A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Vacation Workouts!

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Vacation is an excellent opportunity to workout in a totally different environment! I had a few "scheduled" things I wanted to do, but one thing I learned is to never underestimate the amount of WALKING that is done on a Megan/Paul vacation. I walked more on vacation than I ever do at home... and I'm a teacher! Here is what I was up to...

Thursday- REST! (Travel day)

Friday- An attempted run at Green Mountain Open Space, but due to several factors, including THIS SIGN,

I ran across the street a a community park. There was still a gorgeous view! The altitude didn't bother me during the downhills and the flats, but running uphill made me want to PUKE!

Saturday- I ran the FAMOUS Manitou Springs INCLINE! More about that grand adventure in this post!

Sunday- Rest. (Travel day)

Monday- My itinerary told me to get up early and walk to a nearby gym to lift. But you know what? It was freaking VACATION and I didn't want to be in a gym! Turns out, that was a good idea, because we did a 4 mile hike at Kasha-Katewe Tent Rocks. WOW, just WOW. It was so beautiful.

Tuesday- Just some walking during our adventures. I also did 5 sets of 10 push ups later that night. Just so I wouldn't lose my pump. ;)

Wednesday- 3 mile walk at the Grand Canyon.

Thursday- 4 mile run on the Rim Trail at the Grand Canyon plus a 1 mile warm up and 1.5 mile cool down. Then lots of walking in Vegas- ugh! Any health benefits of that walk was erased by the amount of secondhand smoke I was forced to inhale!

Friday- Lifting at the hotel fitness center in Vegas. The only people up at 6am to workout were me and a lady in a pink shirt walking uphill on the treadmill.

Saturday- We were at the San Diego Zoo for 4.5 hours... and we walked the entire time. It was exhausting!

Sunday- Disc golf/running date in Balboa Park and surrounding neighborhoods.

Monday- REST. Traveling home!

As far as my eating habits, I did not stress at all over what I put into my body. We had a cooler and picked up a lot of snacks and sandwich stuff (I probably are 12 turkey sandwiches on vaycay) to save money, but it was also an excellent way to make sure we were eating semi healthy for breakfast and lunch.

Looking forward to getting back into the swing of things now that I am at home! I only lifted ONCE in the twelve days I was gone. My body is ready to get PUMPED!
Do you plan workouts on vacation or just go with the flow?


  1. I love when vacations include a lot of walking or hiking because it's like built-in workouts. I get super motivated to work out when we travel because I love running in new places.

    1. I do too! I have learned to not underestimate how tiring walking/hiking is!

  2. I'm a slacker when I'm on vacation ...when we travel I mean. Ps your arms look great!

    1. But you are on point the other 360 days a year! :)

      Thanks :)

  3. Last time I was on vacation I was in the middle of marathon training so my workouts were planned, but otherwise I just try to get in what I can and go with the flow. You were seriously killing some workouts on your vacay! That mountain lion sign though? Scary!

    1. I know! I wasn't going to risk it. Those things stalk you and then pounce.

  4. We were fortunate to have some good weather while we were gone.

    I *eased* back into lifting- didn't want to do anything crazy being off for so long. But I think I am back to beast mode!