A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Monday, June 1, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up!

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Lately, everyone has been asking me, "How many more days of school left?" Answer: 3.25 student days, 6 teacher days. Woohoo!

Friday started with a pretty good run! I did a short walking warm up, 4 mile run, then a short walking cool down. I have come to realize walking bothers my knee way more than running does. 

On my way to work, I dropped Paul off at his favorite fishing spot. He spent the morning along the creek, and at lunch, I took him home. Then it was back to work. I won't lie... I was counting down the hours until 3:40!!!

After work, I blogged, cooked, and did some random house things, which may or may not have included cleaning up cat pee.

Paul and I played cards, as per usual on our Friday nights. I switched things up and had a dirty martini! I like mine really dirty... and really cold!


For dinner, I made a yummy bowl of brown rice, grilled chicken, salsa, cheese, and fresh cilantro from the garden! I love my garden! I have also been slacking on drinking water, so we stocked up on seltzer water this week.

<---- Not cat barf.

I had a great chest workout at Planet Fitness in the morning. I benched for the first time in months and after a THOROUGH warm up, loaded the 15lb bar up with 80lbs and banged out 5 reps! I have to use the smith machine because it's Planet Fitness so I am pretty sure I couldn't do this without the stabilization of the machine. (I just need to point that out and be honest on here!)

Okay, this one guy at the gym loaded the bench up with... 5 sets of dumbbells.
You can't just hoard dumbbells like that! I mean, I can understand maybe having two pairs if you are alternating something, but 5!?

That afternoon was the yearly piano/violin recital my sister-in-law and I have for our students. I am so proud of them, they did a wonderful job!

Aren't they cute?

This lovely lady has been my student for 10 years and it was her last recital.
I may have bawled like a baby at her last lesson...

That night, our friends Geoff and Bree came over for game night... except we ended up talking for about 3 hours and only playing one game!


One of Paul's Quiddle rounds. Boy did we have making fun of this!

You won't believe how late I stayed up on Saturday night. 2:00 AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Due to our late night, I didn't crawl out of bed until 10:00 AM on Sunday morning. My day consisted of...

-Watching a lot of Jeopardy with Paul

-Grocery shopping

-Walking 4 miles in the scorching sun

-Weeding, yard work, cleaning off the back porch, car pot, shed, fixing the bird bath, getting 
rid of dead tree branches.... I just basically made sure the outside of our house looked nice for one. (FUN FACT: i MOWED THE LAWN ON SATURDAY AND WORE MY GARMIN. .93 MILES! AND WE HAVE A REALLY SMALL YARD!)

-Finishing a puzzle

-Started a puzzle

-Watching a lot of Survivor with Paul

-Trying to go to bed at a decent hour... which is hard to do when you sleep half the day away!
Tell me something fun you did this weekend!
You should wear your Garmin the next time you mow the lawn and see how far it takes you!


  1. Hey I look like that on Fridays too! lol. My school district is in school until June 30! :( I wish I grew my own veggies and herbs! So cool :)

    1. Dang, that is a late school year! Although our kids REALLY experience the "Summer Slide" so I think it would be a lot better to go to school year round and have several 2 weeks breaks scheduled in instead of 10 weeks of summer.

  2. You are so lucky that school is over so soon! Our kids would have been done next Monday but due to the snow days we have school until the 15th. I know it will go fast but right now Im ready for the school year to be over!
    My husband has been wearing his fitbit when he waters and mows the lawn and get a ridiculous amount to steps in! Thats like all he did yesterday and got like over 15,000!

    1. I have recently become a firm believer that yard works COUNTS as exercise!

  3. That is so funny about Paul's Quiddle round! What a fun weekend and sleeping in until 10 am sounds wonderful. Even if I go to bed at 2 am, the longest I can sleep is about 5:30 am. Boo. Kudos about how much you were able to bench. That is really fantastic. I am SO proud of you. Rick and I had a date on Saturday (started w/ shopping at Sam's--I know we are crazy like that; then movie (Aloha) and lunch). We also got caught up on some TiVO, spent time outdoors and relaxed. Now the countdown to next weekend. Happy Summer Break!!

    1. I think you and Rick are a lot like Paul and I... doing whatever the hell we want on the weekends whether it's being lazy or getting a lot of stuff done. Oh, the joys of being child free!

    2. JOY is right. We love it! You would have never been able to sleep to 10 am!! And, yes, we are so much alike--especially w/ Jeopardy, Seinfeld, Survivor (you and Rick), puzzles and thinking our pets pretty much rule the world :)

    3. And if we forget the rule the world, they will be quick to remind us. ;)

  4. Smith machine is all PF has. They don't let you do squats, bench, or dead lifts unless you use the smith machine. I would love to do "normal" benching with a spotter. Maybe someday I will join a "real" gym. ;) (I'm just kidding, people like to poo poo planet fitness but it meets my needs!)

  5. OMG that guy with ALL THE DUMBBELLS! Is he kidding? You definitely cannot do that! So rude... and so uninformed. I mean, what could he possibly need such a range for?

    I was talking with Adam about the inner elbow soreness thing from pullups and he thinks the straight up-and-down motion of the pullup assist machine is what causes tension in the tendons in the inner elbow. When you don't use an assist machine you kind of go up at a slight angle (instead of straight up) which he says is what really enables the lats in the movement. Maybe that is why you don't always get sore in the inner elbow area... maybe it's only when you use the assist machine?

    He says his lats sometimes get sore but never his inner elbow, and of course he never uses the assist machine. He's that annoying pereson at the gym who shows off by holding dummbells between his legs to add extra weight to his pullups! >:( ... <3. I'm conflicted when I watch it! haha

    1. I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to modify my pullups to get the right range of motion. I guess I may need to try your resistance band technique... but it makes me so nervous. It doesn't look like it gives much assistance! haha

    2. It looked like he was using them for TRICEPS. He was like pumping out a ton of tricep kick backs at 5lb, then 10lb, then 15lb... lol. It made me laugh because whenever I read personal training articles and it lists "the top 5 most pointless exercises", tricep kick backs are always included! Apparently, it is a motion in which you never ever do in your real life.

      Adam has in interesting theory! Mine get sore when I do unassisted ones too, though. :( My theory is that I don't engage my back and shoulders enough and then my arms get sore.

      HE IS ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE? OMG. Video or it doesn't happen.

    3. Oh good, I like your theory better because It means I can keep using the assist machine ;).

      Adam takes his lifting pretty seriously. He can deadlift 400lbs!! It's crazy because you would look at him and know that he lifts but you would never think he could knock out something like that because he's not beef cakey looking.

      I will try to convince him to let me take a video of him doing pullups. He hates taking pictures/videos and esp. hates being on the blog so I will have to come up with something good in exchange, haha.

    4. I am suuuuuure you can think of SOMETHING ;)