A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Monday, June 8, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up!

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We had absolutely nothing planned this weekend... It was so freeing! And since we are leaving for vacation soon and there is a lot to do between now and then, it was nice to not have the added pressure of "plans". That's how you know you're old... when you don't want to make any plans! Oh well, we still ended up having a lot of fun and doing things... but it wasn't stressful because it wasn't "planned"!

Friday was the last day of work for many of my co-workers. But unfortunately, since I don't take any special training in the summer, I have to go back into work on Monday to work in my room. So on Friday, while everyone else was buzzing around, giddy that was the last day and their summer was about to start, I knew I'd be back in on Monday bored out of my mind...

I did manage to clean out some closets and do some laminating. My closets at school are a disaster, but ask me to find anything and I guarantee you I can find it in less than five minutes.

I bet you can guess what I did when I got home that night.

A. Played cards with Paul.
B. Watched Survivor with Paul.
C. Drank a margarita.
D. All of the above.

The answer is D, of course.

Oh, let me show you the cute sunglasses I got with a gift card at Target! I have been looking for ones similar to this for awhile, but never bit the bullet because I don't actually need sunglasses. But the cool thing about gift cards is that it doesn't matter if you need something or not! (Note: I tried to take my own picture of them but I am really bad at taking pictures.)

I went for a 4 mile run and then cooled down with a 1 mile walk. My knee felt weird during but strong after. My hip felt strong during but tight after. Ugh.

Cheerios w/ banana is a great post run meal!

We spent much of the afternoon at my brother's house. He and my dad were building a swing set for my nieces. The rest of us just chatted and watched.

Okay we were just being silly!

I had to show off my pull up skills!

When we got home, I continued to tackle my huge "To Do Before Vacation List". This included a power clean of the guest room, a power clean of the sun room, and scrubbing all of the walls and floors of our house with vinegar. Vinegar is supposed to help with the whole "cat pee" thing.

The sun room was spic and span!

Another view of the sun room.

Sun room view.

Guest room. I wish we could move the spin bike to the basement but it is SO HEAVY!

Yeah right, Jelly. No cats allowed now!

I even organized that cabinet I showed you the other day!

I didn't make dinner until 8 that night. While I was stirring the pasta I was making, I thought to myself, "Even though I have to go to work on Monday, it really feels like summer now!"

I went for a 3.5 mile run in the morning and then a short walk with Paul after. My knee felt the same as it did the day before.

Then I mowed the lawn and chopped down much of the mulberry tree we have growing over our shed. I wish I had a before picture for you. (The tree was not there when we bought our house 7 years ago. It just popped up about 2 years ago and now it is huge!!!)

 Paul called me "Meg Bunyan"!

This pile does not look big, but it is!

Then I folded 5,000 baskets of laundry, but it was okay because Chrissy and Jelly laid nearby and I got to watch 48 Hours while I worked.

All in all, I felt very accomplished!

Now I just need to figure out what to do with that big pile of mulberry tree I cut down...
How often do you power clean?
Did you ever cut down a tree or part of a tree all by yourself?
Do you think it feels like summer yet?


  1. Sorry your knee/hip didn't both feel a bit better on the runs but TODAY you get to see the doctor and hopefully start down the path of healing your body. I am so impressed w/ all you got done--nice job. The pictures of you all goofing off made me laugh....

    1. I am very nervous for this afternoon!

    2. I am thinking of you and sending all my positive thoughts and energy your way! You got this.

  2. Dang girl you got a lot done this weekend even though you had nothing planned! I had nothing planned and managed to do just barely more than nothing!

    Does it work when you tell Jelly to stay out of a room? If I close a door Cecil goes NUTS until I open it again and let him in!

    1. The key for me to getting stuff done is not planning to do it!

      I am actually surprised they didn't scratch the guestroom door yet because like any cat, a closed door drives them nuts. Also, they love to sleep in there! But after I power cleaned it, I was thinking I just didn't want to do it again! I wanted to keep it super clean for our cat sitter. So we shut the door. They have not cried about it yet and have been sleeping with us instead. :) There is nothing better than waking up with Chrissy's face in my face!

  3. Wow, very productive weekend! I am not looking forward to household chores like that now that we have a house; even watering/cutting the lawn feels like such a hassle!

    1. I understand! But you know what, I am learning to enjoy it because it gets me outside, sweaty, and out of breath- something I can't do via running right now! I was seriously exhausted after beasting that tree!

  4. Meg Bunyon haha haha that's funny right there. I always feel great after one of those weekends when you knock off a bunch of stuff off your list that hasn't been done I a while. Ok well they are on the wife's list and she yells at me to get them done, same thing right lol

    1. Hahaha I suppose! I give my husband things to do but I try to stick to just a couple things each week so it is not overbearing!

  5. Looks like a fun and productive weekend. Sorry you are still having some issues with discomfort on your runs, but hopefully today you will get some (positive) answers! I do not power clean enough. Your house looked beautiful after all your effort! I always focus on the same 3 rooms, and everything else is just cluttered. I am NOT a person that likes to have a lot of stuff though, so the amount of clutter can only get so bad. I do need to do some serious deep cleaning still. Never cut down a tree by myself other than our Christmas tree one year. And yes, it was 85 degrees here today, so it does feel like summer! I am keeping my fingers crossed for your appointment :)

    1. It is getting hot here too but not sunny! I want some scorching sunshine. :) I only power clean in the summer- no energy otherwise! I too do not like clutter! Do you love to just THROW IT OUT?

  6. Super productive weekend! I will be interested to see the swing set final product because I could not figure out where the swings were going to go. You and your bad ass ability to do pull ups. :)

    What do you mean by vinegar helping the whole "cat pee" thing?

    1. Well he is going to extend an arm out to one side and an A frame. There will go the swings.

      The cat pee thing is that my cat Christmas likes to pee in the corner instead of his litterbox. :) Vinegar and water helps make the smell go away... for humans. He can still smell it, which means he will keep going there! I love him anyway. :)