A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

A blog about my life, fitness and fun! (...and maybe a few cat pictures...)

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


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It's been awhile!
Here is what's going on in my life...

Current book: Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk: A Modern Bestiary by David Sedaris. I got it for my dad for Christmas... which meant I got to read it when he was done!

Current music: I recently started actually playing/practicing piano for pleasure and I am loving learning some Clementi Sonatinas.

Current guilty pleasure: Basil Aioli Sauce. I have not checked the calories, but I am pretty sure there are 50,000 of them in 1 tbsp.

Current number of Survivor episodes we watched in the past week: Too many to count. We are watching Micronesia from 2008. It is a very highly rated season but I don't like it at all. There are way too many shitty people on it... Joel, Parvarti, Cirie...

Current drink: Lemon Lime Candy Pops! Ingredients: water, crystal lite (I know, fake suger, boo hoo!), vodka, cranberry juice, lots of ice, mason jar. You HAVE to put it in a mason jar. PS. Paul created this drink and made up the name.

Current favorite show: Bates Motel is getting GOOD.

 Current need: TO RUN!

Current triumph: Quitting my 1000 piece puzzle and going back to my good ol' 500 piece-rs.

Current wish list: I wish it was June 8th, and I bet you can guess why!

This has always been my favorite teacher related someecard!

Current bane of my existence: Christmas. Peeing. Everywhere.

Current most annoying celebrity Survivor player: Parvati.


Current indulgence: Ice cream sandwiches! THEY'RE NOT ICE CREAM!

Current food: Dang I don't even know. I have been all over the place with my eating lately.

Current things I am thankful for: My kitty cats!

Current excitement: Vacation will be here before I know it!

Tell me something "current" about you!


  1. Vodka + cranberry juice = my favorite drink (if I am not having beer). What flavor crystal lite do you put in? I am not afraid of a little fake sugar--everything in moderation, right?!?

    Current excitement = I was asked to beta test some new water proof ear-buds that will be coming out later this year (they asked me when I called to get an exchange because my current pair shorted out). I'm excited!!

    Today is chiro day! Please let me know what you find out, OK? Fingers crossed.

    1. Lemonade crystal lite. Sorry I should have been specific. :)

      There will be a chiro post tomorrow! But I did a really easy walk/run today and I don't have the pain I had on my last run! I think, wait no, I KNOW I went out way too hard when I tried running on Friday.

      That is cool you get to test water proof ear buds! I had an underwater mp3 player I used when I was swimming a lot several years ago. It was key, otherwise swimming bored me to tears.

    2. Speed kills me -- that is why I do all my speed workouts on my bike. My body rejects speedy running. I know you DO have speed so maybe you just need to slowly transition back to that and thus avoid the pain.

      The music is so important for swimming. I swam for over 15 years w/ out music and just started last summer. Ummm, why did I wait so long!?!

      Looking forward to chiro update. Good luck!!

  2. Currently, I have the 3rd Spring track meet of the week tomorrow--I love spring track, but 3 is A LOT of meets in one week (they break it up into 5&6, and7&8 grade). However, we finally have beautiful weather so...
    I CANNOT wait for school to be out June 2 here!
    I have about 2 yards left of mulch to spread...ugh.

  3. Fun post! I am currently packing for my upcoming trip to California!

    1. I love packing! Do you like it? You travel a lot so you may be over it. :)

  4. Yes! Tell me what you think! Add a lot of vodka.

    We use vinegar too.

  5. Currently: I am finally done with the semester and can breathe again!

    Your lemon lime candy pops sound so good, I definitely need to make myself one!


      I know your taste in drinks so I know you would love a lemon lime candy pop. :)

  6. OMG...my students seriously do drive nicer cars than I do. (Previous students, of course. My 8th graders don't drive.)

    I LOVE David Sedaris!! I actually was disappointed with "Let's Talk About Diabetes and Owls" but "Me Talk Pretty One Day" is in my favorite top 10 books of all time.

    1. I KNOW I read Me Talk Pretty but I forget it. I should probably read it again this summer. :)

  7. My current drink is also vodka. Anything vodka. Usually vodka soda with lime. Sometimes I get crazy and add a splash of cranberry. Paul's drink sounds amazing!