A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Weekend Wrap Up! (Happy New Year!)


Happy New Year!
Here's what we were up to the last weekend of 2018!

I had a CRAPPY night's sleep... so much so that it affected my day. I made good use of all the extra time I had in the morning by cleaning out the entire refrigerator. I had to be very quiet because Paul was sleeping and we have a small house.

Later the morning I lifted. Then I came home and made my very first quiche! It was very easy! This had feta, spinach, and chicken sausage. I used phyllo dough for the crust but I think next time I will make it crustless. I don't need crust.

That afternoon I had a doctor appointment. After that I was tired and bored, but I didn't have plans until later! I was counting down the hours until it was time to meet my friend Molly for dinner. I ended up leaving early and killing some time at the mall. Bath and Bodyworks was having a 75% off sale, so I got two lotions. This kind smells SO GOOD! 

I'm not even a lotion girl, but this was only $3!

Molly and I met at the Tomato Pie cafe for dinner and wine. (It's BYOB!) Molly and I have been meeting about once a month and I love our long dinners together! We jibber jabbered for over 3 hours!

After Molly and I parted ways, I went to my friend Jeff and Tammy's house for game night. I met Jeff and Tammy through a running club. Kim and her husband Jeremy were there as well as Nora and Steve. I met all of them through running but now they're more than just running friends! 

Me, Kim, Tammy
I slept so well and was ready to take on the day. 

Unfortunately, the first part of our day was very sad because we attended a viewing for Paul's uncle who passed away unexpectedly a few days ago. It was good to see Paul's family but heartbreaking to see everyone in so much pain.

After we got home, we took a little time to decompress, then we headed to the gym. I did an 8 mile progression run on the treadmill. It felt great! I also found a new song from The Book of Mormon to run fast to...

When I got home, I power cleaned the bathroom and the shower. If you have been keeping up, I have been power cleaning a lot lately, and my house is nearly completely cleaned. The only thing that's left are the bedrooms, which are Paul's job!

Paul and I just stayed in that night. We drank wine, played cards, and watched Seinfeld! It was nice to be home.

Paul said, "You look a little drink in this pic."
"I am a little drunk," I replied.
It was a great day! I made another quiche because Paul and I already ate the one I made Friday! What can I say, my quiche is a HIT!

Then I went to the gym for a progression run on the treadmill. I ran to The Book of Mormon again, so the songs were in my head for the entire rest of the day...

At noon, I met Bree for an AT run! We started at Trindle and did 5 miles total. It was awesome to spend time with Bree. Even though she hadn't been on the trail for a long time, she was a natural!

Paul was nesting at home watching football, so I took myself out to the Federal Taphouse to try a cider. My bartender recognized me- we were in a show together about 10 years ago! Crazy! She said, "You cut your hair!!!" Hahahah! (That's what everyone who hasn't seen me in 3 years says!)

Then I went home and cuddled up with Paul to watch football. I love him.


My day started bright and early (6am!) because I was watching my nieces and nephew for a few hours. Unfortunately, I only got 3 hours of sleep! That's bad news when you have New Year's Eve plans...

I had so much fun with the kiddos! Clark was sick but started to feel better. Ellie and Clementine made a ton of Lego figurines. It was a great morning!

I went to the gym to lift and run 3 miles. I felt great and wanted to run more, but I already ran a lot this week (and it's only Monday!) so I figured I'd better chillax. I listened to the Les Mis soundtrack while I ran!

It was a rainy, dreary day, so we went to Kohl's to spend the $20 Kohl's cash we had. We didn't need anything, but we figured we'd find something. Paul got a nice sweatshirt/sweater type thing and only ended up paying $4 for it. It was worth the trip!

Pretty soon it was time to get all dolled up for NYE. Paul and I grabbed a drink at Lancaster Brewing Company.

Then we met Randy and Michael for sushi at Yokohama on 29th street in Harrisburg.

The sushi was good, but for the price, the service was slow and the portions were small. I will not be back!

However, the food was good and the company was even better!

I was home and in bed by 10! Happy New Year!
How was your weekend?

What did you do for NYE?


  1. Looks like a very social week! Sorry about Paul's uncle. :( My NYE was ringing in the new year with my family. We watched a movie, played board games and snacked. A nice low key night! I'm off work this week too. I hope this week goes by slow for both of us.

    1. What movie did you watch? What games did you play? I'm glad you got to spend time with your family. You all seem to love being together1

    2. Mision Impossible: Skyfall and Monopoly. I love action movies, but I was totally lost on the plot. Alan had to keep explaining it :) We have a new version of Monopoly with digital "credit cards" to keep track of the money. It's a much shorter game. I like it better than traditional Monopoly.

    3. Have you tried the card game Monopoly Deal? Paul and I LOVE IT I think you guys would too!!!

  2. I see some similarities here! I too got sucked into Bath and Body works' sale! I got a mineral scrub and a body wash and lotion that smell like the beach!
    We also hung out with a couple named Jeff and Tammy, and I'm currently trying to find something to spend my Kohls cash on ...isnt it hard to spend money when you dont need anything?...haha.
    Have a happy new year friend. Enjoy the last day or 2 before going back to school.

    1. This is crazy!! So many coincidences, especially the Jeff and Tammy thing. I smelled the stuff that smelled like the beach! I almost got it!

  3. Ps, sorry to hear about Paul's uncle. Those are sad situations anyway but I bet having it happen around the holidays makes it even more tough.

  4. Sorry to hear about Paul's uncle! Sad. What a fun weekend you had. Honestly, since I have been off work since 12/15 I don't know what day it is -- it feels like I have had 2 weeks of Sundays! We ended up seeing a few movies. The Mule and Vice which were both very good. We took Kyle to see Holmes and Watson and it was HORRIBLE. Absolutely the worst movie ever. But we got to spend time with Kyle so that is a win! Our NYE was super low key. Movie, watching bowl games and cooking dinner. I was in bed by 8 pm as I am most nights. I have zero desire to stay up to see the new year. I figure I see it at 4 am so that means something, right? Happy New Year!

    1. Awww Happy New Year, Susan! Do you save up a lot of time to use around the holidays!? I was in bed by 10 but still on reddit at midnight :)