other aspects of my life, which I am proud of because I used to be to self conscious not to.

      IS the marching band video of their field show online anywhere?

    2. I'm going to have to get the video from Alan and write a post on it. It was fun to see Zach up front!
      I do have spots from lack of sunscreen... which I try to improve on, but it's a bit late on that. But thanks, I'm a pretty natural looking gal!

  6. I am so jealous of your Aldi... I shopped there a lot when I lived in Germany and they always had these cool offers that lasted for a couple of weeks!