A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Monday, May 25, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up!

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In some ways, it seems like the end of the school year is dragging. In other ways, I can't believe there are only 7.5 student days left! (9.5 teacher days!) Last week was definitely I week that dragged, so I was very happy when Friday rolled around. Especially since we had a lot of fun things planned!

I did something very strange after work... I cleaned the whole house! It needed cleaned, but I also needed to do something to keep myself awake because we were meeting our friends Randy & Mike for a late dinner in Harrisburg. Late, meaning, 8:30. For me, 8:30 is go HOME time, not go OUT time. But anything for our Randy!

Harrisburg can be very beautiful. Pictures like this almost make you
forget that it costs a fortune to actually PARK in the city.

We ate at Cork and Fork. They made me a VERY strong Dirty Martini with blue cheese stuffed olives. A-FREAKIN-MAZING!

I had to share this pic because I love what my hair decided to do on Friday night!

My Saturday was hopping! It started with a 5 mile walk/run.

That shirt is from my very first marathon!

Then I trucked up to Millersburg to a baby shower for my friend, Emily. She is having twins! The shower was such a happy occasion. I even got to see several of my high school friends.

This is over 10% of our high school class. I'm not kidding!

My dear friend Emily! Can you find her in this Throwback Thursday post!?

I'm always happy when my friends have babies, 
but let's just say I am especially happy for Emily and Jake!

On my way home from the shower, I had to stop at Dollar General to see if they had any new puzzles...

But I ended up getting so much more! You just can't beat the prices!

By the time I got home, it was time to head to my Uncle Rick's and Aunt Jane's Memorial Day Picnic/Party/Extravagaaaaanza!

Uncle Rick vs. Clementine

Pappy woos Ellie with ice cream.

This is the view of my Aunt and Uncle's property. Beautiful, isn't it?
It's where we got married almost 7 years ago!

I did not feel like going to Planet Fitness to lift, but once I was there, I'm glad I did it. I'm a homebody and would prefer to lift at home, but they have heavier weights than I have at home.

Then we headed out for a day of picnics!

Spending time with Paul's side of the fam!

We forgot to take a pic at the picnic we went to later in the evening... so we took a picnic pic when we got home....

Did you get any family time this weekend?
What's your favorite bargain store?
Do you get invited to a lot of baby showers? (I don't!)


  1. I am so impressed you made it to a dinner at 8:30 pm! Looks like an awesome time and your hair does look wonderful! We had my nephew for a movie + lunch on Saturday but otherwise, Rick and I have spent it just the 2 of us which is great, too! We have Dollar Tree and I don't go there enough but when I do I feel so proud of all I got and I vow to go more :) I don't get invited to a lot of baby showers anymore, because most of my friends are done having babies. I like going to them (and weddings, too). Fun to celebrate the blessings in life....

    1. It is fun! I liked seeing her family buzz around all excited. I like baby showers more than bridal showers these days, I think.

      Dollar Tree is a good one! We have those too. At our Dollar Trees, EVERYTHING is a dollar, but at Dollar General, things can be more than a dollar. But like I got a huge spray can of SPF 70 for like seven bucks... it would be WAY more than that even at Wal Mart.

  2. I don't go to a lot of baby showers anymore...our life phase is graduations, confirmations, etc. Delaney has her confirmation next weekend, then her 8th grade milestone the following weekend. How did I get 2 highschoolers????
    It looks like a fun weekend. My husband and I are now learning that we have to stay awake later to go and pick up the kids from the movies, etc. So I guess maybe we should start doing the dinner at 830 thing!

    1. Those are some exciting life milestones... the world at your fingertips. :)

      Hopefully your kids will be their licenses soon and then you don't have to stay up so late!

  3. Whoa, hot couple alert! The pic of you and Paul in front of the fire is Facebook profile pic material!

    I don't get invited to a lot of baby showers either. Where I grew up most of my friends had babies in their early-mid 20s and they are all done having babies now, and most of my co-workers are older than me and they are done having babies too!

    1. You may have inspired me to make that my profile pic!

      I guess we are getting to that age where most of our friends have had their babies!

  4. 10 hr days = 3 day weekends though, right??? Or does the 10 hours drag?

    Good luck hosting your baby shower! I have never hosted any shower!

  5. I totally had no plans this weekend but it definitely zipped by! I had a starbucks and browsed some stores at the mall to pass some time on Saturday. Then I spent too much money and decided that I should go home and back to Plan B: watch TV on the couch with Lola. ;) Matt and I went out for mexican food on Saturday night and it totally ruined my sunday long run!!! TMI? Lol

    1. Not TMI at all!

      I looooove grabbing a coffee and then just putzing around the shops. It's one of my favorite things to do in the summer.