A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Friday, June 12, 2015

Packing for Vay-Cay (And other weird, anal retentive things I like to do.)

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(And other weird, anal retentive things I like to do.)

I love packing! Do you? First, I make a list of every single thing I need. Then a ritualistically get each item and lay it on my bed in piles. I get rid of anything I think I don't need, and then I try to shove it all in my suitcase. If I am lucky, it all fits. Packing is the BEST! It really feeds into some of my anal retentive qualities.

Normally, we don't check any baggage when we fly because we are el cheapo. But we are going to check a bag this time! Road running shoes + trail running shoes + normal walking around shoes = not a lot of space in my suitcase for anything else!

Little boy.

Big boy!

This is going to be my, "It's 110 degree is Vegas" dress!

These are my "I don't care that I'm 32" shorts.

That's my packing list. Yes, it's typed.

I am taking 5 pairs of shoes, 3 purses, and 6 glasses! HAHAHAHA! (1 for actually being able to see, 1 for running, and 4 for FASHION!)

That's my airplane outfit. AKA my "I hope I don't die but at least if I do I'll be wearing a Boston Marathon sweatshirt" outfit.

Here are some other weird things I enjoy doing...

Filling out forms. Whenever Paul goes to the doctor, he HATES filling out forms. I LOVE IT! I even once filled out in application for Big Brother because I thought it would be fun to fill out a 9 page form all about myself.

Sorting puzzle pieces. Getting them all into piles sorted by color is almost as fun as doing the actual puzzle.

Making lists. Duh.

"Reading" up. (Pronounced 'redding'. It is a PA dutch term for tidying up.) I don't particularly like cleaning, but I do like doing a couple laps around the house and putting things back where they belong. It makes me feel in control!

Counting pages when I read. This one is hard to explain and it is really weird. I will try to explain. When I have a book, I pick a chapter... say, chapter two. I put my pinky there. Then I divide the pages up so that there is an equal number of pages in between my fingers. Then obviously, after I turn a page, I have to readjust how many pages are between my fingers. It is so satisfying! Can you picture this!? I remember the first time I was reading in bed and Paul was there. He heard me making all kinds of noise with my fingers and the pages and he goes, "What the heck are you doing over there?" So I had to explain the weird page distribution thing I like to do with my fingers. He was okay with it and married me anyway.

Do you like packing?
What are some "anal" things you like doing? (okay I just totally laughed out loud because as a devoted listener of the Savage Lovecast, that question sounded extremely dirty to me!)


  1. Impressive! We almost always carry on just so we don't have to wait at baggage claim but now airlines are charging more to carry on than to check. Crazy.

    I do make a packing list (typed) but I do not like packing! I dread it. I get so much anxiety keeping the number of things I bring w/ me to a manageable amount. I refuse to bring too much but I am always worried I brought the wrong things.

    I am very anal in that I am just super organized in every aspect of my life. The biggest thing I do is make a list for everything. I get a lot of stress relief getting things out of my head and onto a piece of paper and I get a lot of satisfaction checking things off.

    Hey--have a GREAT vacation. Looking forward to hearing all about your fun adventures.

    1. Making lists is the biggest way I control my life too. I love it! I think you and Paul have similar packing thoughts/styles.

    2. I alleviate my anxiety by saying "well, I guess I can always buy it if I need it".

  2. A fellow anal retentive packer…. I get it. I love the process of packing for a trip and the challenge of fitting everything I need into a designated space. The only thing I don’t like about packing is when you are actually on vacation and you have to pack to go home.

    I literally laughed out loud at the “I don’t care that I’m 32 shorts” comment. I’m still wearing those shorts and I’m pregnant. Honestly, I can’t imagine wearing anything else in the shorts department. At what point in our lives are we supposed to switch to “grown-up” shorts? Hopefully never. Haha.

    I make a list first thing almost every morning. It puts my mind at ease and I get a lot more done with my day!

    1. We are so much alike, Kristen! I am glad you are still rocking your "I don't care if I'm pregnant I am FABULOUS" jean shorts. :)

  3. Love packing, it's a goal to see how I can best pack the most stuff in the smallest bag. Wow the book thing is just overboard lol j/k

    1. Oh don't worry, I admit it is overboard!! :)

  4. I always make lists before I pack. Someone once bought me a notepad with a "packing" section that listed everything with ticky boxes. It was adorable and totally useful.

    I hope you're having a blast on vacay!

    1. That sounds like something I would like too!

  5. I truly hate packing. I am practically the opposite of you and I just pile shit into my bag at the very last second. I think this is an avoidance technique because I hate to fly. But I do it with any vacation I go on, so who knows.

    I really like filling out forms as well, however. I get excited when doctor's office forms are long and it's always a little disappointing when it takes less time than I thought it would.