A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Monday, March 9, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up! (Running & Puzzles)

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Happy Monday!
I hope you had a great weekend!
Here is what we were up to...

Friday was a big day because I made myself microwave popcorn for the first time in several years! In case you didn't know this, for about 8 months, this is what I ate every day:

Breakfast: bowl of Cheerios
Lunch: bag of broccoli
After school snack: bag of popcorn
Dinner: 2 fat free grilled cheese sandwiches on lite bread
Bedtime snack: bag of popcorn


This was my pre-dinner, playin' cards snack. Of course I ate the whole bag.
Go big or go home.

I always feel bad for the popcorn that could have been.

We ate a very healthy dinner while we watched Friends. I had half a bagel with cheese and a big 'ol salad. Paul had spaghetti. This is how our after dinner conversation went:

Paul: We're out of ice cream.
Me: We can go get Frosty's.
Paul: Okay!
Me: I'm still hungry.
Paul: Good, me too. We can get nuggets while we're there as well.
Me: I love you.

That's me shoving my face with nuggets as we drove home.

On Saturday morning, I saved a bird! I was blogging in the sun room and heard something hit our bay window. I thought it was just ice, but 5 minutes later I went over to the window to look. There was a tiny feather sticking out of the snow and I saw it move. Holy crap! A bird had hit the window, fell into the snow, and was stuck! I ran outside, not caring about getting my pajamas wet and dug the little bird out. He was stunned and couldn't fly, so I put him on the ground by some bushes where there wasn't any snow. He tried to fly but didn't get very far. I hoped he wasn't too injured and would get his mojo back. I forced myself not to go back outside and check on him because there was nothing I could do at that point.

I did a 10 mile run that afternoon, making it my second weekend in a row of double digit running! My legs started to feel a little tight at the end but nothing too earth shattering. I was proud of my pace, considering I wasn't trying to push it. I was just trying to run what felt comfortable.

We went to visit my Grandma that afternoon and then had dinner at a new restaurant in my hometown. The food was yummy but the service was meh. It's not that they were rude, they just didn't seem to know what they were doing.

On the way home, we bought a couple puzzles at Dollar General. My Grandma was working on some puzzles at her place and Paul and I were helping her. It really got us in the mood to do puzzles! So now, we play cards, watch Jeopardy, and do puzzles. We officially have all the hobbies of old people!

Only 100 pieces. The was our warm up.

It was so warm out! We're talkin' low 40s! I had a wonderful run.

We spent most of the afternoon doing a puzzles. I mean, we straight up sat down for over 3 hours and banged out this 500 piece puzzle. We were really proud of ourselves!

Sorry this is a short one. We just didn't do a whole lot worth mentioning! But it was still a great weekend.
Do you do puzzles?
Get a good run in this weekend?


  1. I actually do puzzles with my kids at school all the time and I really love them! When I give them a choice of activity (puzzle, lego, UNO, board game) I am always hoping they will pick puzzle!
    Glad you got some good (warm!) runs in!! Its so nice to finally see the sun and some temps above freezing!

    1. I know! This morning it was long sleeves and a vest again. First thought to myself "ooh we are lucky it is warm" and then I though, NO, we EARNED this!

  2. When I was little I was obsessed with puzzles! My mom still makes fun of me to this day because I was such a loner in my play group. I would just sit in the corner and do puzzles for hours!

  3. I actually went running yesterday! I only did three miles. I can't even imagine doing 10 - ouch! When it comes to popcorn, what is portion control?? haha

    1. Go girl! Do you run on a treadmill or do you like to get outside?

  4. The kids and I like to do puzzles, but I feel like I can't stop once I start a puzzle, I stay up late, neglect cooking dinner...
    Love the pink long sleeve running top!
    I have given up snacking in the evening in an effort to improve my sleep. It is HARD. Maybe I should pull out a puzzle, muscle memory would probably have me eating the pieces!

    1. We felt the same way! We did not stop until that 500 piecer was DONE.

  5. I love puzzles!! I did a 2000 piece one earlier this year and think I will start another soon! Hooray for a 2nd weekend in a row of double digit running.
    And, I could eat a bag of popcorn every day - it is my after dinner snack a lot of nights.

  6. I hate popcorn. I don't know why but I just find the crunchy parts that line the fluffy parts to be absolutely revolting. I know it's just part of the kernel, but it just bothers me so much! You can have my share of the popcorn!

    So great that you did another double digit run pain free!!!!!!! WHOOOO! :)

    1. Wowwww do you not even like movie theater popcorn??

  7. My gosh, I am surprised you survived for 8 months on that amount of food! Not sure if that would be enough food for me if I did nothing but lay completely still for 24 hours. I am so glad it only lasted 8 moths ;) I used to LOVE puzzles as a kid-my mom bought me tons. I don't really make time to do them now. I think I have developed a little ADHD, as I need 5 things to do all at once now or I feel nonproductive! I did do one 1000 piece one though not so long ago with my husband's help. I got a great long run in this weekend on Sunday, and a absolutely horrid run on Saturday (don't know what was going on, but I felt like my body was made of lead??) and about 12 miles total of dog walking over the weekend. Congrats on your 2nd week in a row of double digits ;)

    1. Oh I was so effed up. I definitely lost a lot of weight. And I was not a nice person to be around during that time in my life.... Glad it's 10 years behind me!!!!

      What was your 1000 piece puzzle of? We are trying another 500 one and it is really hard. One part of it has a bowl of strawberries and it all looks the same when the pieces are so tiny! We will get there.

      I am sorry your Sat run was so bad but glad Sunday went well. :) You have a lucky doggy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    2. It was a Ravensburger brand puzzle of Switzerland-mountains in the background with a big red train in front. I can imagine the strawberries were tough! I remember the sky and train being hard, because it was just a bunch of blue and red pieces!!

  8. I love puzzles but Matt will never do them with me! He thinks they're boring, so we play other games instead. I like to work on them during TV shows but he can't multitask like that lol!

    1. I could prob do puzzles and watch something mindless like Dr Phil or The View. Paul crapped out on puzzles last night. We started a hard one.